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Chapter 1305: 1305
Inheritances generally needed a secret location, trials, and rewards . Noah could use the separate dimension for the structure, and he had already planned what to give to his heir . He only needed to create the tests to complete that project .

Noah would normally fill the place with powerful magical beasts, but the world had a shortage of living beings . He could use his ability to communicate with those creatures to create packs and force their reproduction, but he preferred to use another approach .

The many experiments with the living weapons had taught him how to create living beings . Noah could fill the separate dimension with an army of creatures that followed his orders instead of training living beings for the task .

Living beings only needed a body and a core that acted as a consciousness . Noah could use the dark matter to overcome the first hurdle and his mental waves for the second .

The creatures had to be in the human ranks, with only a few leaders in the heroic ones . His thoughts had become so powerful that they could easily give life to beings at that level .

'It needs to test every aspect of a cultivator,' Noah thought as he planned the features that his creations would have . 'My heir needs to be a complete warrior with good survival instincts . '

A shape took form in Noah's mind as he focused on those ideas . Dark matter flowed out of his black hole while he remained immersed in his thoughts, and a figure soon appeared in front of him .

Noah saw a humanoid creature when he opened his eyes . The beast was three meters tall and had long arms filled with bulging muscles . Its hands and feet featured long claws, and a layer of sharp fur covered its entire body .

The dark matter had been able to create the creature instantly . That prototype was only a rank 4 specimen, so the higher energy could complete the task in no time .

'A bit small for a beast in the heroic ranks,' Noah thought, and more dark matter flowed out of his black hole to converge in the creature .

The humanoid beast grew until it became five meters tall . Its power had suddenly shot to the fifth rank after that empowerment, but Noah promptly took away some of his dark matter to lower its level .

It was hard to limit his higher energy's power, but Noah only needed to complete the process once . He would mass-produce those creatures afterward .

'A long-range attack now,' Noah thought, and the dark matter acted .

A pair of curved horns grew from the creature's temples, but its power shot in the sixth rank after those modifications . Noah had to call back part of his higher energy to lower its level and force it to return at the beginning of the fourth rank .

A small strand of his thoughts separated from his consciousness and flowed inside the beast . The humanoid creature immediately took life began to roar toward Noah .

Noah had given the creature a minute part of his greed and the knowledge about its body . The beast knew no fear, so it didn't hesitate to attack him since hunger filled its mind .

Black lightning bolts gathered on its horns while it swung its massive arms toward Noah . The creature aimed to kill him, but it didn't even manage to overcome his dense aura .

'I should put some limits to its behavior now,' Noah concluded as unique wills gathered in his mind .

Noah had created a proper living being, meaning that the creature had the chance to evolve . Yet, that species carried some of the strongest features in the magical beasts' field, so he couldn't let them act freely .

If such a strong species ever happened to set foot on the outside world, it would unleash chaos among the fauna . There was a high chance that it could even become the plane's overlord, and Noah wanted to avoid that outcome .

Moreover, he had to prevent those specimens from resorting to cannibalism . The purpose of his trials would vanish if potential heirs were to face a being in the fifth rank once they approached his inheritance .

Noah didn't take much to polish the mindset of the creature . A few strands of his thoughts were enough to complete the creations of a new species .

Black clouds formed in the sky when the world sensed the appearance of that new species, but Noah only needed to unfold his consciousness to disperse them . That Tribulation had power in the fourth rank, so Noah didn't even bother to raise his head to destroy it .

Once Noah completed his new species, he began restructuring the separate dimension . He needed to enlarge specific areas and make them converge toward the rewards .

Noah enlarged and destroyed parts of the separate dimension, he opened portals inside its fabric to create alternative paths, and he filled the area with his dark matter .

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His higher energy carried his desire to hide and reinforce that place . Heroic cultivator wouldn't be able to break those protections and seize the rewards now .

His dark matter could also reinforce and refill the destroyed creatures, so Noah packed the separate dimension with his higher energy . Inheritances could remain hidden for millennia, so Noah had to make sure that his trials would survive the passage of time .

Noah then covered the dimension's entrance with a few layers of dark matter that concealed its location . Those defenses would disperse after two thousand years, but they would continue to apply their restrictions even after the inheritance opened .

Noah began to mass-produce his creatures after he completed all the modifications on the separate dimension . Peak rank 3 humanoid beasts started to fill those areas, and leaders in the fourth rank took charge of certain checkpoints .

In the end, Noah condensed his expertise in the Elemental Forging method and his knowledge about the higher energy to give birth to a will that could control the dark matter in the dimension .

The will also carried his gratitude toward the many experts that had decided to create inheritances in the past . That feeling would prevent his will from rebelling and would force it to continue in its mission .

Noah knew himself too well . He was aware that his will wouldn't stay put unless he used appropriate feelings to control it .

Noah sorted out his items at that point . He could leave behind most of his old weapons, scrolls, and books since they would become useless in the Immortal Lands .

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The techniques in his possession were of the darkness element, but Noah didn't limit his inheritance to cultivators with that aptitude . His scrolls and books would become valuable again once the Elbas family came out of its dimension and rebuilt a society .

Noah didn't have much left after that process . His separate space contained only the Demonic Sword, Night, Shandal's strange diagram, the Seventh Kesier rune, and a few materials after completing his inheritance .

The invasion of the Eternal Snakes had shown him that the Immortal Lands featured many beings in the heroic ranks, so Noah decided to bring the Kesier rune with him . There could be societies in the higher plane where he could trade it .

After Noah left the separate dimension, his will took control of the dark matter inside it and hid the entrance . The inheritance was now active, but it would become accessible in two thousand years .

Noah wanted the human society to evolve before revealing his inheritance . Activating it now would only give it to the Elbas family .

'An inheritance purely founded on battle prowess,' Noah thought once he reviewed his creation from the outside world . 'June would love it . '

A wave of memories surged in his mind when Noah thought about his lover, but he soon suppressed his feelings to focus on his last project . He only had to decide what to do with Second Prince before leaving the world .