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Chapter 1336: 1336
The man's name was Fergie, and he had a fire aptitude . He had short black hair and red eyes . A series of scars filled his body, and he appeared unable to remove them even with his divine status .

The item that had instantly killed two Scorpions before came from the division leader seated in Vagona city . It was something given to him after he completed multiple missions, but it was nothing more than a disposable weapon capable of great power .

Fergie had never met the leader of his division . He only had a special inscribed notebook that allowed him to communicate with the secret organization's higher-ups . He didn't even know the name of that force . He was only aware of its existence and that it was one of its members .

The secret organizations had members in every part of the Immortal Lands, according to Fergie's knowledge . It mostly dealt with rare items and specific political missions in Vagona city, but there didn't seem to be a limit to the types of jobs it could complete .

Moreover, it didn't have any competitors in its field . Fergie claimed that his organization was the only secret force in the entirety of the Immortal Lands .

The most incredible fact about that force was that most cultivators were unaware of its existence . The higher-ups of the other organizations and families ensured that it remained a secret from the ordinary citizens, and they even provided fees to keep it active .

'This isn't a simple group of rebels or mercenaries,' Noah thought as he listened to Fergie's explanation . 'This organization has deep roots in the very structure of the Immortal Lands . I'm surprised something like this even exists in this place . '

Noah knew a lot about secret organizations . He had been the Patriarch of a former underground sect, and he had witnessed multiple revolutions . The fact that something so big could survive among other powerful forces made him sure that its leaders couldn't be simple rank 8 existences .

"I don't know anything else," Fergie said . "This kind of knowledge is easy to obtain once you are inside the organization, but you won't find anything about it if you use normal methods . You can only trust my words . "

"You are nothing more than the last wheel of a power that you don't understand," Noah coldly replied as he massaged his temples .

The situation had instantly become more complicated . Noah didn't expect to face repercussions for his actions in the cave, but he now knew that the Immortal Lands were hiding a lot from him .

"I can set up a meeting with the division leader," Fergie proposed . "Inscription masters are a rare resource in the higher plane . I'm sure the organization will give you special benefits, especially after it learns about your species . "

"Why would anyone willing meet stronger existences?" Noah asked in a rhetorical tone .

Meeting important figures inside the secret organization was out of the question . Noah couldn't ensure his safety in front of those existences . It would be perfect if he could seize benefits from afar, but he didn't know if that was possible in his condition .

"Give me everything contained in your space-rings for now," Noah eventually said as deep thoughts surged inside his mind .

Fergie began to gather his companion's resources while Noah continued to evaluate his situation . He had a few options at hand, but he didn't which one could benefit him the most .

Becoming an external ally to the secret organization was the best option, but the other party could label him as a threat and hunt him down . The risk of creating more enemies was something that Noah had to consider thoroughly .

Instead, ignoring everything learnt from Fergie was a waste . Noah could kill him to remove the last witness of those events . No one would be able to warn the secret organization about his knowledge at that point, but he would also lose his only contact with that force .

'I need to use him,' Noah concluded in his mind .

He couldn't find a perfect solution, but Fergie gave him the chance to approach the secret force without exposing himself . The only problem was how freely he could control him .

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"Do they check your memories?" Noah asked when Fergie neared him to deliver the goods .

"They won't unless I reach higher places inside the organization," Fergie replied . "I have been forced to join after I offended a member of the Sailbrird family . I need to work for it until I repay my debt . "

"Which will probably never happen," Noah concluded Fergie's line .

A series of items fell in front of him . His pursuers didn't have much . They only owned a few Soul Stones and some valuable material . They didn't have any technique with them, but Noah could finally obtain the items capable of fending off the sky's pressure .

'A little more than six hundred Soul Stones and materials that I can't sell here,' Noah thought as he inspected the special items . 'Maybe commissioning a robe to a tier-three master has been too much at my current level . '

"Why are inscription masters so rare here?" Noah asked as he played with six black bracelets .

Noah had been able to gain three hundred and ten Soul Stones in a few days, but those cultivators were poorer than him even if they belonged to the secret organization . He suspected that the library had failed to teach him some crucial aspects of the Immortal Lands .

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"It's hard for us natives to develop inscription methods," Fergie answered . "We don't live through the human ranks, and the divine materials of the higher plane prevent us from gaining experience in those fields . Only wealthy families can nurture talents since the heroic ranks . "

That was another piece of knowledge that the library had failed to give him . Noah knew that divine magical beasts could give birth to heroic creatures, but he had no idea if the same applied to humans .

No cultivator in the human ranks could survive the Immortal Lands' environment, but there weren't many ascended experts in the entire higher plane . Still, Fergie quickly solved his doubts .

"Humans use artificial environments," Fergie replied . "Most families have special separate dimensions that nourish their children until they reach the heroic ranks . They pay good money to the libraries to keep the reports about them outside of their structures . "

Dark matter seeped inside the bracelets and confirmed that they were harmless . Noah wore one of them and sensed some pressure leaving his mind . He could finally fly freely under the white light of the sky . He had obtained one of the items needed before the journey toward the Land of the Fallen .

"Tell the organization that I used my hybrid status to win against your group," Noah said after he decided how to use Fergie . "Tell them that I managed to run after killing the others, and mention that you want to move in the Land of the Fallen . I want to review every mission you receive from now on . "