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Chapter 135

Chapter 135: 135 . Nerere continent

The week passed quickly .

Noah went outside the academy ground donned in his usual black gym suit .

He had left eight hundred Credits to Ivor and used again the Sulfur domain to make sure that he had increased his power as much as possible .

He had only one thousand and six hundred Credits and twenty merit points left, he was in need of the rewards of the mission .

However, his headache had vastly diminished in intensity which left him pleasantly surprised .

'I should really pay more attention to the faculties of the academy . '

Right outside of the entrance, in Arolyac forest, Thaddeus was waiting with three more students .

"Why am I not surprised that you are here?"

One of the students was June and she spoke as soon as she saw Noah arriving .

"We are the best in our class as well as the poorest . It is quite obvious for us to join this mission . "

Noah answered .

During the previous months, June had clearly shown her superiority to Justin, gaining the undisputed title of the second strongest in the Grayshade class .

The first spot belonged, of course, to Noah who remained undefeated .

'She is from a small-size noble family, she needs Credits to buy new training methods . I traded the Surging river spell which was valued fifty thousand Credits, I believe that she still hasn't upgraded all her techniques . '

"Let me introduce you before I review the details of the mission . We have to walk a bit so let's move in the meantime . Oh, take these . "

Thaddeus spoke and one hundred or so shining bottles appeared on the ground .

"The potions for the mission, divide them equally . "

The students gathered the goods in their storage devices and followed Thaddeus over the mountain where the academy was .

"Vance and June joined us nine months ago, they are the best in the real battle class so don't treat them poorly simply because they are your juniors . "

He pointed at a tall youth with black hair of about eighteen years old .

"He is Errol . He joined us one year and three months ago and he is the one in his class that has improved the most since he entered the academy . He will be joining the Royal army once he reaches the proper age . "

Then he pointed at the last student .

He was a short brown-haired man of about nineteen years old .

"He is Nigel, he joined us almost two years ago . He has talent in understanding inscriptions and his battle prowess in not low . He will be the captain for this mission and his insights will be useful to surpass the trials of the inheritance ground . "

They passed the small mountain and ventured deeper inside Arolyac forest .

"The location of the inheritance ground is inside the Nerere continent . It's a wasteland, almost uninhabited, that's why it took so much for my family to find it . "

"The problem is that it borders with two other countries . Unless we want to start a war, we need to retrieve the inheritance unnoticed . "

"As for the trials, we cleared the first two layers but then we met the restrictions toward my family . Apparently, they were really mad at us to set something like that . "

The four students rolled their eyes .

How could they not hate the family that dethroned them?

Thaddeus made an awkward laugh and continued his explanation .

"Anyhow, we learnt something in those two layers . There is a reward every time a layer is cleared and the tests inside have all been battle-related . The difficulty was still low, we only met some low stage rank 3 beasts but we believe that it will rise exponentially as you explore deeper . Don't worry, if you ever meet something that surpasses your ability, retreat . You can always attempt again once you become stronger . "

'So, this will be a long-lasting mission . It makes sense, how could a group of rank 1 cultivators retrieve something that valuable?'

Noah thought .

"The maximum number of people that can enter at the same time is four, that's why there are only this many of you . If you manage to clear more than two layers, we will consider the mission a success . "

Nigel spoke once Thaddeus finished his explanation .

"Is the total number of layers known?"

Thaddeus shook his head .

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"Unfortunately, we were unable to discover it . And having experienced only two layers, we aren't sure of how much the difficulty will increase as you go deeper . "

Noah asked a question .

"Deeper? Do you mean that the trials will be underground?"

"Not exactly . You will understand once you see the inheritance ground . "

There were no more questions along the way .

They traveled for one entire day before reaching the borders of the forest .

A carriage was waiting for them with a hooded coachman on the rider position .

Thaddeus spoke .

"We will separate here . This carriage will take you to the Nerere continent and across the desert . It's a two weeks trip, sadly the air-ship is too eye-catching so we can't use it . We can't create an oath either since that will prevent you from entering the inheritance . We reached an agreement with all of you so try not to steal anything, we will gladly give you more Credits if you really find something exceptionally valuable . "

He stared at each one of the students in the eyes to make sure that they understood his words .

He smiled after he finished with the warnings .

"You can all go now . I wish you good luck . Be careful . "

The students bowed and went inside the carriage .

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They took a side each, the carriage was big enough to fit four small couches inside it .

After a few minutes, the carriage began to move, their mission had finally begun!

Nigel spoke with a friendly smile on his face .

"Since we have to spend two weeks together, I say that we get to know each other . I would also like to know your specializations since I have to prepare a battle formation . I use the rapier and I am of the water element . "

"Mace, fire element . "

"Spear, thunder element . "

June had stared at Noah since the presentations begun, a slight smile was on her face .

"I use two sabers . "

Nigel waited for him to continue but no more words came from him .

"I'm sorry but I advise you to reveal your element . We are working for the Royal family now, if I lack some essential information about our actual power and fail the mission because of that, all of us will be blamed . "

Noah thought for a while before sighing and speaking with a soft voice .

"Darkness . "