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Chapter 1313: 1313
Yet, dantians could be tricky to enlarge . Their level depended on the cultivators' individuality, and the lower plane didn't offer any knowledge of the divine realms .

Noah didn't know what he had to strive for at that point in his cultivation journey . He had obtained some clues during his Earth Tribulation, but he had yet to understand them completely .

'How should I aim to become a world?' Noah wondered as the sensations felt after he ate Earth resurfaced in his mind .

The meaning of that word was quite vague, but Noah couldn't translate those sensations in any other way . He could only see how cultivating in the Immortal Lands felt and progress from that point .

Noah had already cultivated with his dantian in the seventh rank, but he didn't aim to enlarge it during those periods . He had only needed to refill his darkness to stabilize his dark matter .

The lower plane couldn't suffice enough fuel for the task, and Noah didn't dare to try it . Still, it was now time to test how the Immortal Lands reacted to his training .

The Demonic Sword flew out of his chest to land in Noah's grasp . His cultivation technique evolved together with the living weapon and the rune on his low-waist, so he knew that he met the requirements for that procedure .

Noah placed the back of the sword on his waist and began to cultivate . True meanings flowed into the blade, became primary energy inside it, and transformed once they reached the rune .

His dantian absorbed that energy and began to enlarge . Noah didn't notice any issue during the process, so he continued to cultivate . Nothing strange happened even after two weeks passed .

'Maybe my individuality has already met certain requirements,' Noah guessed after he interrupted his training . 'I can only hope that it continues to be like this . '

Noah was sure that advancing through the divine ranks wouldn't always be so easy . The higher levels of power had different requirements, but he had yet to understand them .

He felt something different during the enlargement . Almost everything around him carried a divine aura, so the laws he absorbed provided him with immense energy .

His lack of knowledge about the higher ranks bothered him, but Noah wouldn't complain about his situation . He wanted to understand the path that his existence was treading, but the absence of hindrances appeased his annoyance .

After Noah confirmed that his dantian could improve, he unfolded his aura to cover a wide underground area . He didn't dare to cause troubles on the surface for fear of attracting the attention of the leader of the forest .

The internal pressure became more intense and pressed on his mental walls . His sea of consciousness finally began to enlarge at a decent speed, and Noah continued to stuff the spherical rune with energy until the first drawbacks appeared .

Noah couldn't let his training affect his awareness, so he had to stop stuffing energy before headaches and similar drawbacks arrived . He even interrupted the absorption before those limits to prevent issues related to the white sky and sudden mental attacks .

Once Noah took care of his mind, he could focus on his dantian and body . He had many preys to eat, and he wanted to store a decent amount of darkness before resuming his exploration .

His lack of darkness couldn't be an issue in that environment . Noah couldn't live with the fear that his stash of energy would run out . It was pointless to be a divine existence if he couldn't express that power for more than a few attacks .

Months passed as Noah focused on improving his foundation . His level steadily rose as he solidified his position as a divine existence .

It felt good to be in an environment that could sustain his growth . His centers of power felt at home in the Immortal Lands . The laws were abundant, and the matter around remained intact even after he absorbed its energy multiple times .

Noah would normally cultivate until the growth of his centers of power showed signs of slowing down, but the events with Zach and Miss Canson compelled him to leave the area . He would have hunted all the beasts in the landing zone otherwise .

'I wonder where the next landing zone is,' Noah thought as he unfolded his consciousness to inspect the surface . 'I want to see if those areas have some restriction that forces those magical beasts to attack only the newly ascended existences . '

The forest didn't change in those months . The heavy pressure was still there, but Noah ignored it to continue exploring the peripheral areas .

Noah didn't want to meet the leader of the forest . That creature was ignoring his presence, and he desired to keep things in that way .

That environment was far less crowded than the landing zone . Noah could sense some powerful magical beasts among the heavy aura, but he never understood their exact power since he always avoided them .

Creating chaos in a foreign environment ruled by a creature that could cover it with its aura wasn't ideal . Noah wanted to leave the forest quickly to avoid remaining in that dangerous situation .

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Yet, his guess about the Crystal City ended up being on point . Zach had warned his organization about the events with Noah, and a hunting party soon caught up with him during the months that he spent in seclusion .




A few weeks before Noah came out of his cave, four rank 7 cultivators gathered above the river next to the forest . Zach was among them, and he wore a hesitant expression as he stared at the tall trees .

The four cultivators wore white robes with long sleeves . A few purple designs covered the edges of their clothes, but they all had different styles .

Zach also wore those robes, and his purple designs depicted a series of different weapons .

"Gil, are you sure that he went in the forest?" Zach asked as he turned toward a tall cultivator with long black hair and dark eyes . His purple designs depicted a series of wolf-like creatures .

"I'm certain that he entered the forest more than a month ago," Gil replied .

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"This region belongs to the Twelve-legged Queen," One of the two women among the group added . She was short and extremely overweight . Long blond hair covered her face, and her robe's designs depicted a series of bubbles of various sizes .

"Bertha is right," The second woman in the group continued . "Madam Canson has made a deal with her . She will notice me if I were to enter the forest . "

The woman had short brown hair and a pair of shining blue eyes . Her robe's designs depicted waves, and she was the only cultivator in the liquid stage among the group .

"You can be at ease, Lady Lena," Zach replied . "The three of us are enough to take care of him . I'm glad that our weakness can be useful to the City . "

Lady Lena nodded at his words . The Twelve-legged Queen would react to any invader that wasn't at the bottom of the seventh rank, so only her three companions in the gaseous stage could continue the chase .

"Make the Crystal City proud," Lady Lena said as she gestured to her companions to proceed . "Remember, humans are a perfect species . Don't let the physical strength of the hybrids affect your belief . "

After her words, her three companions crossed the river and entered the forest .