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Chapter 1335: 1335
However, his curiosity wouldn't lead him to spare the life of someone that had tried to ambush him . The appeal of valuable resources wouldn't hold back his blade either .

The man had to offer Noah something more valuable than that, and his words had centered the mark when he spoke about the secret organization .

There was a limit to what Noah could learn inside a library, and his lack of affiliations put him in a tough spot when it came to knowing what mattered in the Immortal Lands .

The Land of the Fallen, the other inheritances, and the names of the various organizations were only a small part of what the higher plane held .

Noah knew that every political environment had a dark side, an underground world that ordinary cultivators and reports didn't consider . His experiences in the lower plane had proven that he belonged to that secret part, and he couldn't wait to dive into it .

The five remaining Scorpions turned toward Snore when they saw the snake tearing one of their companions in half . They weren't among the smartest species of magical beasts, but they could realize when one of their allies betrayed them .

Loud screeches filled the cave as the Scorpions ignored the hooded man and turned their attention toward Snore . They simultaneously decided that they would take care of the snake before moving back to the cultivator, but the Blood Companion exploded into a storm of dark matter .

Noah expanded the dark world and reappeared on top of the nearest Scorpion . The center of power that had improved the most since his arrival in the Immortal Lands was his body, so he could finally show his superiority against those creatures .

The dark world had surprised the Scorpions, so Noah's target couldn't react in time to dodge his attack . His sword rose and descended before it could even realize what was happening .

Noah jumped off the Scorpion to reach the next target . Behind him, a fissure opened on the creature and divided its body into two halves . One slash had been enough to kill it .

The dark world could suppress part of the creatures' senses at its current level . Noah's technique had improved after his dark matter evolved, and it had become quite efficient against weak magical beasts .

The Scorpions needed time to get used to that strange environment . Their instincts could still sense imminent dangers, but they were slower than Noah . Being aware of his attacks didn't make them able to dodge them .

Noah reappeared above the next Scorpion, and the Demonic Sword descended again . Snore also formed in a different spot of the dark world and launched its innate ability toward another creature .

The hooded man was completely blind . The dark world suppressed his power and senses . It didn't even allow him to hear any sound coming from the battles unfolding around him .

He felt frail under the suppression of Noah's technique . He couldn't summon his individuality, and even controlling his "Breath" had become hard . His mental waves even crumbled as soon as they left his mind .

The hooded man had never been in a similar situation . Disbelief filled his mind when he understood that a single existence had been able to put him in that state .

Noah was on his level . His hybrid status gave him more power than any ordinary cultivator, but that could only influence the physical aspect of his prowess .

Yet, the difference of power shown in that battle was immense . The hooded man couldn't even understand how a gaseous stage cultivator could gain access to such strength . His hopelessness made him feel as if he was fighting against an existence in the liquid stage!

Of course, Noah was no match for actual liquid stage cultivators . His higher energy made him far stronger than existences on his same level, but he couldn't cover the difference between the stages yet .

The dark matter flowed back inside Noah's chest at some point . The hooded man regained his ability to see after the dark world dispersed, and the scene that appeared in his vision left him completely dumbfounded .

Noah had deployed the dark world for almost a minute . Six hungry magical beasts in the lower tier had been alive before his techniques, but they all died among that darkness .

The hooded man's eyes darted from one corpse to another . They all featured injuries that pierced them from side to side . Noah had access to attacks that could ignore those creatures' innate defenses and kill them in seconds!

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That discovery made him even more desperate about his situation . Noah had just become an unbeatable monster in his eyes, and he would do anything to please him .

Noah landed on the ground, but he didn't call Snore back as he walked toward the hooded man . The Blood Companion slithered behind him and kept its dark eyes fixed on the cultivator .

The man didn't dare to move under that pressure . He let Noah place a finger on his forehead and inject a series of Shadow Swords into his body . He didn't even react when he sensed the spell closing on his centers of power .

"You might want to talk now," Noah said as roars mixed with his chilling human voice .

Snore encircled the two, and Noah sat on its body as he waited for the cultivator to speak . The dark matter that made the Blood Companion also morphed to create a large armchair that grew under him .

Noah's mental waves expanded and reached the corpses of the Scorpions . Those heavy body parts flew toward him and disappeared inside his separate space, except for a single claw that remained in his grasp .

Noah bit on the claw and started munching its tough tissues without moving his eyes from the cultivator . Green blood fell from the corners of his mouth under the man's skeptical gaze .

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The hooded man felt only terror at that point . Noah had performed that act to show the difference between their species, and he had obtained the desired effects . The cultivator wouldn't ever try to lie to him after witnessing that scene .

"I-we have received the order to capture you," The man began . "Your performance in the inscription hall has attracted a lot of attention . "

Noah continued to eat the claw, but the coldness radiated by his figure became more intense after he heard those words . That explanation couldn't satisfy him .

"I can unlock the space-rings of my companions for you," The man continued . "I will also give you everything I own . "

The man hoped that he could please Noah with those words, but the coldness in the area became more intense again . Noah didn't want small pieces of information . He desired everything .

"Where do I need to start?" The man eventually asked .

"The beginning of this secret organization," Noah casually replied . "Don't forget any detail . I want to hear everything you know . "