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Published at 23rd of February 2021 10:05:49 AM

Chapter 1340: 1340
The robe required a lot of darkness to activate its power, but its consumption was almost non-existence once it fully transformed . That discovery eased Noah's worries since he could now treat the item as one of his spells .

The robe's style was quite simple in its normal form . It was tight and battle-oriented . It lacked any sign and pattern . It was nothing more than black cloth piled together to create elegant but plain clothes .

'I can finally move toward the Land of the Fallen,' Noah thought after he spent a few more months cultivating in his cave .

Fergie had told him that he had already left Vagona city to fly toward the Land of the Fallen with his new team . They were ahead of Noah, but the journey to reach that place was quite long, so he had the time to catch up with them .

The dark matter in Fergie's body could fuel the Shadow Swords spell for a few decades, and Noah needed to refill it if he wanted to keep the cultivator under his control . Still, there would be time to meet along the journey, and he could always sense how long his restrictions would last .

Noah wouldn't give up on his spy so easily . He had managed to place a mole inside that mysterious secret organization, and the benefits that it could bring made Fergie quite valuable in his mind .

Noah wasn't even after political recognition, so he could avoid arousing suspects easily . He only wanted to use Fergie to seize valuable resources and reach important areas before they became too famous .

The long journey started with Noah leaving his cave and flying in a straight line toward his destination . The bracelets seized from Fergie's last team would eventually stop functioning, but they could help him ignore the radiations of the white sky for now .

Noah would purchase a better version of those items at some point, but he didn't want to waste Soul Stones for now . That currency could help him overcome a few bottlenecks since it contained raw laws, so he wished to accumulate them until he found something necessary for his journey .

The knowledge obtained in the library gave Noah a complete image of the lands that he had to cross . The wilderness followed specific patterns in the human domain, and that made his hunts straightforward .

Every environment had a single leader in control of a predominant species . The regions of the Immortal Lands were immense, so their fauna didn't lack diversity . Yet, they all had certain creatures at the top of the food chain .

When Noah knew their features, hunting down suitable prey was almost a child's play for a hunter like him . He could make full use of his superiority and exploit the innate weaknesses of those creatures to kill them quickly .

Noah's stash of materials grew as he flew through those lands and explored their environments . Majestic sceneries always filled his vision, and the pure aura of the Immortal Lands always accompanied his travel .

Still, Noah noticed how the magical beasts in those regions became more violent as he neared the end of the human domain . Their behavior didn't come from the scarce influence of the cultivators . Its cause was the intense aggression that flowed out of the lands in the distance .

That aggression managed to affect Noah too . He had distanced himself from the magical beasts' world after his existence evolved into something that surpassed the hybrids, but that aura was too intense even for him .

Noah didn't notice that feature after his ascension because the events that had followed it had been quite messy . He had also marched toward calm lands back then, so his senses never truly experienced the difference in the atmosphere .

Yet, he now experienced that aggression in its entirety . The violence that filled the air made him jumpy and paranoic, and it forced him to take breaks more often to calm himself .

Noah became sure that the magical beasts' domain hid threats that he couldn't quite conceive . He had experienced too little of the Immortal Lands to know the long-lasting effects of rank 8 creatures, but he knew that the lingering aggression had to come from something stronger .

'A horde of monsters that hide living catastrophes,' Noah concluded during his travel .

Those were the only words that he could use to describe his feelings toward the magical beasts' domain . His superior awareness worked against him in that situation since it made him sense that aggression more vividly, but Noah didn't let it scare him away .

That aura caused his instincts to go wild, but it also stirred his ambition to grow . Part of him couldn't wait to obtain enough power to explore those lands and uncover their secrets .

As the years passed, Noah eventually felt forced to contact Fergie again . He had to refill his body with dark matter, and he wanted to see if the secret organization had informed him about exciting issues .

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Fergie didn't answer at the beginning . Noah waited for days that his spy listened to his mental message, but he lost his patience after more than two weeks passed without a reply .

Noah gave a quick command to the Shadow Swords at that point . He only needed to focus on his mental connection with that spell to activate a part of their power .

Of course, he didn't order anything that could expose Fergie, but he wanted to remind him who controlled his life . Noah didn't mind threatening him if that improved his results .

Fergie replied a few hours after Noah activated his spell . The cultivator was livid about the whole matter, but Noah gave voice to a series of threats that made him fear for his life .

The sole idea that the secret organization could become aware of his betrayal made Fergie shake in fear . Even exposing Noah wouldn't save him from endless tortures once his companions learnt about his status as a spy .

Fergie even agreed to meet Noah after his threats . The two had to travel for three months to reach a region that allowed Fergie to split from his group and encounter his master without arousing any suspect .

"I was in the middle of a hunt!" Fergie complained when he met Noah . "I can't show any weakness if I want to keep my privileged status among gaseous stage cultivators . You should also care about this!"

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"I do care about the value of my precious spy," Noah said as he filled Fergie's body with dark matter, "But I suspect that he wants freedom . "

"Not at all!" Fergie exclaimed as he lowered his head . "I swore to serve you! I will never dream about betraying my merciful master!"

Noah ignored those words to question him about important matters . He had already traveled for some years since his departure from Vagona city, but Fergie didn't give him anything valuable in that period .

"Teams don't usually receive new missions before meeting their new leader," Fergie explained . "That can happen when something rare appears out of nowhere . The Immortal Lands can be unpredictable, but you can't expect to meet new opportunities every decade . "

"What about the old ones?" Noah asked . "Is there something worth exploring in these areas that you have failed to mention while you were busy hunting?"

A chill ran down Fergie's spine when he heard those words, and he fell silent for a few seconds as he thought about an answer that could satisfy his jumpy master . Then, he seemed to recall something .

"There is an old inheritance ground at a few months of travel from here," Fergie explained . "It belongs to the Balrow family, and it has already rewarded a few cultivators . Yet, it should still have many rewards too difficult to obtain . "