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Published at 17th of February 2021 11:45:08 AM

Chapter 1331: 1331
A peculiar aspect of the Immortal Lands was that most of their population didn't come from a lower plane . Most newly ascended existence struggled to survive the change of environment, and the rank 7 Heaven Tribulation was a difficult hurdle to overcome in the Mortal Lands .

Instead, the natives of the higher plane could rely on their backing and powerful divine tools to overcome that hurdle . Becoming a god in the Immortal Lands wasn't hard . It was a simple matter of resources .

The Soul Stones that Noah had obtained by selling his Instabilities were the reason behind that feature . That currency contained raw laws that cultivators could absorb to improve, so anyone could hope to reach the seventh rank as long as they had money .

That made the mines of Soul Stones quite valuable for the population of the Immortal Lands . Most of those locations belonged to important families, and Noah could memorize them as he studied inside the library .

Those locations became off-limits once a powerful family occupied them, but even those organizations couldn't control all of them . New mines of Soul Stones would appear every decade, and many explorers lived to find them .

Noah read about mining guilds and famous explorers who had managed to find those locations and seize them before the arrival of powerful organizations . The library couldn't offer him detailed reports about those mines, but it taught him why they formed .

Mines of Soul Stones would often appear after large battles occurred . The Immortal Lands would reabsorb the corpses of divine existences and generate those locations after a set amount of time .

Even the death of many rank 7 magical beasts could create those locations . The Soul Stones had a chance of forming as long as a massive amount of energy flowed back into the ground .

Noah didn't care about those mines for now, but studying them led him toward the type of knowledge he desired .

The Immortal Lands had witnessed countless experts rise and fall . An endless number of battles had happened on their surface and sky . Soul Stones' mines had been the reason behind some fights, but they weren't the only resource that divine cultivators sought .

Every existence strived to reach the higher ranks . Magical beasts could eat anything containing energy to improve, but cultivators and hybrids needed more than that .

However, gaining access to resources that could make them improve wasn't easy . Obtaining mines of Soul Stones required luck and long years of research, and the same went for unique resources that could benefit their training .

'How many inheritances the higher plane even has?!' Noah exclaimed in his mind when he read the reports about those locations .

Due to the presence of countless divine experts, the Immortal Lands had a large number of inheritances . The library had recorded thousands of them, and only a few of them had found worthy heirs .

Most inheritances still lacked an owner, and some were so hard to seize that the organizations controlling those areas had turned them into a popular attraction for hopeful cultivators .

The most famous known inheritance was the Land of the Fallen . Its location bordered the magical beasts' side, and its story was a legend that every cultivator had heard .

The peace between the humans and the magical beasts was only a temporary phase reached after countless battles . Those sides were unable to live together, so the clashes always resumed at some point .

Many famous wars had happened on the borders between the two sides, and the humans had often lost them . The endless tide of magical beasts was something that they couldn't restrain for too long . The "Breath" suited those creatures too much .

That led to a constant shrinking of the territories of the human sides . Many powerful organizations would band together to fend off the magical beasts every time the peace crumbled, but their efforts could only delay the inevitable .

The magical beasts' side was too powerful, and it hid dangers that the human forces didn't want to awaken . Even mighty rank 8 cultivators would limit themselves to reconquer only a few regions when they had the chance . They didn't want to anger the living calamities in the depths of the creatures' domain .

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Many powerful existences had died on the borders between the two sides . Those regions were rich, and the death of so many cultivators had given birth to a peculiar phenomenon after countless years of war .

Divine cultivators weren't just a mass of energy . They had powerful seas of consciousness that could affect the laws of the world . Upon their death, their mental waves could alter the environment and give birth to improvised inheritances that respected their last wishes .

'To this day,' Noah read through the reports, 'The many powerful forces of the human side have confirmed the presence of two hundred and thirty-seven inheritances on the border with the magical beasts' domain . '

Learning about that sheer number of inheritances almost made Noah go crazy . His greed threatened to leak out of his figure, but he promptly suppressed it to continue his study .

'This number only considers the inheritances near the human domain,' Noah read . 'Regions that have seen even bigger wars are now deep into the magical beasts' domain, which makes them hard to seize . The library has recorded those great battles' locations, but it doesn't have more details . '

Noah put down the book in his hands after he read that part . Sword Saint's inheritance had taught him about the presence of those places in the Immortal Lands, but he didn't believe that there could be so many of them .

Famous organizations also controlled some of those inheritances . Noah read about names that he had heard during his short stay in Vagona city . Every force with a rank 8 existence in its ranks controlled at least one of them .

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'The last wishes of dying cultivators are so powerful,' Noah thought as greed built inside his mind . 'Wonderful!'

Noah found it hard to contain his excitement . Differently from the other cultivators, he didn't have to limit his exploration to the human domain . He didn't care if his actions broke the peace between the two sides, and his species made him perfect for that task .

Noah called the waiter and paid him again to search every piece of information related to the Land of the Fallen . He even purchased reports and books stored on the higher floors of the library .

His slim finances became slimmer, but Noah didn't even bother to keep track of them as he studied those reports . It wasn't a problem for him to generate money if he had enough materials, and he couldn't think of a better way to spend it anyway .

Three months quickly passed while he amassed knowledge about the Land of the Fallen . Noah left the library after that period ended, and he didn't even glance at Chief Ash as he exited the structure .

Noah finally had a target, and nothing could distract him from it .