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Chapter 1314: 1314
After all, Noah had plenty of experience covering his tracks, and he didn't stop running for entire weeks before settling to cultivate .

Noah continued to avoid every powerful being sensed by his consciousness as he ran through the forest . Some of those presences belonged to magical plants, but he never had the chance to study them as he did his best to leave the area under Crystal City's jurisdiction .

His travel through the forest went smoothly . He didn't meet any problem during his exploration, but the scenery in his vision didn't change even after a few more months passed .

The forest seemed endless . It made sense for the Immortal Lands' environments to be wider, but he didn't expect that a single region could take entire months to cross .

Still, Noah never stopped moving . The heavy aura that covered the environment stirred his black hole to work faster and redirect most of its energy toward his body .

Noah was moving quickly . Ordinary rank 7 cultivators in the gaseous stage wouldn't match his speed unless they used movement techniques, but Noah guessed that they couldn't release much energy in that environment .

Yet, his belief shattered when he sensed a series of presences entering the range of his consciousness .

Surprise filled Noah's mind when he sensed those presences . They vanished after a second, but he could understand their nature during that time . They weren't living beings . They radiated the unmistakable aura of a spell .

'Did they find me?' Noah immediately guessed as he accelerated .

The chance that other cultivators lived in that environment was relatively low, and the likelihood that they had used spells when surrounded by the heavy aura was even lower .

The cultivator who had cast that spell was looking for something, and it was too coincidental that the technique vanished once it touched Noah's consciousness .

Noah ran at full speed . His black hole poured even more energy into his body and filled his dark vessels with dark matter . He became even faster due to that empowerment, but he still failed in shaking off his pursuers .

A series of ghostly wolves appeared in front of him at some point . Those creatures were identical to each other, but a horizontal black line cut them in half before they could howl at Noah .

The Demonic Sword had landed in Noah's hand as soon as the creatures appeared, and Noah didn't hesitate to slash at them . His attack also landed on some trees, but it didn't manage to sever their thick trunks .

Noah continued to run until the ground morphed in front of his eyes . Tall weapons came out of the terrain and tried to stab him . Dodging them made Noah slow down, but he persevered in his escape .

'They must be nearby,' Noah thought as he sensed that peculiar aura again .

The attacks that had appeared in front of him exuded the power of the gaseous stage . Noah knew that his pursuers had to be inside the range of his consciousness . However, he couldn't pinpoint their exact location due to their concealing method .

Transparent bubbles fell from the trees at some point . They shone with an azure light when the sky illuminated them, but they appeared empty . Yet, Noah could sense that they contained an immense amount of energy .

Noah tried to dodge the bubbles, but they released intense waves of energy when they exploded on the terrain . He couldn't escape those shockwaves, but his body managed to endure them without suffering grave injuries .

His priority remained to escape, but his mind began to analyze those attacks and their influence on the environment . There was something off in that situation . He couldn't explain how his pursuers could ignore the aura of the leader of the forest .

If his pursuers came from the Crystal City, they had to know the forest and had an idea about its dangerousness . The fact that they launched attacks so uncaringly hinted that the leader of the area wouldn't bother to intervene in those battles .

'They might also be complete idiots,' Noah thought as he continued to dodge attacks and wave his blade to press forward .

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Underestimating opponents was a deadly flaw, but overestimating them could lead to similar awful outcomes . Noah respected those who had managed to reach the divine ranks, but the Immortal Lands had already shown him that he couldn't apply his values in that world .

Noah had understood that when he threatened Miss Canson . She was at his same level, but she appeared less experienced than all the powerhouses met in his life .

The natives of the Immortal Lands would have an easier path toward the higher ranks, especially if they had powerful backings . They would never suffer from a lack of knowledge about the ranks, and the environment around them was a paradise for cultivators .

Those favorable conditions often gave birth to idiots, but Noah couldn't bet on that just yet . He continued to run through the forest and waited for something to change .

Three different abilities converged on his position at some point . Ghostly wolves appeared in the distance and started to run toward him . Various weapons came out of the ground and tried to pierce him with their sharp side . Bubbles fell from the trees and released shockwaves that destabilized him .

Noah was ready to slash his way through those spells, but more of them appeared in his vision before he could perform his martial art . A single attack wouldn't be able to pierce them, so Noah felt forced to stop to take care of them .

Black lines flew under the trees' crowns as Noah attacked those abilities . The wolves and weapons weren't a problem since his sharpness could cut them, but the bubbles exploded even if he destroyed them before they touched the ground .

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Shockwaves swept Noah and made blood accumulate in his mouth . He had suffered a few light internal injuries during the escape, and he immediately identified the cultivator behind that ability as the main threat .

Three figures appeared above him after he stopped . Noah could sense the peculiar aura again, but that concealing method couldn't hide his opponents from his awareness when they were so close .

Noah recognized Zach among the trio, and his eyes sharpened when he inspected his companions . The purple designs on their white robes revealed who was behind those abilities, and Noah immediately fixed his on the overweight woman .

"We meet again," Zach announced as he gazed toward Noah .

"How did you find me so soon?" Noah asked as he prepared for the imminent battle . "How can you not fear the leader of the forest?"

The three cultivators revealed a cold smile when they heard his questions . Their reactions told Noah that he wouldn't receive any answer, but he didn't feel surprised about that .

He wanted to gain a few more pieces of information before going all-out, but it seemed that those cultivators had no intention to speak .