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Chapter 1312: 1312
Miss Canson appeared quite broken about that outcome . She cared about Zach, and she didn't want to see him punished due to her weakness . Moreover, meeting Noah had shown her the difference between an ascended and a divine existence that didn't overcome similar trials .

"I wouldn't be sure so sure about that," Zach replied without moving his gaze from the direction where Noah had left . "Hybrids are hard to deal with, and this one has been ready to fight during the entire conversation . He didn't want a battle, but he didn't fear it either . "

"Do you think he had a chance against you?" Miss Canson asked as surprise appeared on her face .

Her Mother had chosen Zach as her protector because he was strong and had a lot of experience dealing with ascended . However, his words conveyed his hesitation about the whole matter .

"I can't be sure of that," Zach replied . "He shouldn't have much experience in battles in the divine ranks, but he managed to defeat the tide without relying on his individuality . That alone speaks for his power . "




Noah left the area as fast as he could . He didn't try to use his movement technique in his current condition, but his physical strength made him capable of great speed anyway .

The magical beasts in the area didn't attack him . Noah could sense them, but he also saw that they ignored him for no apparent reason .

'Did I get approved or something?' Noah wondered as he ran past that crowded land .

The creatures in the area hadn't hesitated to attack him when he landed in the Immortal Lands, but they were ignoring him now . It was as if they had no interest in fighting someone that had survived the tide .

Moreover, they also ignored each other . That area featured multiple lairs, but those powerful magical beasts didn't bother to fight for the ownership of that region .

It was as if they had agreed to attack only the newly ascended existences, and Noah couldn't even begin to understand how they had decided that . His extensive knowledge in the magical beasts' field didn't cover that behavior .

Noah didn't stop to inspect the environment, but he still memorized the lands he crossed as he tried to leave the landing zone .

The area was full of life and had an uneven layout . Short mountains filled with magical plants covered that azure land . Various magical beasts had created lairs in that environment, but their influence didn't manage to affect the laws in the matter around them .

Noah could sense divine auras filling the entire area . The magical beasts, some plants, and the terrain radiated their influence in the environment and covered it with a thick halo .

He didn't need to unfold his consciousness to sense the difference with the lower plane . Every brim of matter in the Immortal Lands carried an intense vitality and appeared as the most valuable material in the entire world .

The piece of Immortal Lands that had fallen in the lower plane was no match for the actual higher world . The amount of energy in that environment was on a superior league, and Noah couldn't wait to feed on it .

Anxiety that only a dangerous environment could cause filled Noah's mind . His arrival in the Immortal Lands had been quite messy, but he had learnt a lot about the higher plane during those events .

The Immortal Lands didn't have a shortage of living beings . Countless magical plants filled every inch of the landing zone, and many divine creatures inhabited those areas .

Moreover, he had confirmed the presence of cultivators . The two gods had also disclosed the existence of organizations and societies that had different beliefs .

'I wonder if the Crystal City has a cultivator in the eighth rank,' Noah thought as he ran through the uneven terrain .

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Noah crossed countless mountains and ran for entire weeks before the scenery in his eyes started to change . A large river appeared on his path and marked the entrance to a different environment .

The uneven terrain filled with short mountains and chaotic vegetation stopped before the river . Noah could see a tall forest on the other side of that large stream, and the aura that surrounded that zone triggered his survival instincts .

Trees more than four hundred meters tall filled his view . They had large azure leaves, and their thick brown trucks hid the insides of that region . Also, a dense aura covered the entire area and made Noah's instincts rage in fear .

Something powerful had taken the forest as its lair . Noah felt glad that his knowledge of the magical beasts' field revealed itself useful in that situation, but he couldn't be happy about what he understood .

'Maybe the landing zone is one of the exceptions of the Immortal Lands,' Noah thought as he stopped before reaching the river . 'This region follows the same patterns that I've learnt to recognize in the lower plane . '

Hypotheses amassed in Noah's mind . The arrival in the Immortal Lands had filled him with questions that he couldn't answer due to his poor knowledge about that environment .

Noah turned to look behind him . He believed that cultivators from the Crystal City would eventually come for him, so he couldn't remain in the landing zone .

It was better to hide among magical beasts that would defend their territory rather than among uncaring creatures . Noah would be able to use his expertise in the forest, and the leader of that area could work as a deterrent against eventual pursuers .

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'I should hide here until I understand how the Immortal Lands work,' Noah concluded as he jumped the river to land among the tall trees . 'I'm quite curious to see if they will follow me in this environment . '

Noah ventured inside the forest, but he didn't dare to run toward its central areas . He remained in its peripheral parts and changed direction whenever the danger felt by his instincts became more intense .

The forest seemed endless, and it was thick enough to cover part of the white light radiated by the sky . The pressure on Noah's mind weakened in that region, so he didn't mind running for a few more weeks before deciding to settle .

Noah used the Demonic Sword to dig a cave in the tough azure terrain and sealed it to hide inside that dangerous environment . He had to test a few things before he could resume his exploration of the higher plane .

The battle against the tide had brought a few benefits . Noah had managed to test his battle prowess properly and had confirmed that he was quite powerful for a newly ascended existence .

Even Zach Foredall had remained wary of him during their conversation . That proved that his power was worthy of respect .

Noah had seized the corpses of five divine beasts after the battle against the tide, so he could feed himself for a while . He expected his body to improve quickly in the Immortal Lands, and he didn't mind using it as the foundation of his power .

His spherical rune required primary energy, and Noah only needed to unfold his aura to create it . However, he preferred to prioritize another aspect of his power before approaching that matter . He had to see if he could enlarge his dantian .