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Published at 23rd of February 2021 10:06:11 AM

Chapter 1308: 1308
Noah couldn't recognize the species of that creature . A pair of straight golden horns came out of its head, and yellow scales covered its body . Moreover, the beast appeared to be past the halfway mark of the lower tier .

'My luck has improved,' Noah thought as coldness seeped out of his eyes . 'I didn't expect to meet a rank 7 magical beast so soon . '

Noah had to suppress his power for centuries during the last part of his life in the lower plane . He couldn't even begin to express his strength in that frail world .

However, the higher plane was on a superior level . The terrain didn't even shatter during his landing . Noah knew that he could finally go all-out .

The Snake gave voice to a few hisses before throwing itself at Noah . The creature used the upper part of its body like a whip to crack its head at its opponent .

Noah let the black hole fill his dark vessels with higher energy and raised his hand . An immense power ran through his arm and landed on his back . Still, his body didn't falter in front of that force .

His feet dug the terrain as the attack pushed Noah back . He slid on the sturdy azure ground as he focused all his power on his arm .

The Snake managed to Noah push for an entire kilometer, but the power of its attack eventually dispersed . Pain then spread from the tip of its head at that point, and the creature found itself unable to retract its body .

A chill ran down the Snake's spine when it understood why it couldn't move freely . Noah had stabbed his fingers on that small patch of skin and was keeping the creature locked in his grasp .

The Snake felt like a simple prey under Noah's cold gaze . The creature had underestimated its opponent, but it wasn't ready to give up just yet .

Winds began to blow in the area as its golden horns started to vibrate . Air flowed on those body parts as the Snake activated its innate ability .

A dangerous sensation appeared in Noah's mind before a dense gale blew out of the Snake's nostrils . A storm engulfed Noah and ripped the upper part of his robe apart, and a few white marks appeared on his skin as the attack landed on his body .

The storm eventually dispersed, and the creature revealed a surprised expression when it saw that a giant black snake had replaced Noah's figure .

Snore had come out when it sensed that Noah couldn't withstand the attack directly, and it had helped him preserving his handhold . Its fangs had also stabbed the creature's mouth to restrain it further .

'That was refreshing!' Noah exclaimed in his mind .

Moreover, the Snake's attack had been almost instantaneous . Noah couldn't dodge it in time .

'Now you die,' Noah eventually redirected his cold smile toward his opponent .

The Snake couldn't see Noah anymore, but it could feel the coldness that he radiated . It could sense the danger that was about to fall on it, and its survival instincts took control of its body in a desperate attempt to escape from that situation .

The creature began to struggle . It slammed its tail and relaunched its innate ability, but Snore managed to endure most of those attacks . The few injuries that it suffered even healed in an instant .

The Snake could only watch as Snore's horns started to vibrate and amass dark matter . The creature could sense that it wouldn't be able to survive that attack .

Noah helped in keeping the Snake still while he remained inside Snore . He couldn't wait to win his first battle in the Immortal Lands, but his mind suddenly sensed the arrival of a second enemy .

The presence was too fast . It pierced Snore's body and reached Noah's position in an instant . He could only raise his free hand to stop the incoming creature .

An even stronger force crashed on his arm and ran through the entirety of his body . Noah managed to remain still only because the Snake fought the attack with him .

Snore quickly reformed on Noah's side as he studied the creature that had attacked him . It was a ten meters tall deer-like creature that had two pairs of giant crimson horns .

Smoke came out of the Deer's horns . Noah was holding one of them to keep the creature still, so he could sense the wave of heat that they radiated . Even his skin couldn't defend against that ability and began to burn .

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'Lower tier of the seventh rank,' Noah concluded as he analyzed the beast's power . 'It's a bit stronger than the Snake, and its innate ability counters Snore's body . '

Noah began to think that there was something strange with that area . He could accept that the Immortal Lands had an abundance of divine creatures, but he couldn't understand how different beasts could cohabitate in the same environment .

Two creatures from different species but with similar level would usually fight for the control of an area . That situation made even less sense since they were both targeting Noah .

'Maybe it's just a case,' Noah wondered as he kept both creatures locked in his grasp . 'I can study this area after I kill them . '

Two magical beasts in the seventh rank would typically force divine cultivators to retreat and reorganize their offensive . Yet, Noah was different . He had three divine creatures with him, and his power surpassed what simple rank 7 experts could do .

Noah's aura surged as two shadows came out of his chest . Night released an angry roar when it saw the white sky, and the Demonic Sword did the same at the sight of the two beasts .

Snore was the first to attack . Its massive mouth enveloped the Deer and stabbed the terrain to keep it locked in that position . Its six horns began to accumulate dark matter as it prepared its innate ability .

A series of deep cuts appeared on the Snake's head . Night released a storm of attacks that severed entire chunks of the massive beast's skin and revealed the skull underneath .

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The Demonic Sword shot downward and severed the Deer's crimson horns before stabbing the terrain . Noah quickly stored those body parts in his separate space before wielding the blade and pointing it at the Snake .

His companions were enough to defeat those creatures, but Noah wanted to end the battle quickly . He was in a foreign environment that he didn't even begin to study . He couldn't remain in the open for too long .

However, his consciousness suddenly sensed the appearance of a third presence . Snore's head exploded before it could launch its attack, and a twenty meters tall Eagle came out of the raging dark matter to attack Noah .

The Demonic Sword trembled at that sight, and Noah didn't hesitate to wave it at the new opponent . An intense fear filled the beast, and its survival instincts forced it to change direction at the last second .

The creature didn't manage to dodge Noah's slash, but it prevented it from landing on its head . A black line flew through the white environment and severed one of its massive brown wings, forcing the Eagle to crash on the ground .

Snore reformed before the Deer could retreat . Its mouth enveloped the beast again and kept it still as it prepared the dark beam .

Meanwhile, Night continued to injure the restrained Snake and severed its horns to counter its innate ability . Three magical beasts in the seventh rank couldn't even make Noah move, but his consciousness soon sensed the arrival of two more powerful creatures .