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Chapter 1327: 1327
They allowed inscription masters to show their expertise for a set amount of time freely, and the audience watching them could decide to make offers about their complete products .

The same applied to the owners . They could place offers and bid against the audience for the purchase of the inscribed items .

The owners would have an advantage in the auctions since they were partially unaffected by the barriers . They could study the complete products' power better than the cultivators outside the inscription halls, but everyone knew about that feature .

Actually, the fact that the owners decided to bid on certain inscribed items usually made the audience more set on purchasing them . It showed that the product had some value .

Of course, the masters that had created the inscribed item could refuse to sell after they heard the price, but that was a rare outcome . Most experts entered the inscription halls intending to gain fame and money, so they would usually accept any form of compensation for their work .

The first Instability created by Noah had attracted the attention of some of the owners . An ancient voice had resounded among the audience and had placed a bidding price of five Soul Stones .

That number of Soul Stones was nothing unusual for the citizens of the Immortal Lands, but it showed the owners' interest in Noah's product . A series of bids followed that, but they stopped when they saw Noah's completing a second Instability .

Noah didn't stop after his first success . He was unaware of what was happening around him since he remained focused on perfecting the procedure . The Divine Deduction technique also activated on its own due to how concentrated he was .

The second complete Instability came out as a rank 7 disposable weapon near the lower tier's halfway mark . Noah studied it for a while before storing it inside the separate space and taking out more pieces of skin to resume his forgings .

Noah didn't feel satisfied with those Instabilities . Normal inscribed items could fall short in terms of power since cultivators would pair them with their abilities, but the same didn't apply to disposable weapons .

Even if the Instabilities didn't require many materials, Noah still lost pieces of skin in the divine ranks during the forging . It wasn't hard for him to gather more of them, but he would rather eat them if he couldn't create anything decent .

Disposable weapons needed to be as powerful as spells or more to justify their consumption of materials . That was an unwritten rule among cultivators . No one would decide to use weak items when they had access to stronger abilities .

His ambition continued to alter the matter around him and fuel the wills that fused with his darkness . His individuality was the key behind the success of his inscriptions, so he couldn't turn it off for now .

Noah wasn't going all-out . His ambition wasn't pushing his centers of power beyond his structural limits . He was using his individuality only to strengthen his wills and create an energy that could replace the laws inside the skin's structure .

The drawbacks would be mild after that procedure, but Noah expected to experience a slight headache after he suppressed his individuality . He had to pay the price for his current power, but his centers of power wouldn't suffer since his ambition had mostly flowed inside his wills .

The third Instability appeared in the open, and Noah stored it inside the separate space . The disposable weapon had bordered the halfway mark of the lower tier again, so he decided to change approach .

Noah began to use the primary energy to stuff the Instabilities with power after his third complete product . He had to polish the procedure to obtain better results, and he took that chance to perfect the new blueprint for those disposable weapons .

No failures followed his change of approach . Noah had gained enough experience with the divine materials during his previous forging, so the resilience of their laws didn't hinder his inscriptions anymore .

Moreover, the primary energy had a few advantages . It was lighter than the darkness and the dark matter, so the Instabilities could contain far more of it . The weapons would also grow unstable more rarely due to those features .

Noah lost track of the passage of time, and a day eventually passed while he remained immersed in his creations . However, no one stopped him . The owners of the inscription hall even instructed the guards to leave him be .

The cultivators among the audience could hear those directives, and their excitement rose when they understood that the owners were publicly recognizing Noah .

Rumors soon spread among Vagona city . The customers of the various inscription halls had tight connections, so it didn't take much for a crowd to form around the structure where Noah was performing inscriptions .

"He sure looks young!" One of the cultivators in the audience exclaimed once he managed to see Noah .

"He has created more than ten inscribed items, and their power keeps growing!" Another cultivator said to reply to the previous exclamation .

"How many materials does he even have?" A third cultivator asked .

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"Maybe he belongs to the inscription hall of another city," Someone else guessed .

"This structure belongs to the Balrow family," One of the original customers said to correct the rumors . "The Monneay family owns the most popular inscription halls in Vagona city, but its competitors are on the same level . "

The price for Noah's Instabilities continued to increase as the crowd around the inscription hall grew . More wealthy cultivators placed their bids and challenged the Balrow family in the auction .

Noah slowly perfected the procedure . He was about to run out of materials after he completed his thirtieth Instability . Still, his creations' power was steadily striving toward the lower tier's peak after his many tests .

'The next one should be almost perfect,' Noah thought as he continued to forge .

Creating inscribed weapons filled him with a strange sensation now that he worked with divine materials . Noah felt his individuality growing as he used it to alter the laws inside the matter . He felt as if he could finally cross the bottleneck that had forced him to leave the wilderness .

The thirty-first Instability couldn't reach the peak of the lower tier either, but Noah didn't feel discouraged by that event . Perfection required many tests, and he had just begun to learn how to handle divine materials .

Yet, Noah had now depleted all his materials, and that made him curse in his mind . His desire to complete the procedure had taken over his initial intentions .

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Noah saw a crowd of cultivators staring at him from the other side of the entrance . He initially turned to see if someone else was behind him, but he soon accepted that their gazes were for him .

The white-haired cultivator had also stopped inscribing to stare at him . The exhaustion of his materials didn't seem the main issue anymore in that situation .

"Why did you stop?" The ancient voice resounded again, but Noah could hear that it came from an old-looking cultivator that had materialized in front of him .

The cultivator was a bald man who had a thin white beard that reached his belly . He wore a luxurious green robe, but burns filled his sleeves and ruined those otherwise spending clothes . He kept his eyes closed, so Noah couldn't see their color for now .

Still, the detail that caught Noah's attention the most was his cultivation level . The expert was a rank 7 cultivator in the solid stage, but no laws leaked out of his figure .

"I'm out of materials," Noah honestly replied .

The cultivator nodded and rubbed his beard as he waved his free hand . After his gesture, a series of barrels materialized next to him, and Noah could see how they contained different rank 7 materials in the lower tier .

"You can use them," The cultivator said . "Don't worry . I'm giving them for free . "