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Chapter 1306: 1306
The Blood Companion appeared and spat a red crystal in Noah's hand . Second Prince's core didn't react to that change of environment, but Noah could sense that he wasn't dead .

"Hey," Noah said as he pecked the crystal . "I'm about to leave . I need to decide what to do with you . "

Second Prince remained unresponsive . The crystal didn't show any sign of life, but that act couldn't deceive Noah's mind . Still, he didn't think that the Royal was pretending to be dead .

"I will just break you then," Noah said and tightened his grasp .

Cracks opened on the crystal as soon as his fingers pressed on its smooth surface . Second Prince didn't answer at the beginning, but a few screams eventually resounded from that item .

"Do you have anything you want to say?" Noah asked as he straightened his fingers .

"Breath" flowed from within the crystal and healed the cracks while a ragged breath echoed from the item . Second Prince sounded far away from his prime, but Noah didn't mind that delay in his answer .

"You," Second Prince replied, "You kept me in complete darkness for more than a millennium! Why didn't you just kill me?! I couldn't even self-destruct inside that thing!"

A hint of surprise appeared on Noah's face when he heard those angry reprimands . He had lost track of the passage of time while he was completing the preparations for his ascension, so he had never considered how Second Prince felt about his prison .

A thousand years weren't a long time for powerhouses, but Second Prince had spent that period in the complete darkness, unable to do anything with the dark matter suppressing the crystal .

That was even worse than the Demons' confinement . Second Prince had to spend that time completely alone and unaware of his warden's intentions .

"I have been busy," Noah replied as a carefree smile appeared on his face .

"Busy with what?!" Second Prince shouted . "You had no opponents in the entire world! I'm sure you could have spared a few days among your many impending matters!"

"Enough, I'm tired of this already," Noah cut that topic short . "I don't mind letting you leave, but killing you is also easy . Convince me to spare your life . "

Noah had lost any interest in Second Prince, the Elbas family, and the lower plane's environment . He couldn't find any of that interesting when the Immortal Lands were so close .

Existences on the level of Second Prince had become nothing more than ants that he could ignore . It was the same mindset shown by King Elbas when he managed to enter the separate dimension . Gods were in their realm, and they couldn't bother to waste time over lowly matters .

Second Prince didn't answer . It went silent again, but Noah squeezed the crystal to force some reaction out of him .

"Giving up in front of the chance to live is quite disappointing," Noah said as a sigh escaped his mouth . "I guess King Elbas' experiment was a failure in the end . "

The crystal began to vibrate when Second Prince heard those words, and his angry voice came out of the item again . "I'm more than a simple experiment . I'm an inscribed human . My potential overcomes what simple living beings can achieve . "

Noah could sense traces of pride in Second Prince's words . It seemed that he had accepted his peculiar status .

"This pride is worthless without ambition," Noah replied . "You talk about potential, but you have never fully expressed it . King Elbas and I are far stronger than you . "

The crystal went silent again, but Noah knew that Second Prince was thinking about his words, so he gave him the time he needed .

Truth be told, Noah pitied Second Prince a bit . The Royal was by no means weak, but he had lived in the same era of two monsters .

The first was his creator, the mighty King Elbas . His Father was the best inscription master in the world who had also proven his might when he fought against the organizations .

The second was Noah, whose cultivation journey defied any logic . The stories of his adventures could leave anyone speechless, and his achievements were even more legendary .

Second Prince was slightly above the ordinary geniuses . He couldn't compare himself to monsters, and his greatest advantage consisted of his peculiar status .

"Why would you even let me live?" Second Prince asked in a helpless tone .

Noah scratched the side of his head before giving an honest answer . "It would be a waste otherwise . I would have totally killed you if I were a heroic cultivator, but you can't even touch me at your current level . You don't have the power to be my enemy . "

"Are you implying that my weakness has given me the chance to survive?" Second Prince asked as anger began to fill his words again .

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"Yes," Noah replied bluntly .

Silence followed that exchange of words, but Second Prince soon gave in to his desire to live .

"I've helped you when the world was too frail to withstand your power . " Second Prince said .

"It doesn't count," Noah replied . "You mostly wanted to save yourself when you completed that formation . "

"I can show you the way for the separate dimension of the Elbas family," Second Prince continued . "Anything you like will belong to you . "

"I am a god," Noah replied without showing the slightest interest in the matter . "How can you offer me the creations of experts in the heroic ranks?"

"I can accompany you in the Immortal Lands!" Second Prince said as he changed approach . "I can grant you my expertise in exchange for a few materials . "

"Your expertise is useless among divine materials," Noah replied . "You don't even know if your inscriptions work up there . Moreover, I already have noisy companions . "

Snore pretended to look away when Noah gave voice to those words . The Blood Companion couldn't fully understand the human language, but it could sense that Noah wasn't saying good things about it .

Then, Second Prince said something that stirred Noah's interest .

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"I can recreate the dimensional portal," Second Prince exclaimed . "I can give you the chance to meet your organization . I only need a few centuries, a millennium at best!"

"I won't spend another day in this plane," Noah replied, "But you have earned your life back . "

Noah placed his finger on the crystal, and a minute will fused with its surface . Second Prince could only accept that oath . He needed to rebuild the dimensional portal in less than a millennium, or he would die .

"I guess throwing you in the sea is fine," Noah said as he turned toward the separate dimension of the Elbas family . "

"Completely fine," Second Prince replied, and Noah threw the crystal when he heard his answer .

The crystal flew for half of the plane before falling in the sea, right below the entrance of his separate dimension . Second Prince was now free, and the same went for Noah, who moved his attention to the sky .

It was time to leave .