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Chapter 132: 132
The student was sent back by the unexpected attack .

The other two were about to jump on Noah but he activated the Shadow steps spell and immediately appeared in front of the first youth .
He had wielded his sabers during his charge and he delivered two fast strikes with the bladeless sides of his weapons .
The strikes multiplied mid-way and became six different attacks that hit the still stunned student on his junctures .
Two blows for the elbows, two for the shoulders, and two for the knees .
Cracking sounds sounded from his body as he fell powerlessly on the ground .
The might of a rank 4 martial art coupled with the solid stage and with the surprise effect rendered one of Noah's seniors harmless in a few instants!
And that without even activating the First form!
The other two students arrived on his back and launched a series of attacks with their weapons .
Noah's upper clothes tore and his blood companion came out to block the incoming assault .
Its figure was particularly lifelike and it successfully endured the strikes of the youths .
Its body broke but, as the weapons sank in it, it reconstructed, blocking the movements of the blades .
Noah didn't waste that chance and promptly charged at the closer student .

The other one released his grip on the weapon to prepare a spell but Echo screeched, releasing a sound attack that briefly disoriented him .
It didn't take much for Noah to defeat the youth, leaving him with only one opponent .
Noah neared him with Echo quietly crouched on his shoulders .
"You will not get away with this . Lionel, why haven't you done anything?"
The student yelled, looking at the guard on the side of the entrance .
The guard shrugged his shoulders before replying to him .
"Small fights are allowed in the academy . No one had suffered any severe damage so it's up to you students to handle the situation . "
Noah shook his head seeing that the youth had sought the guard's help .
"How can you nobles be so weak? With all your wealth, is this the best you can amount to?"
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The student was angered by his words and tried again to launch a spell, his weapon was still stuck in Echo's body after all .
Noah was on him before he finished his preparations and strongly hit his waist, making him crash on the ground .
He sighed and rebuked him to vent a bit of the stress he had accumulated in the last months due to the side effects of the Elemental forging method .

"I believe that your expensive combat teacher in your mansion will be ashamed to know that you tried to launch a spell at such a short distance . "
He then stomped his head on the ground, making him faint .
Noah put his sabers back in his space-ring, as well as Echo in his body, and wore a simple robe to cover his naked upper body .
He then turned toward the circular building and moved to enter it .

"That was a nice fight, it's rare to find someone with that battle experience at your age . "
Lionel spoke to him before he could reach the door .
Noah replied putting a fake smile on his face .
"I didn't know that you could bribe a guard to reserve the Sulfur domain . If you tell me your price, I might think of making use of your services . "
The soldier smiled awkwardly and scratched the side of his head .
"Don't blame me too much, I'm just trying to make a living in a word ruled by nobles . Sadly, the Utra continent is at peace so we in the Royal army can't earn a decent pay . "
Noah reassured him .
"No worries, they are not really a threat anyway . "

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Lionel laughed a bit looking at the fainted students on the ground .
"Will you apply for the Royal army? I believe you might become a captain in just a few years . "
Noah shrugged his shoulders but didn't answer and placed his token on the entrance .
The door slowly opened and a burning air came out of it .
"Think about it . Our position is actually pretty privileged in Elbas city . "
Noah nodded at him and entered the building .
The door slowly closed behind him .
He found himself in a long and illuminated corridor, an azure halo was exuded from the end of the passage .
The air was so hot that Noah had to circulate the "Breath" in his body to resist the temperature .
At the end of the corridor, there was a large circular room with a flickering azure flame at its center .
The room had no floor but only a sandy terrain .
The grains of sand were yellow but contained azure shades in their colors .
'What a strange environment . This heat seems to have some effects on my sea of consciousness . '

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As Noah neared the flame, he would feel his mental sphere loosening up, increasing its expansion speed due to the internal pressure from Echo and the "Breath" .
'I understand, the flame has the effect of increasing the malleability of my mental sphere . Simply put, training here will enlarge my sphere faster . '
"I believe I said that I wanted to be alone . "
A voice sounded from the other side of the flame .
Noah peeked and noticed that Daniel was sitting cross-legged on the sand, holding a small sheet in his hands .
"Oh, it's you . "
He had raised his gaze and stared at Noah, he could not help but be surprised by his presence there .
Noah didn't speak and simply moved in the area occupied by him .
He noticed that the temperature increased even more as it did the effects on his mental sphere .
He had to use his solid "Breath" though to oppose the temperature, his rank 3 body was not enough in that environment .
He calculated the distance that he had to keep from the flame to last for one hour with his amount of "Breath" and sat on the ground .
Noah took out the second Kesier rune and began to look at it .
The pressure from the insides of his sphere enlarged at high speed the loosened sea of consciousness .
'This speed is simply amazing! I should always spend my merit points to use this building . '
However, Daniel spoke again .
"Am I really not worthy of your attention?"