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Chapter 1326: 1326
It wasn't hard to discern that Noah was a newly ascended existence . His robes and behavior made it impossible for him to appear as a citizen of the Immortal Lands .

His gaze exuded his curiosity toward everything in Vagona city, and his clothes were nothing more than rags in that world . Even heroic cultivators wore robes made of divine items . Only a newbie would still lack such common defenses .

Still, the fact that Noah had a storage item changed the guard's idea about him . He suddenly became curious about that newly ascended cultivator .

The guards of the inscription halls could watch the masters in action, but they couldn't escape the barrier's restrictions . The experts in the inscription fields had to feel safe in those structures, so no one could memorize their methods while they performed .

The ancient voice and the white-haired inscription master's calmness made Noah feel safe to inscribe in that place . He could fully focus on his procedure and strive to create a stable item .

Dark matter flew out of Noah's chest and seeped inside the magical beast's skin in his hands . The higher energy followed Noah's instructions and shaped the material according to his needs . Those piles of tissues soon transformed into a sphere that began to absorb his darkness .

Noah let the incomplete Instability amass darkness until it grew unstable . The item was about to explode, but he promptly stored it inside his separate space and used the dark matter to isolate it .

No one in the area heard anything, but they could see how gray smoke came out of Noah's mouth after the Instability exploded . The barrier's restrictions didn't allow them to understand if that was part of his inscription method . Still, they began to grow wary of that peculiar expert .

'My wills are too shallow,' Noah thought as he focused again . 'These materials are too resilient . I need to change approach . '

Dark matter flowed out of Noah's chest and created a minute version of the dark world between his palms . Then, another piece of magical beast's skin exited the separate space and entered his technique .

Noah suppressed the law inside the material as dark matter modified its structure and fused it with his wills . The Instabilities were simple inscribed weapons, so he only had to make them able to contain his darkness .

The dark world benefitted the forging, but the incomplete Instability grew unstable after Noah began to fuse his saber-shaped runes on its surface . He soon found himself forced to store the item inside the separate space and suppress its detonation again .

It wasn't hard to find divine materials in the Immortal Lands, but Noah was alone . The audience didn't know if he had friends outside of Vagona city . Still, they began to respect his ability .

That inscription hall didn't have many cultivators among the spectators, but they had some relevance inside Vagona city . Some of them began to consider hiring Noah to gather divine materials for their shops, but neither dared to interrupt his performance .

'The dark world can weaken the innate defenses of the material,' Noah thought as he deployed his technique again, 'But my wills can't replace its laws . The dark matter can't be the core energy in the forging with items at this level . '

Noah sighed when he understood that . The dark matter had allowed him to create wonders out of common materials, but it was too impersonal when it came to dealing with laws .

Noah could still fuse it with the material's structure, but he couldn't use it to carry his wills, not if he wanted to succeed in the forging at least . Only his individuality could create laws capable of transforming those items, so he had to use the energy that reflected the entirety of his existence .

A peculiar aura started to come out of Noah's figure once he prepared the minute dark world and more magical beast's skin . He tried to contain the radiations of his individuality, but his ambition still affected the air around him while he focused on creating wills .

Black lines appeared on the air around his figure as his cultivation level grew . Noah became stronger right in front of everyone, and even the white-haired inscription master stopped his performance to focus on him .

"Is he using a secret art to succeed in the inscription?" One of the old-looking cultivators among the audience asked .

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"It's not completely foolish," Another cultivator in the audience answered . "The masters of the inscription hall might recruit him if he succeeds . Injuries to the centers of power are easy to heal once you have their backing . He is willing to sacrifice his potential to join them . "

Noah couldn't hear the conversations spoken among the audience, but his focus wouldn't allow him to do it even if the barrier didn't exist . He had decided to reveal part of his individuality during the procedure, so he couldn't falter for even an instant .

Darkness flowed inside his mind and transformed as it fused with his wills . The waters of his mental sea surged and crashed on his mental walls as his ambition fueled ideas of explosions and violent energy .

Those ideas entered the darkness before Noah used that energy to modify the magical beast's skin contained in the dark world between his hands . His technique would suppress the material's law, but it wouldn't interfere with the actual forging .

The darkness imbued with Noah's wills altered the material's structure and transformed it into a black sphere . Saber-shaped runes also came out of his mind and fused with the Instability's surface to create its spikes .

Dark matter then seeped inside its structure and fixed any flaw that it found . The higher energy also improved the overall quality of the disposable weapon and filled it with power .

The darkness helped in that process too . The Instability would be threatening as long as it contained enough energy, so it didn't matter which one Noah used .

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The Instabilities' destructive power would eventually rely on the primary energy once Noah perfected the creation of that weapon . He only wanted to see if he could complete the item now, so he used energies that were easier to control .

The dark world slowly flowed back inside Noah's chest . A spiked black sphere that radiated metallic properties became visible to everyone once the dark matter left the area between his palms .

'Lower tier,' Noah thought as a tinge of disappointment filled his mind .

The Instability was a rank 7 weapon, but it didn't carry the power to match the spell of a gaseous stage cultivator . It was almost a waste of materials since it barely met the standards of the divine realms .

"Did you complete it?" The ancient voice resounded in Noah's head again .

"It's quite weak for a disposable weapon," Noah conveyed through his mental waves . "I should be able to make it match a spell if I perfect the procedure . "

After Noah replied to the ancient voice, he dived back in his experiments, unaware that his recent success in creating the Instability had already given birth to an auction .