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Chapter 137

Chapter 137: 137 . Inside

Nigel asked a question to the captain .

"Captain, what do you mean by that?"

Preston moved some hair away from his forehead before answering .

"On the first layer, the dimension was an icy field populated by rank 3 Snow bears . On the second one, we were in an underground area against Steeled centipedes . From that, we can imagine that all the other layers will contain a different environment . One thing you might want to know is that they are real magical beasts and not some creations of the inheritance ground . "

'They actually created real environments and filled them with the magical beasts corresponding to each location . I don't even want to think at the amount of preparation required to set up something like that . '

Noah thought, marveled by the Royal inheritance .

Nigel spoke again .

"So, we just need to clear the floor to pass it?"

Preston nodded .

"That's the method that we used and it worked just fine . "

"Number of specimens?"

"One hundred on the first layer and two hundred in the second one . However, their rank was about the same . "

"Do we have a time limit for each floor?"

Preston pointed at the inscribed bricks .

"We deciphered those inscriptions . The time limit was of one week on the first floor and two on the second one . It will be three weeks in the third one and so on, at least for the floors that we can see . "

Nigel turned toward Preston .

"Anything else worth mentioning?"

Preston thought for a little before nodding .

"Yes! The passage for the next layer will appear only after you cleared the dimension while the one to the previous floor will be always open . You won't have to worry about not having the chance of retreating . I believe that this is everything we know about the inheritance ground, tell me if you need anything . "

Nigel spoke almost immediately .

"We need four separate tents to rest for the night, provisions for the mission, and empty storage devices for the rewards . Any chance to borrow some of the armors of the soldiers?"

Preston shook his head .

"They are inscribed per order of the Elbas dynasty, the inheritance ground would straight up refuse them . "

Nigel nodded .

"Then, that will be it . If you manage to have everything done today, we will enter directly tomorrow morning . "

Preston called one of the soldiers and ordered to gather the requested items .

Four tents were prepared and the students rested peacefully inside them .

Noah did his usual training but with less intensity, he could not afford to be tired when he entered the tower .

The day passed uneventfully and the four students gathered in front of the pit at dawn .

A soldier had given to each of them enough provision for a one-year journey and a black space-ring .

Noah was amazed when he inspected the width of the ring .

'There are more than one hundred cubic meters of space! And they gave four of them to us! I miscalculated their wealth, maybe I should have really bargained for a higher share of the inheritance . '

"Everyone ready?"

Preston arrived behind them .

"Yes, you can lead the way, Captain . "

Nigel answered and Preston made a gesture to the soldiers down in the pit .

They placed a stair made of wood on the sandy walls and the group of four youths descended in the excavation site .

A soldier brought them toward an area in front of the tower where more stairs stood on the sides of the building and he pointed at them .

"You need to climb at the top of the tower where four runes are inscribed on the floor . Just stand on one each and you will enter the first layer . "

They hurriedly climbed them till they arrived at the top of the structure where they saw the designed runes .

Nigel raised a hand to claim their attention .

"As we enter, we will run straight for the passage that leads to the lower layer . We will stop once we reach the passage for the third one to reorganize . "

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Everyone nodded and stepped on one of the runes .

The pressure of the teleportation pressed on their sea of consciousness and, when they reopened their eyes, they were in a field covered in snow .

According to the information given by Preston, they ran toward a certain area .

'This is not as big as Eccentric Thunder inheritance ground but it sure is more realistic . '

Noah noted in his mind .

The other separate dimension that he saw was barren and was quite different from the outside world .

However, the Royal inheritance seemed to simply be a part of the world, there was no influence from inscriptions or runes in the environment .

'Don't tell me that they actually moved a part of the outside world in this dimension . Well, I don't really know which process is harder . '

The sky was clear but, in the distance, he could undoubtedly see the borders of the landscape .

There was a faint circular wall surrounding an area of five square kilometers, delimiting the icy field .

'That should be the wall of the tower seen from its insides . '

The students ran for about an hour into the desolate field until they reached a glowing staircase that led underground .

They hastily went down and in ten minutes they arrived in a completely different area .

It was clearly underground and dark but what stunned the students the most was that they had descended the stairs only to come out from the terrain of the new area .

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'Amazing, I didn't even feel when there was the variation from descending to climbing . '

They stood still only for a moment before resuming their march .

The second layer seemed vaster than the previous one but since they were underground, they could not see where the wall of the tower was .

In about two hours, they reached the passage for the third layer .

That time it was a big blue inscribed door that had again the four runes that they saw on the top of the tower on its surface .

Nigel spoke turning toward his three companions .

"Let's rest for a bit before we enter the next floor, we might meet some trouble as soon as we cross the door . "

Everyone agreed and meditated to return at peak condition .

Ten minutes later, they were all standing in front of the runes .


Nigel looked at the others .


All four of them touched the runes at the same time .

There was no problem with the teleportation, the inheritance ground didn't link them to the Elbas family .

When they opened their eyes, they were in a green plain full of rivers and more than three hundred pairs of eyes with vertical pupils were fixed in their direction .