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Chapter 1334: 1334
That attack alarmed all the existences inside the cave . The other six cultivators and the magical beasts in the lair converged toward the dark beam when they sensed that surge of energy .

Screeches and tremors filled the cave as the magical beasts left the depths to reach Noah's position . The cultivators were closer to that area, so they managed to see the massive snake closing its mouth and diving deeper into the lair .

Noah had no intention to face the cultivators head-on . He would rather pretend to be a giant snake and observe their fights to see if he could understand something about their origin .

Even while inside Snore, Noah was faster than his pursuers . The dark matter created with rank 7 darkness gave the Blood Companion immense power and made it almost stronger than any magical beast in the lower tier .

Those cultivators would have to use movement techniques to catch up with him . Still, deploying them while magical beasts charged toward them would only cause problems, especially since they had yet to locate Noah .

A series of giant Scorpions appeared in Noah's view at some point . They were almost eleven meters long, and their exoskeleton radiated a dark-gray shade as they ran through the shining cave .

Six thick legs, two massive claws, and a tail bigger than the rest of their bodies gave them a threatening appearance, but they could only show some hesitation when they saw Noah .

'Eight magical beasts in the lower tier,' Noah thought as his aura spread in the environment .

His ambition seeped inside the Immortal Lands' fabric and gave birth to black lines that reinforced the cave's overall structure . The air thickened as his individuality forced it to reach superior states of existence .

Noah's greed accompanied his ambition as he unfolded his aura . Intense aggression reached the Scorpions and the cultivators and made them feel pure terror .

The cultivators and the magical beasts understood that Noah was stronger than them as soon as his greed filled their minds . They had no chances in a one versus one battle .

The pursuers didn't let that feature scare them away . Cultivators could deploy tactics and make use of inscribed items to overcome a difference in power . They also wouldn't dare to split after seeing the instant death of their companion .

The magical beasts were different . They wouldn't mind banding together to defeat stronger opponents, especially when they invaded their lair . However, Noah's pressure compelled them to avoid him .

"Let's focus on the humans!" Noah said through his roars .

Some rank 7 magical beasts weren't capable of generating complicated thoughts, but Noah's message was simple . It stirred their innate sense of belonging to a faction that saw the cultivators as enemies!

The Scorpions shot toward the six cultivators as soon as Noah's cry reached their minds . They saw him as a powerful ally willing to fight together to take care of the most annoying threat . Refusing him would be stupid .

The cultivators had understood that Noah was hiding inside the giant snake after he unfolded his aura . They were already preparing strategies to avoid the Scorpions and corner him, but the arrival of the draconic roar made their expressions pale .

The Immortal Lands were immense, and their citizens had deployed a countless number of unique techniques . Those living in the higher plane had seen so many strange abilities that they didn't even question the reason behind Noah's reptilian eyes .

Yet, the roar made the six cultivators feel a danger that only a powerful magical beast could generate . An obvious conclusion appeared in their minds as the cry echoed through the cave . Defying Demon wasn't a cultivator .

That discovery forced them to reconsider their approach . Capturing a hybrid was a complicated matter to handle . The group's preparations lacked tools that could make them suppress such a powerful creature .

The cultivators decided to retreat simultaneously . They stopped their charge and turned to avoid the incoming Scorpions, but their instincts made them stop as soon as they began to escape .

In the instant after they stopped, a series of black lines formed in front of them and shattered the air . Even the sturdy azure rocks of the cave couldn't survive that attack . A large chunk of the ceiling fell and blocked that tunnel .

Some of the bravest cultivators among the group disregarded the sharpness in the area and charged through the falling boulders . Yet, deep cuts opened on their bodies when they touched Noah's aura .

Their effort to prevent remaining stuck in the cave only brought them large injuries . The boulders sealed that path before any of them could reach the safe area .

The Scorpions reached them at that point, and the two groups started a violent fight . The cultivators had already given up on completing their mission, so they only wanted to buy enough time to create a passage through the boulders .

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Instead, the Scorpions radiated pure hunger . Magical beasts on their level rarely had the chance to feed on cultivators, so they didn't hold back in their attempts to tear their flesh apart .

Noah kept his eyes closed as he remained inside Snore . The Demonic Sword was on his forehead, ready to unleash slashes whenever one of the cultivators was about to attack the boulders . He wouldn't let anyone escape the cave .

Even in that dire situation, the cultivators managed to gain the upper hand in the battle . The superiority of their species wasn't something that magical beasts could overcome so easily .

Noah had to help the Scorpions a bit more . Black lines severed the air in the battlefield and created holes in every distracted cultivator . He let his pursuers hurt the beasts, but he didn't allow them to have hope .

The cultivators slowly began to die . A few instants of hesitation and the multiple injuries accumulated on their bodies gave Noah and the Scorpions many openings that they could exploit .

Still, their deaths made the beasts' instincts go wild . Noah had to launch some of his slashes toward the Scorpions and roar again to make them focus .

He told them that they had to divide the prey together, and the Scorpions could only follow his orders for the time being . They would turn on him after that battle was over, and they knew that he would do the same .

"Wait!" One of the hooded cultivators shouted . "We can talk about this!"

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The robe partially masked the cultivator's voice, but it couldn't hide much in its tattered state . Noah could hear the desperation in that man's tone, but he didn't slow down his offensive .

More cultivators died, and the man who had spoken before eventually remained alone against the eight injured Scorpions . His life was about to end, and only Noah could save him in that situation .

"Please, I will tell you everything!" The man shouted again . "I will serve you! I will give you everything I have! I will also let you take my companion's belongings!"

Noah felt interested in that offer, but he could sense that the cultivator was still holding something back .

A blinding red light suddenly came out of his body and covered a large area with an intense fire . Two Scorpions died after that attack, but it seemed that the item couldn't affect inanimate matters with its destructive might .

The fire didn't open a path through the boulders, and the man soon had to face the assault of the angry beasts again . His desperation reached its peak at that point, and he decided to reveal everything to appeal to Noah's mercy .

"I come from a secret organization!" The man shouted . "I can tell you everything you need . I can give you access to pieces of information that no library has! I can- . "

The man couldn't finish his line since a cry of pain reached his ears, and green blood rained on his head . When he raised his eyes, he saw that the massive snake had bitten off half of a Scorpion's body .