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Published at 23rd of February 2021 07:20:04 AM

Chapter 1346: 1346
'Two left,' Noah thought as greed seeped out of his figure .

He had been inside the Pyramid for almost two years, but he had already gained enough to consider the exploration worthwhile . The Soul Stones were incredibly useful, but the disposable statue was on another level .

A battle against a liquid stage cultivator wasn't a dream anymore now that he had obtained the small statue . His superior power and his disposable puppet could finally give him a chance against existences stronger than him .

Moreover, the first layer wasn't over . It still had two protected areas that Noah could overcome with his physical superiority and higher energy . They could potentially give him more valuable tools, and he couldn't wait to get his hands on them .

Noah left the corridor and followed the indication of the map to reach his next target . Tiles moved, walls opened, and trapdoors appeared out of nowhere after he performed specific actions . In less than a day, he reached another corridor that led to a protected room .

'This one should be the same as the statues,' Noah thought as he studied the seemingly empty corridor .

According to the reports of the Balrow family, the tiles in that corridor would move, and weapons would shoot out of them as soon as someone stepped inside their range .

The weapons had the same features as the maces . They could completely ignore most spells and stop only in front of powerful martial arts . Yet, no group had ever come close to reach the end of the corridor, so Noah expected something dangerous to be there .

Snore and the fiendish armor made of dark matter covered his figure as he shot forward . Layers of black ice and rocks materialized around the Blood Companion as the dark world filled the corridor .

Noah didn't hold anything back . The dangerousness of the last statue had taught him how sadistic the creator of that place was, so he couldn't underestimate any defense .

Spears and swords of various shapes came out of the floor, walls, and ceiling after their surface opened . They stabbed toward Noah as they pierced the dark world . The technique could only hold them back for a fraction of an instant .

The weapons pierced Snore's defensive layers and stabbed its body . Their unique features made them cut through the dark matter easily, but they could only stop when they reached Noah's skin .

They were the same as the maces . The dark world, the copies elements, and Snore came from techniques that didn't involve his body, making them unable to stop the weapons .

The Balrow family had ranked that defense higher than the statues, but Noah felt it to be easier . However, his survival instincts began to scream when he reached the end of the corridor, and he couldn't help but stop his charge before the last protection .

The tiles and bricks around him had moved, but weapons had yet to come out of those empty spots . However, Noah felt that he would die if he took a step forward . Even his hybrid body wouldn't save him if he advanced .

'How is this possible?' Noah thought as weapons stabbed from behind him .

Metallic noises echoed through the corridor as Noah studied the path ahead of him . The protected room was less than five meters from him . He could cross that distance in less than a second, but his instincts told him that he wouldn't survive if he tried to leap .

'Maybe there is a trick again,' Noah wondered as he took a step back and came out of Snore's body .

The Blood Companion followed his orders and stuck its tongue into the range of the last protection, but it suddenly disappeared . Noah didn't see what had happened . He couldn't even see the shadows of what had cut Snore .

Noah activated the Divine Deduction technique and made Snore stick part of its mouth inside that last area . A hiss of pain followed the disappearance of a chunk of its head, but dark matter promptly flowed inside the snake to fix the damage .

'They must be arrows,' Noah concluded after witnessing the scene for the second time .

Snore's tough body had allowed him to see the true nature of the weapons in the last part of the corridor . They were thick arrows that flew at an unimaginable speed and destroyed everything on their path .

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They also came from every direction, which left him without a blind spot that he could exploit . That seemed a perfect defense, and Noah felt that he didn't have the power to overcome it .

Of course, Noah didn't give up so easily . He waited for Snore to reform and pushed it back into the last part of the corridor .

The Snake hissed in pain again as an even larger chunk of its head disappeared . Noah did some math in his head, and the result was that he wasn't fast enough to dodge the arrows .

'What now?' Noah thought as weapons continued to land on his back .

Snore opened its mouth and spat a wave of violent dark matter that reached the other end of the protected room . The attack didn't manage to damage the structure, and the same applied to the arrows . They would directly cut through the dark beam and continue on their path .

Noah conducted more tests . He launched spells, used his dark world, sacrificed pieces of Snore, calculated Night speed, and performed martial arts .

Nothing was faster than the arrows, and they would fire at anything that entered the last part of the corridor . The short delays caused by his techniques and arts didn't give Noah enough time to overcome that defense . Noah couldn't see any hope in that corridor .

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Noah performed more tests, but nothing worked . The arrows always pierced everything that he threw at them . Nothing in his arsenal could help him defeat that defense .

His unwillingness eventually vanished and allowed him to turn back . His armor dispersed as he sat at the beginning of the corridor to evaluate the issue .

There had to be something precious in that room, but Noah couldn't obtain it . His abilities were a bad match for those arrows . His instincts told him that he couldn't win there, and the Divine Deduction technique made him reach the same conclusion .

After a bit of hesitation, Noah left the corridor to march toward his last target . He still had another shot at increasing his gains, and he didn't want to waste it .

Another series of secret passages and strange moments on the walls followed . Noah used the map's instructions to reach his target, and greed spread from his figure when he found it .

That corridor was slightly different from the others . It was darker, and it had a series of lit torches stuck in the walls . The room at its end was the farthest place from the entrance in the first layer, and that meant something according to some of the past explorers .