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Chapter 140

Chapter 140: 140 . Fog goblins

Noah's eyes became cold as he regained control of his mental faculties .

"Do you know what were her last words to me?"

Lily's expression became confused and she tried to retreat but Noah's grip on her arm was firm and unmoving .

"She said: don't care about me . That woman managed to endure any kind of pain in order to give me enough time to develop . "

A warm smile appeared on his face as he thought about her .

Lily panicked and spoke .

"How did you manage to break free from the illusion? Your mind was lost in guilt!"

Noah shook his head .

"I didn't, it's just that she always smiled every time she looked at me . "

She replied in a confused voice .

"Then, how did you regain control of yourself?"

"Because you tried to ruin my image of her and that made me angry . "

Black smoke came out from the hand holding her arm .

"So angry that all the guilt disappeared and I could think clearly again . "

The smoke enveloped the arm and the scene shattered, revealing a skinny green limb that was holding a knife made of bones .

"You know, I might be a psycho incapable of choosing between my mother's life and cultivation . Call me a demon or whatever, I don't care . "

The smoke consumed the limb almost instantly and Lily escaped Noah's grip .

"But if you thought that using my memories of her was a smart tactic, then you really understood nothing of her . "

She had killed herself to protect Noah, to prevent the Balvan family from using her to hurt him .

Noah couldn't let an illusion do the same thing that she tried so hard to avert .

Black smoke came out from every part of his body, turning into a protective armor and covering him completely .

The scene shattered in many parts, incapable of enduring the might of Noah's spell .

Lily's figure turned into a humanoid green beast with pointy ears and a large nose .

It spoke as it retreated .

"Wait! The humans you came with are near you, you might hurt them if you keep going . "

Noah yelled in a rough voice to reply .


The spell completely activated and he turned into the fiendish figure that constantly released black toxic smoke .

The beast tried to run but Noah arrived in front of him in an instant .

He grabbed its throat and slowly watched its body being devoured by his spell .

When nothing was left of the beast, he looked around him to inspect the situation .

'That was close, if Echo and the "Breath" in my sea of consciousness didn't oppose the illusion, I might have died . '

He had lied to the beast in order to confuse it .

It was true that he was incredibly angry but it was thanks to the internal pressure in his mental sphere that he managed to regain clarity .

'Now, I should first get rid of this fog . '

He focused and his mental energy depleted at high speed .

More smoke was produced and it devoured the fog around him .

As the fog disappeared, the environment shattered revealing the true form of the fourth layer .

It was a rocky location, with purple crystals sparsely embodied in the terrain .

'They should be Fog goblin and those crystals enhance their innate ability to create illusions . Otherwise, it would have been impossible for me to get affected by simple rank 3 magical beasts . '

After he had seen their aspect and the environment they were in, Noah guessed which kind of magical beasts they were facing .

The Fog goblins were humanoid magical beasts .

Their intelligence was high, almost on par with the human's one, and they mostly targeted intelligent beings as their prey .

They covered an environment with fog that they naturally secreted which was used to confuse their victims .

However, their actual battle prowess was low, once their illusion was broken, they were even weaker than rank 2 beasts .

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'I should first find the others and then go wild . '

He released even more black smoke and carefully watched the scene transform .

The first to appear was Nigel, he was in a confused state and a goblin was hugging him while he cried .

Noah sent Echo to kill the beast and hastily made it retreat to avoid to disperse more smoke in his position .

He was trying to save them after all, if he was careless, he could kill them with his spell .

He then found June who was sitting on her knees with her face lowered .

She was biting her lower lip so hard that blood flowed on the ground .

A goblin was in front of her, holding a knife .

Echo arrived in her position in an instant, killed the goblin, and returned to Noah .

He lastly found Errol .

He had some cuts on his body and he was retreating in panic .

Noah vanquished the goblin and stopped his spell .

Echo returned in his body and he carried each one of them in the spot where the passage for the third layer was .

There was no fog in that position after Noah went all out with his Demonic form so they slowly regained clarity of mind .

"Vance, what happened?"

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June asked as soon as her eyes focused .

"Fog goblins with their abilities enhanced by those purple crystals . Stay here, I will gladly clear this layer alone . "

He turned before she could reply to him and disappeared in the fog .

"Noah, my child . "

"Noah, I'm your mother!"

"Don't worry my child, I can endure a bit more . "

Many figures of Lily appeared around him as he moved .

However, the only reaction that they caused was an increase in the coldness of his aura .

He freely launched fuming wind slashes in every direction, cracking the illusion as the partial Demonic form devoured the fog .

Lily's figures shattered many times, increasing Noah's need to vent .

'My mother might be dead but you are alive enough to withstand my anger!'

It took Noah an entire day to kill all the magical beasts in the floor .

The Fog goblins, when they saw that Noah was unaffected by their innate ability, began to hide .

Since his field of view was hindered, he decided to completely vanquish the fog itself with his spell .

He had to drink many potions to keep up with the consumption of mental energy .

Nevertheless, the test was completed and he rejoined his group to wait for the rewards .