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Published at 17th of February 2021 11:50:04 AM

Chapter 1330: 1330
Something stretched the space inside the structure and made it far bigger than it could be . Bookshelves filled the hundreds of meters large main hall, and a large staircase circled the walls and led to the upper floors .

Noah could see more bookshelves from the few balconies on the upper floors . Cultivators browsed them while sitting on luxurious sofas, and the scenery wasn't much different in the main hall .

Multiple reading areas divided the many bookshelves . Some of them had specific purposes, and a few even held a series of cultivators discussing specific topics . Experts could even create groups there before venturing outside of Vagona city .

The areas that held discussions or groups of cultivators didn't let any sound escape from their edges . Complete silence filled the library, and some runes placed on its walls even absorbed the noise made by the turning of pages .

There were even catalogs that listed the services offered by the library . A series of waiters occupied every reading area and advised any cultivator in need .

Noah felt utterly lost in that environment, but a waiter quickly noticed his confusion and led him toward a white screen after exchanging a few polite lines .

The screen had an interactive list that reacted to the mental waves . Noah only needed to think about what he desired to read, and a series of names would appear on the device .

The waiter confirmed that Noah could read anything in the main hall of the library for free . That structure only featured an entrance fee and a payment to enter the upper floors .

Noah could also purchase wine and other goods to accompany his reading, but he wouldn't waste money before obtaining a general idea of how the Immortal Lands worked .

'This is even better than I expected,' Noah thought as more names appeared on the screen . 'Can I even read all of them in three months?'

Noah had seen thousands of names flashing in his vision as his mental waves interacted with the device . He had so many questions that the list on the screen never stopped changing .

'This will take too long if I don't do it properly,' Noah concluded before calling one of the waiters .

The waiter was a tall man in the gaseous stage . He wore a tight pale-blue robe just like the other cultivators working inside the structure, and he didn't hesitate to help Noah with his issue .

Of course, Noah had to pay for that service . Ten of his Soul Stones disappeared from his separate space as he questioned the waiter about his many doubts .

The library was simply too big, and it contained multiple versions of the same books . Experts would also create essays on some of those tomes, so Noah had no idea which one would be best for him .

The waiter took care of bringing all the books to the reading area chosen by Noah, and he even carried some cheap wine to complete his service .

For Noah, that cheap wine was the best he had ever tasted . He could sense the divine materials used in its creation, and he felt strange when his mind calmed down .

That beverage could affect his divine mind, and it was the cheapest on the catalog! Noah couldn't even imagine what the most expensive would do to his sea of consciousness .

Noah dived into the books after the waiter completed his task . Many of them spoke about the layout of the Immortal Lands, while others told legends and pieces of history of that place .

The Immortal Lands were too vast to create complete maps . Noah could only learn about the general position of some important places . He would have to go to the upper floors to obtain detailed and updated descriptions of certain territories .

That study still helped him learn more about the Immortal Lands, but that place was so vast that it had any kind of region . Immense mountain chains, lakes as vast as seas, endless plains, the higher plane had everything .

Moreover, it was unclear whether the Immortal Lands had an end . Many experts had tried to understand how large the higher plane actually was, but they couldn't find an exact measure to describe it .

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The Immortal Lands transformed often . They even enlarged through a process that no book in the main hall could describe . Noah could only guess that Heaven and Earth continued to expand their domain and annex more territories to the higher plane .

That process was the reason behind multiple unexplored regions . The constant expansion of the Immortal Lands made every map inexact and forced the cultivators to focus on many important areas rather than on the entirety of the plane .

The political situation of the Immortal Lands was even messier than their layout . Magical beasts and humans had precise borders that they never crossed due to agreements sealed among powerful existences . As for the hybrids, they were hard to track, and many suggested that their home was the unexplored part of the plane .

That division made it relatively easy for Noah . He could easily travel between one side and the other depending on his needs . His discovery made him quite pleased, but his mood soon turned sour after he studied more books .

The two sides had multiple leaders and even more underlings . The humans had also divided themselves into countless organizations, and the magical beasts had done something similar with their packs .

The library couldn't teach him about the various alliances among those forces . Noah would need to resort to specific services of the library to obtain those updates, but he didn't have enough money to purchase them .

'I guess I need to memorize the political alliances once I see them,' Noah concluded once he stopped studying the families and the various organizations that filled the human side .

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Noah studied tomes that spoke about the cultivation journey in the divine ranks . Those teachings weren't detailed, and they were mostly guesses of cultivators that had managed to advance in the past . Their experience was enough to confirm the idea that had brewed in his mind after the events in the inscription hall .

He was already on the right path, according to those books . Divine cultivators needed to evolve through their individuality, and that involved affecting the world with their law .

Their true meaning had to suppress the rules of the world around them and turn it into their domain . It was similar to the effects of the dark world, but cultivators had to apply them without relying on techniques and spells .

'So, I need to use my ambition to force my cultivation level to improve,' Noah summarized in his mind, 'But I can avoid using my individuality if I train more on affecting the world around me . I guess this process changes depending on the true meaning . '


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