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Published at 23rd of February 2021 07:15:04 AM

Chapter 1347: 1347
The dark corridor led to the deepest protected room in the first layer, which was on the opposite side of the entrance . The aura that surrounded the place was different, and its torches created an eerie halo with the faint red light radiated by their flames .

According to the Balrow family's reports, the torches' fire would expand once cultivators stepped inside the protected area . It would fill the entire corridor and burn everything . It wouldn't differ between energy and flesh .

Noah was in a pickle there . The reports said that the flames could consume even some weaker items in the middle tier . It wasn't something that gaseous stage cultivators should be able to face .

However, he had the dark matter and a body that surpassed the hybrids . His individuality could also boost his strength . His power could reach levels that gaseous stage cultivators couldn't touch .

That gave him some hope, but the defense featured another difficulty that made the matter even more troublesome . The door at the end of the corridor wasn't open . He couldn't sprint to the flames to seize the resources contained in that area .

Weaker experts from the Balrow family and other cultivators had performed various tests in that corridor . They had tried to defeat the flames, blast the door open from afar, and even attempted to find a secret passage that could lead them toward the valuable items .

Still, nothing seemed to work . The torches were almost indestructible and would continue to generate flames as long as something stood in the corridor . The door was the same since it had similar materials in its structure .

As for alternative paths, the experts had formulated a few theories about that corridor . Most of them believed that the door would open after they seized the items contained in every other protected area of the first layer .

Others thought that the real entrance for that room was in the superior layer, but a few believed that the fire was a trial that tested an existence's endurance .

Noah couldn't enter that room had complicated conditions . He couldn't clear every protected area in the first layer . Also, he didn't think that he could find a secret passage when hordes of experts had failed to locate it .

He could only bet on the fact that the fire wanted to test his endurance .

'I will try only once,' Noah thought as his ambition surged .

Noah sat cross-legged on the floor as his cultivation level rose . He intended to push his power to its limits and activate all his defensive abilities at once .

That was his last chance to obtain something from the Pyramid, and he didn't know when the Balrow family planned to close it to the public . He couldn't hold anything back .

He couldn't touch the peak, but he could come close to it . His long training sessions had improved the effects of his ambition . Noah could now wield the power of an expert that had already set the foundation for his breakthrough .

Corrosive smoke and dark matter flowed out of his figure and surrounded him in two defensive layers . A fiendish armor soon covered him, but the gasses didn't stop expanding after completing his defensive technique .

Noah unfolded his dark world and contained the corrosive cloud inside it . The technique created a third defensive layer around his armor, and Snore soon formed to help in the task .

The Blood Companion transformed into a statue covered in ice and black rocks as it enveloped his figure . Black flames that radiated a silver halo also spread through the dark world and created another layer of protection .

Noah felt like a turtle hidden in its tough shell when he inspected the defenses around him . He had used everything in his arsenal and had expressed his real power . It was only a matter of endurance now .

Noah used the dark world to move inside the corridor . The fire inside the torches expanded when Snore's statue crossed the invisible dividing line, and an inferno unfolded in the area .

Faint scarlet flames filled the corridor and burned the edges of the dark world . Noah felt the area under his control shrinking as the defense attacked his techniques .

The dark world seemed able to endure the power of the flames for a while . They didn't manage to pierce Noah's domain quickly and could only burn it slowly as they expanded toward him .

Noah didn't bother to keep track of the passage of time . He wouldn't revisit the Pyramid, so he didn't need to accumulate pieces of information that the Balrow family could use .

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He would remain there . He would even let the flames burn part of his body to test that theory . If that sacrifice didn't grant him access to the room, he would leave the Pyramid and fly toward the Land of the Fallen .

The flames eventually burned the entirety of the dark world and reached Snore's figure . They pierced the rocky layer and melted the black ice before reducing the Blood Companion to ashes .

Black flames and corrosive smoke unfolded in the area at that point . Snore even reformed as those abilities made Noah gain a few valuable seconds .

The Blood Companion crumbled again, together with the black flames and the deadly smoke . Nothing seemed able to stop the torches' fire, but that gave Noah hope .

Some defenses in the Pyramid would fall under tricks and unique methods . The more impossible they appeared, the more likely it was that they required a secret approach .

Those secret methods risked bringing the cultivators closer to their death, but they were the only available approach for weaker existences . Noah was doing the same . He was trying to use his advantages to find paths among those otherwise uncrossable defenses .

The fire reached the fiendish armors . The layers of corrosive smoke and dark matter slowly burned . Noah eventually found himself without any protection .

His middle tier robe and his skin burned at the same time . Pain filled Noah's mind, but his greed suppressed every other feeling . Noah didn't even care that he was suffering injuries . He only desired more resources .

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As his skin burned, the door at the end of the corridor began to move . It slowly opened, and Noah promptly leaped forward to pass through the narrow passage .

His mind threatened to go dark as the flames continued to injure him, but his greed preserved his awareness and forced him to press forward .

At some point, the flames vanished . Noah heard the door slamming on the walls of the corridor behind him . He had crossed the entrance when he was under the effects of his greed .

Noah didn't allow himself to relax just yet . He inspected the room with his mental waves, but he soon noticed that it didn't contain any inscribed item . There weren't even Soul Stones inside it .

The lack of resources didn't mean that Noah didn't find anything interesting in the room . One of its walls featured a narrow staircase that led somewhere not recorded in the map purchased from the Balrow family .