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Published at 17th of February 2021 11:55:03 AM

Chapter 1329: 1329
The audience, the guards, and Master Jay gasped at that sight . It was rare for a cultivator to obtain that token during his first visit to an inscription hall .

The card wouldn't only allow Noah to enter every inscription hall of the Balrow family freely . It would also give him some recognition in similar structures belonging to other families .

Noah didn't fail to notice the reaction of the cultivators around him . He understood that the card was an important item, so he didn't hesitate to store it after he inspected it with his mental waves .

'He wants a name,' Noah thought while Saul kept smiling at him .

Noah could tell Saul his real name and leave, but he had the chance to express his affiliation with some powerful existence now . Cultivators also used titles often, so he didn't mind saying one that could lead him to potential allies .

Noah didn't want to join any organization, but he wouldn't discard the chance to create back-up plans . He already had a powerful enemy . Paving the path for the arrival of potential allies seemed necessary in his situation .

"Defying Demon," Noah said, and one of Saul's eyebrows arched when he heard that name .

Hearing that name had triggered something inside Saul's mind that made him break his peaceful expression . However, Noah could only memorize that detail and leave the inscription hall for the moment .

Noah didn't know if Saul had any connection with Divine Demon . Still, he could confirm that his decision to reveal his title didn't endanger his relationship with the Balrow family when he sensed the green card changing .

A few symbols appeared on the card . Noah couldn't read that language, but he could hear the name "Defying Demon" when he inspected them with his mental waves . The Balrow family had officially accepted him as a welcomed guest .

'I have finally made some progress,' Noah thought as the effects of his ambition waned .

The crowd in front of the inscription hall opened at his passage and stared at him from afar after he left . Noah didn't want them to see his cultivation level falling, but they respected him enough to leave him alone .

His performance had placed his name among the promising newly ascended existences . Many cultivators among the crow expected Noah to become an important member of an inscription hall in the future .

Noah didn't have the same expectations . There was a crucial aspect of his existence that placed him in a different realm from the human world . He couldn't even begin to imagine what problems his species could cause .

Moreover, his recent experience with the Elemental Forging method had unlocked something inside him . Noah felt that he had crossed the bottleneck and that he could increase his cultivation level again . Yet, he decided to delay his training to gather information about the higher plane .

A slight head-ache filled his mind after his centers of power returned to their real level . Noah didn't use his ambition to empower himself during his forgings, so the drawback ended up being relatively easy to endure .

The sensations felt while his ambition affected the laws around him were vivid inside his mind, and Noah did his best to memorize them . Those feelings contained the reason behind the unlocking of his cultivation level, and he would do anything to keep them alive .

Noah returned to the big library and found Chief Ash smiling at him . She kept her arms crossed in front of her chest as she stared at his figure nearing the building belonging to the Sailbrird family .

"I told you that you had potential," Chief Ash said . "You made a name for yourself already . Still, I didn't expect you to be an inscription master . "

"I can pay the fee for the library now," Noah said as he ignored her comment .

"News run fast in Vagona city," Chief Ash didn't let the topic go . "Almost every weaker existence is aware of your arrival after your performance in the inscription hall . "

"I only want to read a few books," Noah said as he continued to ignore her .

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"Inscription masters are a valuable resource in the higher plane," Chief Ash kept going . "You have lost your anonymity, Defying Demon . I wouldn't be surprised if smaller organizations were to kidnap you now that you have revealed your talents . "

Chief Ash's words sounded like a threat, but Noah didn't give them much weight . Her intentions were clear . She wanted Noah to join her guild now that he was still somewhat unknown .

It would be too late if Noah continued to reveal his value . Simple guilds would lose any hope to obtain him since the big families would step in .

"I'm sure the sophisticated citizens of Vagona city won't resort to such methods," Noah replied as a cold smile appeared on his face .

Noah stopped in front of Chief Ash and kept his reptilian eyes fixed on her . She couldn't discern his hybrid status only from that feature, but she didn't seem interested in the secrets he carried .

Chief Ash only wanted to recruit Noah . Her desire seeped out of her figure and began to fuse with the environment . Still, the arrival of her underlings forced her to retract those strands of aura .

Noah took out five Soul Stones from his separate space when the other guards arrived, but Chief Ash shook her head and opened a path for him .

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"Take this as proof of my goodwill," Chief Ash said as she pointed at the entrance of the library . "You can stay there for three months and have complete access to the first level . You will need to pay for specific tomes or information with great value . "

Noah's eyes went on the entrance before darting again on the liquid stage expert . Chief Ash was offering him a free visit to the library, but Noah's instincts told him not to trust her .

Still, that didn't involve the actual visit, so Noah limited himself to nod before walking toward the entrance . Chief Ash's suspicious behavior couldn't worry him with the five rank 8 existences watching over the entire city .

"Are you sure, Chief?" One of the weaker guards asked once Noah entered the library . "My contact in the inscription hall said that he created thirty-one inscribed weapons in a row . Also, he might have some connection with that other troublemaker . "

"This is Vagona city, a reign of peace," Chief Ash replied to her underling . "We will confirm if he knows anything about that arrogant bastard once he leaves . "

"He appears used to a life in the wilderness," The guard argued . "We might be unable to keep up with him once he leaves unless you were to join the chase . "

"There will be no need for a chase," Chief Ash said as a confident smile appeared on her face . "I know exactly where he will go after his visit to the library . Every newly ascended cultivator wants to see the Land of the Fallen after learning about its existence . "