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Chapter 1303: 1303
Night had come out of its chrysalis when it survived the breakthrough . Magical beasts would normally face only the Pain Tribulation in their journey toward the higher ranks . Still, some of them did something to trigger Heaven's anger and had to face its punishment too .

The Heaven Tribulation caused by Night's breakthrough didn't carry any deep feeling . The black clouds were a mass of destructive power that wanted to kill the Pterodactyl . They wouldn't give any reward to the creature if it managed to survive the punishment .

The dark clouds condensed quickly, and lightning bolts soon fell from their surface . The attacks converged on the still confused Pterodactyl, but they vanished when a shadow appeared between them and the creature .

Those lightning bolts were capable of quasi-rank 7 might, but Noah was a complete god now . His sole presence was able to destroy the attacks of the Tribulation .

His aura wasn't a simple expression of his consciousness anymore . It also carried the true meaning radiated by his dantian . Noah's existence had become a law capable of suppressing other laws .

The lightning bolts were only quasi-rank 7 attacks . The chaotic laws that they contained could only crumble when they touched Noah's dense and sharp ambition .

'Is Heaven delusional?' Noah wondered as he stared at the sky and sat on one of the Pterodactyl's black lines .

Night had become massive after the breakthrough . It was now almost forty meters long, but its size didn't affect its agility . Moreover, its peculiar body had obtained strange features in the divine ranks .

The black lines that made Night's body left dark marks on the world's structure whenever the creature moved . They could damage the sky's fabric by simply existing, and that spoke for their sharpness .

At its current level, Night had surpassed its previous peak . Its new body had allowed it to evolve into an existence that could destroy laws at ease .

It wasn't a surprise that Heaven and Earth wanted to destroy such a creature . Its sole existence was a threat to their laws . They couldn't even imagine the amount of damage that it could inflict once it attacked .

However, those Mortal Lands were still Noah's domain . He had defeated Heaven just a few centuries ago, but the world had sent black clouds against him again .

'I guess I need to remind you why I won in the first place,' Noah thought as a human-shaped crack replaced its figure .

"Leave it to me!" Night said through the connection with Noah's mind . "I want payback for that damned shiny world!"

'I don't have time to waste,' Noah replied . 'You will get your revenge in the Immortal Lands . '

"Father, father!" The Demonic Sword said through its connection with Noah's mind . "Me, me!"

The living weapon wanted to help Noah in the battle, but he couldn't let it express its real power . The world couldn't withstand it .

'You will also wait for the Immortal Lands,' Noah replied . 'We have become too powerful for this world . '

The destructive power contained in the area converged to fend off the intruder, but the sparks stopped moving when Noah's aura covered the entire Tribulation .

The dark clouds' fabric began to tremble as Noah tried to affect their laws with his aura, but the Tribulation appeared immune to that type of damage .

The clouds had a deeper true meaning protecting them from Noah's aura . They wouldn't let anyone command them . They took orders only from Heaven and Earth .

Noah noted that piece of information in the back of his mind before waving his hand . The Tribulation carried innate defenses that his power couldn't overcome, but they weren't enough to prevent its destruction .

A horizontal fissure opened in the sky . Noah had only waved his hand, but the world couldn't endure the might generated by that gesture .

The slash divided the array of clouds into two parts, and their energy soon flew into the void . Noah didn't even have the time to absorb that power since the Tribulation vanished in an instant .

'I have no control over my strength,' Noah thought as a sigh escaped his mouth .

His power had increased by leaps and bounds after his recent breakthroughs . He had even taken his time to fill the black hole with rank 7 darkness, so his whole existence had already surpassed the limits of a normal god .

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The lower plane could barely contain the pressure that he released . Noah could feel the fabric of the world breaking apart every time a new living being appeared .

Noah had to leave soon, or the world would go back to its previous destroyed state . Still, he didn't care about the matter enough to ignore some of his projects .

He would still complete all his preparations before his ascension . He didn't dare to reach the Immortal Lands with unfinished projects .

"That was my kill!" Night shouted as it flew in the air .

The Demonic Sword came out of Noah's robe and roared at the incoming Pterodactyl, and the two began to bicker over something that Noah didn't even bother to hear . Snore also formed on its own and joined the conversation between the two companions .

Noah returned to the surface and planned his next moves . He was almost ready to leave . He only needed to take care of a few things, and he would be good to go .

He needed to create a few tools that could help him in the Immortal Lands . Noah knew that he couldn't build weapons due to the lack of valuable materials in the lower plane, but he wanted to make a storage item .

The spells inside his sea of consciousness had to reach the seventh rank . All his diagrams had to evolve into abilities that he could use in the higher plane .

That project didn't worry him since he could use the Divine Deduction technique at its best now . His rank 7 mental energy could activate its real power and boost his mental capabilities far beyond their normal limits .

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Noah had to leave the testing phase for the Immortal Lands . The lower plane would crumble before he became used to his new power .

The projects about his power ended there . Noah's other assets had already reached the divine ranks, so he could theoretically leave once he improved his spells . However, he had two external matters to handle .

The first one saw the creation of an inheritance . It was a tradition among cultivators to leave a mark of their lives on the world, but Noah wanted to leave something behind for a different reason .

The inheritances had given him the chance to reach his current level . Noah had obtained essential items and techniques even when he failed to become Eccentric Thunder's heir . Their importance in the cultivation journey was immense .

Noah wanted to give other cultivators the same opportunities that had allowed him to reach his current power . Selfishness was necessary in the cultivation journey, but he didn't need it now that he was about to leave the world .

'I have to handle one last project after all of that,' Noah thought as the red crystal inside Snore's body appeared in his mind .


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