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Chapter 1332: 1332
The main issue was that he had to return to the area of influence of the Crystal City to reach the first battlefield . The belief of their members made them the perfect first line of defense against those creatures . That was the reason why the human side didn't complain about their fanatism .

'I can't be unprepared anymore,' Noah thought as he walked through Vagona city .

Noah had learnt how easy it was to make enemies in the Immortal Lands after the events with Zach and the group from the Crystal City . He had also gained some fame in Vagona city, so he suspected that more troubles would appear on his path .

That forced him to make some preparations . Noah wasn't a clueless member of the Immortal Lands anymore . He had studied enough to learn how to improve his survivability and voyages, so he didn't mind spending more time in Vagona city to obtain everything he needed .

His research in the library had cost him almost half of his Soul Stones, but Noah could easily obtain more of them . Yet, he had to visit a few shops before understanding how expensive his needs were .

'I need to buy clothes,' Noah concluded after he reviewed everything learnt in the library .

Noah had always ignored defensive items because of his Body-inscription spell and powerful body . His skin was sturdier than most materials, so he found it pointless to waste time creating or purchasing armors . His battle style was also quite reckless, and clothes would only stand his way .

However, that inscription field was quite famous in the Immortal Lands . The higher plane's environment provided an abundance of divine materials, so the experts there could specialize in difficult creations . They could build light clothes capable of fending off divine spells!

That wasn't everything . The inscribed robes could have a multitude of effects depending on the needs of the customers . Some even had regenerative properties .

The cultivators' physical defense had always been poor, but the experts in the Immortal Lands could make up for that weakness by purchasing rank 7 inscribed robes .

'I don't need more protections,' Noah thought as he walked toward one of the most famous shops in the city . 'But having something that can hide my presence might be useful . '

Noah had learnt which forces handled the creation of inscribed robes . Most inscription halls had a few experts in charge of that field, but only a few of those masters could enter the Monneay family and earn a fortune by building clothes .

The Monneay family obviously had shops connected to their inscription halls . It had built a business out of the creation of those valuable items .

Noah entered the biggest shop that he found and paid thirty Soul Stones to reach the higher floors of the structure . He did not need the cheaper robes . He needed to find a master and ask for clothes with specific features .

A waiter led him through the long staircase coiled around a huge pillar placed in the middle of the main hall and left him in a large room once they reached the last floor .

Other waiters brought a series of delicacies and beverages to enjoy while Noah explained his needs . Different masters had different specializations, even if they belonged to the same inscription field . The shop had to hear about his requests to offer a suitable service .

The waiters also gave Noah a catalog that listed all the features available . Some robes could even empower a cultivator's individuality if the expert managed to understand it . Moreover, the masters had a tier that stated their ability .

'A robe made by a tier-one master can cost up to one hundred thousand Soul Stones, with price depending on the level of the robe,' Noah read through the catalog .

That price was obviously out of his reach, so he had to settle for a meeting with a tier-four master specialized in cloaking robes equipped with regenerative properties .

A stern woman arrived in the room after a while . She was a rank 7 cultivator in the gaseous stage with short black hair and dark eyes . The master sized Noah in silence, but she soon shook her head .

"I can't create what you need," The master said before explaining further . "I don't have the power to build something that can hide your existence . Only tier-three masters and above can inscribe what you need . "

That answer left Noah dumbfounded . The robes created by tier-three cultivators could cost up to one thousand Soul Stones, and he didn't know if he could accumulate that sum by selling Instabilities .

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The value of his inscribed weapons would decrease if he started to mass-produce them . He would also need to kill multiple divine magical beasts to accumulate the materials required for their creation .

Still, he was about to venture for a long journey . The knowledge accumulated in the library didn't prepare for everything that he could encounter in the wild regions . He also desired something that could allow him to escape in case the situation required it .

"Call a tier-three master then," Noah said as he began to plan a hunting route while he waited for the new expert to arrive .

It took a while for the tier three master to arrive . Noah had to wait a few hours before a gloomy short woman with no hair and white eyes entered his room .

Noah felt slightly worried when her aura spread in the room . Her presence was far more intense than the other master, and her cultivation level was also on a higher level .

She was a rank 7 cultivator in the liquid stage, and Noah felt naked in front of her aloof gaze . Her eyes seemed to hide some secret, but Noah didn't have the power to uncover it .

"Do you have any affiliation or special status?" The woman asked after she finished her inspection .

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Noah took out his green card, and the master nodded after seeing the name engraved on its surface . Then, she gave voice to a series of instructions .

"I'm Thea Monneay," The master said . "I accept your request and will start working on it as soon as you leave a deposit . The item will cost between one thousand and two thousand Soul Stones depending on its final state . "

"Is one hundred Soul Stones enough for the deposit?" Noah asked .

"No," Thea replied bluntly, "But I will make an exception since the Balrow family is trying to rope you in . "

Noah felt glad that the events inside the inscription hall ended up bringing him some benefits . He hastily took out the Soul Stones and waited for the master to give him further instruction .

"I only need to see your individuality properly now," Thea said after she stored the Soul Stones and sat on the couch in front of Noah .