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Chapter 1337: 1337
Fergie's dead companions also had inscribed notebooks that Noah could seize, so contacting him wasn't a problem . The Shadow Swords made the cultivator Noah's servant, but the two had to remain separated to avoid unwanted attention .

Noah's plan didn't change after learning about the existence of the secret organization . His main focus would always remain on his power, and the Land of the Fallen could offer him more opportunities than any other place in the Immortal Lands .

Still, he wanted to remain informed about other opportunities . Fergie could keep him updated about them . Noah planned to precede every group sent by the secret organization if he learnt about something interesting .

Noah could put the matter about the secret organization in the back of his mind after Fergie left . He still needed more than a thousand Soul Stones for his robe, and he didn't dare to begin his journey without that item .

His recent discovery had only reinforced the belief that he needed something capable of masking his presence . He couldn't allow anyone to follow him, especially since threatening existences hid in every organization of the Immortal Lands .

Noah still needed to decide which item he would forge to obtain that sum, but he had gathered some materials . The cultivators and the Scorpions had given him various resources that he could use to create something valuable .

His options quickly moved toward the weapons . Noah didn't know what the market of the higher plane needed now, but items that anyone could use were always a valuable resource .

'Do I just create the biggest bomb that I can make?' Noah wondered as he sized his materials .

He had enough materials to create something huge, but the actual value of a giant bomb would go down if he didn't add any important feature . The Instabilities were strong, but they were also easy to defend against . If Noah created a bigger version of those disposable weapons, he risked forging something that could endanger the caster .

'I guess it's time to create living weapons,' Noah concluded as he left the cave and set off to find other magical beasts .

Noah had usually needed Thirty-seven's help during the creation of living weapons . The automaton had immense knowledge, and it was the expert behind the birth of the modified Body-inscription spell .

That spell was necessary to isolate a magical beast's will and place it inside a Core, but Noah was a god now . He could use his mental waves to replicate similar effects and obtain what he needed .

Noah needed to find a beast with an ability worthy of copying, and the Scorpions didn't have it . Most of the creatures inhabiting the mountains near Vagona city were the same . They lacked valuable innate skills .

A large Crackling Eagle eventually entered the range of his consciousness and aroused his interest . That creature wasn't too powerful, but it had a good movement technique that Noah could replicate .

Working with materials of the lightning element made him think about June, but the many adventures that waited for him on his journey made him ignore the longing that he felt .

His divine status and dark matter allowed Noah to simplify many procedures during the creation of that living weapon . He had to use the Divine Deduction technique and fail a few times to polish the process, but he eventually obtained something worth selling in an inscription hall .

"The leader accepted to transfer me in the Land of the Fallen," Fergie said through the inscribed notebook . "I will set off in a few months after joining a new group . You shouldn't come back to Vagona city until we leave . "

Noah could understand the reasons behind Fergie's worry, but he had matters to complete in Vagona city . He couldn't leave just yet . He would deal with everything that appeared on his path after he obtained what he needed .

Noah quickly returned to Vagona city after he completed his weapon, and he didn't hesitate to walk back to the inscription hall belonging to the Balrow family .

Saul came out of the main structure once he saw him, and a small crowd formed in front of the inscription hall after they notice his arrival . Those cultivators believed that Noah would create many inscribed items again, but they soon felt disappointed .

"Do you have any cultivator with a lightning aptitude that can test these?" Noah asked as he revealed a simple-looking pair of shoes .

Noah didn't use many materials to create those shoes . The Crackling Eagle had provided resources with an innate resistance to lightning, and the Scorpions had given him a large amount of sturdy skin .

Saul inspected the shoes, but an Eagle's cry resounded through the inscription hall when his mental waves touched the weapon . That sudden event startled him, but an intense interest soon filled his min .

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The expert had never seen anything similar . The Immortal Lands had many unique techniques and weapons, but Saul had only interacted with prototypes when it came to living items .

Instead, those shoes didn't show the slightest flaw . They were a proper lifeform that Noah had built to serve cultivators .

Needless to say, Saul had already decided that he would purchase that item . It didn't matter if he couldn't use it . Studying that single living weapon could unlock many inscription methods that had failed to progress for years .

Saul eventually found a cultivator with a lightning aptitude and summoned her in the inscription hall to test the shoes . The will inside the Core tried to oppose its new master, but it soon agreed to comply with her demands .

The woman tested the shoes and remained speechless in front of their power . Even Saul had to admit that the effects shown by that item surpassed his expectations .

The shoes allowed the cultivator to release lightning bolts to accelerate . She had instantly gained a movement technique that didn't deplete much energy . She didn't even need to train to perfect it .

"One thousand and nine hundred Soul Stones," Saul said after the woman returned and left the shoes on a pedestal .

Noah's eyes sharpened when he heard that number . Saul had kept track of him and knew exactly how much he had to pay for his commissioned robe .

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"Don't even think about it," Noah replied . "Six thousand . "

"Even items in the liquid stage don't cost that much," Saul continued .

"This is the best available item for cultivators in the gaseous stage," Noah replied again . "I bet you have a line of rich customers willing to pay far more than that . "

Saul smiled when he heard that remark, and the two eventually agreed to value the item four thousand and five hundred Soul Stones . Noah acceded to sell it right away after he heard that price, and he directly left to reach the shop where he had commissioned his robe .

A waiter calmly led him toward the shop's upper floors, and Thea quickly joined him in his room . Still, her expression showed a mixture of emotions that Noah couldn't decipher .

"Did something happen during the inscription?" Noah asked .

"No, no . Nothing that tragic," Thea replied . "It's actually the opposite . Your robe has come out as a rank 7 item in the middle tier . "