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Chapter 1302: 1302
The new dark matter replaced the old one and improved Snore's body . The Blood Companion also inherited the instabilities of the black hole . Still, Noah would fix that temporary flaw once he regained access to his cultivation technique .

Noah returned to the surface as those changes happened . He felt tired due to the lack of darkness in his dantian, but his excitement knew no limits now that he could leave the world whenever he wanted .

The fissure leading to the Immortal Lands slowly closed as Noah waited for his condition to stabilize . He couldn't do much without darkness, but his Demonic Sword improved quickly now that his entire being had reached the divine realms .

Noah had succeeded . He had completed the cultivation journey in the lower plane and was almost ready to continue it in the Immortal Lands . He only had to complete a few projects before leaving the world .

Years passed as Noah waited for his Demonic Sword to evolve . He focused on healing Snore's ethereal figure with his mental energy in that period, and it took him a few decades to fix it completely .

The blade took a bit more to reach the breakthrough . There wasn't any valuable creature in the world after the battle against Heaven, so the sword had to rely on the environment's energy to advance .

Luckily for Noah, the Demonic Sword's hunger didn't cripple its growth . The blade continued to advance due to its need to represent his existence, and it managed to take a step into the divine ranks in fifty years .

Its structure began to change once its power crossed the heroic ranks . The blade became denser as its fabric's quality evolved, and the dark matter generated in its insides obtained features similar to Noah's black hole .

Noah still considered his dark matter to be a gas, but that energy had become so dense that he could smear it on his skin without forcing it to take different shapes .

It was almost a liquid now, and the amount of energy that it contained left him speechless . His darkness was capable of divine might, but his higher energy went beyond that .

Something peculiar happened after the Demonic Sword advanced . Noah wanted to cultivate immediately to complete the stabilization of his centers of power, but the blade managed to surprise him .

"F-father," A young human voice mixed with draconic roars came out of the Demonic Sword after it completed the breakthrough .

Noah stared at his blade with wide eyes, but he soon managed to explain what had happened .

The Demonic Sword was a hybrid that had centers of power fused in its fabric . Each inch of its body could behave as one of them and release different types of energy .

Hence, it was only normal that its intelligence would increase after it reached the seventh rank . Magical beasts with inferior minds could give voice to human words, so the Demonic Sword's achievement wasn't too stunning .

"What can you say?" Noah asked, but the Demonic Sword answered with roars at that time .

Those cries carried a meaning that he could understand due to the connection between the weapon and his mind, and it was enough to show him how far the blade could go in terms of human language .

The blade was still growing, and Noah was sure that it would eventually learn how to speak properly . Yet, it was too soon now .

Noah tested the Demonic Sword's intelligence for a while before deciding to take care of the flaws in his power . He had to fix the matters with his fourth center of power as soon as possible .

Noah resumed his cultivation sessions, but he soon understood why gods found it hard to train in the lower plane . He now had to absorb the energy contained in the other laws to improve, which meant destroying the world's fabric .

He could seize a small number of laws every few months without affecting the world too much . Still, that little amount of energy couldn't satisfy his desire for power .

His dantian couldn't improve in those conditions, but Noah could fix the issue with his black hole at least . Every time he managed to fill his dantian, the darkness inside it would flow toward the black hole and replace part of the energy used to fill gaps .

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The black hole slowly became more stable, and the same went for Snore . The dark matter even obtained a new feature after the fourth center of power polished its breakthrough . It began to emit a halo able to negate any form of light .

That feature was similar to the effects of his innate ability, but it worked in the opposite way . Noah absorbed the light in the environment to create his flames . Instead, his higher energy was so dark that the light couldn't escape from its color .

Snore slowly obtained those features too . Noah had managed to stabilize his breakthroughs and improve most of his companions in less than a century . Now it was time to focus on the projects that required some effort .

Noah had abilities to review and update, but he wanted to prioritize his companions before moving toward them . Snore and the Demonic Sword had advanced, but Night was still in the heroic ranks .

The Night-blade Pterodactyls fed on the darkness created after their attacks . Their food were the same laws that their behavior generated .

Noah had been unable to reproduce it before because it always involved laws that he couldn't study properly due to the weakness of his centers of power . Yet, the situation had changed now .

He now had a rank 7 mind accompanied by the Divine Deduction technique . He could also handle primary energy freely, so he didn't hesitate to begin that project .

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Noah first had to memorize the structure of that darkness . Then, he had to reproduce it through the primary energy . In the end, he had to convince Night to eat it .

Replicating those strands of darkness turned out to be easy, but most of the merit went to the Divine Deduction technique . Still, even with all those efforts, Night continued to grow slowly .

Noah didn't start any new project while he waited for Night to reach the breakthrough . The Pterodactyl fed on that darkness and improved, but it still took a full century to achieve the breakthrough .

Its new body had made it impossible for the creature to advance quickly, but Noah didn't mind taking his time once he reached that point . Now that he was one step before the Immortal Lands, the lower plane had become incredibly dull .

Night eventually advanced . The creature released a loud cry accompanied by human words, and Noah could sense the excitement that filled its body .

Yet, when the Pterodactyl advanced, black clouds formed in the sky . It seemed that a Tribulation was about to fall to punish that creature .