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Published at 23rd of February 2021 10:06:04 AM

Chapter 1315: 1315
It wasn't only a matter of power . Noah's opponents had a vast battle experience, and they were already aware of the physical advantages of a hybrid .

'I wonder if they know about the higher energy in the Immortal Lands,' Noah wondered as corrosive smoke came out of his skin .

Noah didn't hesitate to activate the complete Demonic Form, but he held back from using his higher energy . He only filled his black vessels with dark matter once the fiendish armor covered his figure .

There was something strange about the whole situation . Noah didn't know how the trio had managed to catch up with him so soon, but he felt more surprised about their lack of worry .

The forest was a danger zone ruled by a powerful being, but the trio didn't hold back . The three cultivators didn't show any fear when they launched their attacks .

'What are they hiding?' Noah wondered as the corrosive cloud spread in the area .

The black smoke consumed the trees and ground as it expanded . Even those divine materials couldn't do anything against the might of the Demonic Form .

Zach, Gil, and Bertha revealed some concern when they studied the corrosive smoke . Zach had already seen that spell when Noah fought the tide, but he could realize how dangerous it was only now that it threatened to engulf him .

Gil summoned his ghostly wolves, and they shot inside the corrosive smoke . However, an unsightly expression appeared on his face when he lost contact with them .

His companions saw his reaction and accepted that they had to avoid Noah's spell . Yet, they didn't back out of that fight and summoned their techniques to deal with the threat .

Giant weapons came out of the ground . Zach summoned huge spears and swords made of black metal . They created a tall wall that tried to stop the expansion of the corrosive smoke .

Bertha's belly shrunk as multiple azure bubbles came out of her mouth . They descended toward the expanding cloud and exploded once they touched the corrosive smoke .

The shockwaves that followed the explosions pushed the cloud back and revealed its insides . Half on Noah's corrosive smoke vanished when that surge of energy spread, but he was nowhere to be seen .

Gil closed his eyes and crossed his legs as he sat in the sky . An army of ghostly wolves materialized next to him and opened their mouths as they pointed at the black cloud .

No sound came out of the wolves, but silent tremors swept the area after their gesture . Noah didn't manage to notice it before, but he could sense the matter shaking now that he was inside his corrosive smoke .

Zach had managed to target him after those tremors swept the area . Gil had to be the reason why the trio had managed to reach Noah so quickly .

Noah kicked the weapons rising toward him . The corrosive smoke had forced them to deplete part of their power, so his attack easily crushed the spell .

However, a series of azure bubbles converged in the part of the cloud above him and exploded, releasing shockwaves that destroyed the smoke and revealing him .

The trio could finally see their opponent again, and their eyes sharpened at the sight of his fiendish armor . A helmet that resembled the head of a dragon covered his head, and two long fangs came out of his pointy mouth . Scales covered the entirety of his body, and a long tail came out of his back .

Claws replaced the fingers of both hands and feet, but the corrosive smoke soon covered his figure again . The cloud reformed while the trio studied Noah's spell .

'Since they don't fear the leader of the forest,' Noah thought as he raised the Demonic Sword above his head, 'I don't see why I should hold back . '

The Demonic Sword trembled, and Noah waved it as soon as it amassed enough dark matter . A storm of black lines came out of the corrosive cloud and flew toward the three cultivators .

Zach, Gil, and Bertha promptly performed evasive maneuvers to dodge the slashes, but they felt forced to stop themselves when sharp black lines appeared on their path .

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The entire area was in the range of Noah's consciousness, so he could make his sharpness explode anywhere he wanted . He didn't need to slash to launch his threatening attacks .

Black smoke spread from his slashes and created a second cloud . The three cultivators weren't able to dodge it, but they quickly deployed their defensive measures as they continued to retreat .

Zach, Gil, and Bertha separated as they escaped the corrosive smoke . Their white robes began to radiate a faint light that covered their figures and fended off Noah's spell, but that defense didn't manage to block the Demonic Form in time .

The corrosive smoke had managed to touch them before they could activate their inscribed robes, and bloodied injuries had replaced their skin in those spots . Moreover, black marks surrounded those wounds and expanded through their bodies .

Bertha didn't hesitate to cut away her infected tissues . A piece of her cheek separated from her body and released a violent shockwave when the energy that it contained spread in the environment .

The corrosive smoke had hit Zach on his arm, but the skin on that spot transformed into a black metal that stopped the poison .

Gil had been the slowest to react to Noah's spell . The corrosive smoke had consumed half of his left thigh and had infected what remained of it . The poison was even spreading toward his calf and waist, but he quickly acted to save his leg .

Some of his ghostly wolves flew toward him and ran through his leg . They took away part of the poison every time their crossed his limb, but they died after it spread inside them .

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Noah didn't remain still while the trio dealt with the infection . He had initially decided to kill Bertha first due to the dangerousness of her attacks, but Gil became his main priority after he learnt about his tracking abilities .

Gil was still in the middle of saving his leg when he saw a shadow coming out of the second cloud . A large cut opened on his chest before he could even understand what had attacked him, and a dangerous sensation filled his mind when he sensed Noah's sharpness filling the air around him .

A black line materialized and threatened to cleave Gil in half, but a deafening howl suddenly came out of his body and destroyed the incoming attack .

Noah lowered his blade when he saw Gil's aura spreading in the environment . He could see the true meaning that it carried . The cultivator had activated the effects of his law .

'Resonance?' Noah thought when he saw Gil's law .

He couldn't find a better word to translate Gil's true meaning, but its effects soon became clear . The howl released by his body spread through the area and became more intense as the matter began to echo that sound .

Noah couldn't escape from that attack . The soundwave engulfed him and forced his tissues to tremble according to its rhythm .