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Published at 23rd of February 2021 10:05:55 AM

Chapter 1322: 1322
The Immortal Lands weren't free of the curse of the magical beasts . Those creatures were too resilient and advantaged in the cultivation journey . Even areas inhabited by mighty rank 8 cultivators couldn't avoid them .

Through Bertha's explanation, Noah had understood that the human area was nothing more than a series of cities filled with danger zones . Those settlements would have large safe environments around their borders, but no amount of clearing operations could prevent the arrival of magical beasts in their domain .

The "Breath" was to blame for that outcome . That miraculous energy favored simpler living beings, which gave birth to a constant stream of magical beasts and plants .

Most magical plants in the areas inhabited by humans were harmless, but the same didn't apply to the violent magical beasts . Those creatures lived by their hunger even in the divine ranks . They were only more careful about their behavior .

Noah crossed marvelous regions as he marched toward Vagona City . He had already seen the forest inhabited by the Twelve-legged Queen and the vast lake, but he explored far more incredible lands during the years that followed his clash with the Crystal City .

The Immortal Lands were immense, and the same applied to their regions . Noah saw prairies as vast as the new continent, mountains that merged with the whiteness of the sky, and mountain chains that would take centuries to explore .

None of those lands was in decline . They were full of life, and many magical beasts had taken them as their home due to their richness .

Noah hunted freely during his voyage . He held back only when he sensed auras on the same level as the Twelve-legged Queen filling the regions . Also, he often created training areas when he felt the need to cultivate .

He felt completely free in the wilderness . Noah had experienced the life of a magical beast already in the lower plane, and he didn't hesitate to enjoy the same lifestyle in those lawless lands .

There was simple happiness in the lack of political struggles . Noah could hunt and cultivate as much as he desired, and his cultivation level benefited from that environment . However, he also met the unavoidable limits given by his peculiar species .

Noah wasn't a magical beast . The individualities were tricky powers to improve, and he soon had to face their limits . His dantian suddenly stopped improving during his voyage, and he didn't appear able to solve the issue at his current level .

Nothing seemed able to overcome the bottleneck met by his dantian . Noah found himself unable to enlarge his organ, and he couldn't find a solution to that issue no matter how hard he tried .

The freedom felt in that slow exploration of the higher plane abandoned Noah's mind once his dantian stopped growing . Anxiety replaced that sensation . Noah couldn't enjoy the wilderness anymore after he faced a bottleneck that he couldn't overcome .

Noah could understand that his growth had to require far more than a simple accumulation of energy . Having access to an environment packed with laws wasn't enough to push his level toward the higher ranks now that he was a god .

However, he lacked guidelines about the journey ahead . Noah had vaguely understood what he had to strive for, but he didn't know how to approach that path .

His voyage through the wilderness became more hurried after his dantian met that bottleneck . Noah understood that he couldn't find the solution to his problems in an environment ruled by magical beasts, so he did his best to reach his destination more quickly .

Noah didn't stop his hunts, but he didn't waste time in pointless meditations anymore . He wouldn't neglect his body, but he wouldn't hope in a miracle either .

He had to learn more about the divine realms, and he couldn't acquire that knowledge from the magical beasts . He had to see cultivators on a higher level to understand how his journey had to proceed .

After crossing endless regions and multiple environments, Noah eventually reached a green plain placed in the middle of an immense mountain chain .

Green grass covered that land and filled the area with its radiance . A few trees also grew in the region, but the most striking aspect was the immense series of structures at its center .

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A series of large buildings occupied the central part of the plan . Crystal-like materials filled the white metal that acted as their core item . Those structures resembled large mansions rather than simple buildings, but Noah could see that they had different purposes even before entering the city .

The city didn't have any defensive wall, but Noah could sense that the entirety of the plain lacked magical beasts . The reason behind that phenomenon was the intense aura radiated by that immense array of structures .

Noah had to stop his march to suppress his instincts once he sensed that aura . Five powerful individualities filled the plain and scared away any existence that had ill intentions . Vagona City was the home to five rank 8 cultivators!

'A white city where peace is mandatory,' Noah thought as he calmed down . 'Just like Bertha has said . '

Bertha's knowledge ended there . She only knew the regions near the Crystal City and the path toward Vagona City, meaning that Noah had to gather information again now .

Still, Vagona City was outside of the area of influence of the Crystal City . The humans there didn't follow those fanatics' beliefs, and they accepted every intelligent being as long as they didn't cause any trouble .

Noah didn't hesitate to march toward the city once he stabilized his condition . Crowded streets and different individualities soon entered in the range of his consciousness, and many eyes turned in his direction .

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Vagona City didn't have a main gate . Anyone could enter . Yet, it was customary to suppress the seas of consciousness in that area out of respect for the weaker beings inhabiting those streets .

Noah didn't take much to understand that feature . He had seen that rank 5 and 6 cultivators were the majority of Vagona City's population while his mental waves spread in the area, but he recalled his consciousness when they began to suffer due to the innate pressure radiated by his mind .

A few annoyed comments resounded through the streets after his gesture . Most of those heroic cultivators complained about Noah's lack of manners, but he ignored them to focus on the city .

Noah didn't dare to stir any trouble with the five rank 8 auras covering the whole city . He was in a foreign environment, so he had to study his surroundings to avoid incurring the wrath of some powerful existence .