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Published at 5th of September 2019 09:46:18 PM

Chapter 143

Chapter 143: 143 . Blessing

Seven packs of monkey-type magical beasts to defeat in six weeks of time .

They had all the time needed to carefully plan their approach, they had just to be careful not to cause too much ruckus .

In the end, they chose a simple tactic: Noah would be the bait and expose each leader and the other three students had to kill it .

Then, they would regroup and apply a different combat formation to better exploit the weaknesses of each kind of beasts .

Earth monkeys and Spiked monkeys relied on their bodies so it was better to fight them as a group in a solid and stable formation, using strong attacks to kill each specimen in one strike .

Fire monkeys and Toxic monkeys were adept in spells with a large area of effect, the students chose to fight them separately, dividing the creatures' attention into four different areas .

Wind monkeys and Dwarf monkeys were fast and nimble, Noah and Errol had to stay in the center of their packs to attract their attention while June and Nigel did a pincer attack on them .

The last pack was composed of Enlighted monkeys .

They were not extremely strong but their intelligence was high .

They often ran away seeing that they had no chances of defeating the students from the academy .

The only option of Noah's group was to slowly corner them until all their specimens were dead .

As for why Noah had to play as the bait, it was because his martial art and his blood companion were the most suited to handle large numbers of enemies .

"We are finally done!"

Errol exclaimed happily as he slowly raised his blood-stained mace in the air .

Below him, there was the crushed corpse of the last magical beast of the sixth layer .

"Yes, it's finally over . "

Nigel said, releasing a fatigued sigh .

It took them three weeks to kill all the monkeys, these long and constant battles had placed a heavy burden on his mind .

Noah and June were not better off, they too felt extremely tired .

'I wonder if I could have done it alone . With my Demonic form, just this number isn't enough to defeat me . However, I have to consider the amount of mental energy expended in the process . '

Noah analyzed the test and compared its difficulty with his actual battle prowess .

'They won't be able to defeat me but I will probably be exhausted before the last one of them is dead . I guess it's fair since the power of my spell is incredible . '

The inscriptions on the walls of the floor lighted up and converged at the center of the forest .

The trees were tall and their leaves were thick, they could not see the rewards from their position .

"Let's inspect the rewards and then rest for a whole week, I'm afraid that we might face hundreds of peak rank 3 beasts in the next layer . "

Nigel spoke and they moved toward the central area .

As they went deeper in the forest though, the density of "Breath" increased drastically, so much that it surpassed even the one of Noah's current accommodation .

"How is this possible? We clearly inspected this zone before . "

June spoke and the eyes of the four students sharpened .

When they arrived at the location where the rewards appeared, their mouths unconsciously opened due to their amazement .

On the terrain of the forest, there wasn't the usual pile of items and Credits that they received in the previous three floors .

Instead, a five meters large and four meters tall blue stone was placed on the ground .

Noah had once seen a similar mineral at the bottom of an underground lake .

"That's a "Breath" blessing!"

Noah exclaimed .

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'I never thought that they could be this big! Its value should be immense!'

The other three youths stared with wide eyes at the imponent stone .

The density of "Breath" was so high around it that a few drops of "Breath" were slowly accumulating on its surface .

"The concentration is at the point where the "Breath" changes state by itself! My friends, I think that we struck it rich!"

Errol spoke excitedly and moved with his mace to hit the stone .

Noah appeared in front of him and stopped his advance .

"Errol, what are you doing?"

He answered in a confused tone .

"Well, I wanted to divide it so that we can share its frame in our space-rings . "

"It will lose value if we divide it, it's better to store it in one piece . I will take it, as the appointed captain for this mission, it's my responsibility to handle such a valuable item . "

Nigel spoke from behind him .

"I think you are all underestimating the addiction that he has for cultivation . "

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June spoke calmly as she sat on the ground near the stone and closed her eyes .

Nigel and Errol looked confusedly at her gesture and then moved their gazes on Noah .

He was smiling slightly as he stared with a fervent gaze the "Breath" blessing .

Sensing that the two students had their eyes on him, he turned and explained what June had already understood .

"Since we cleared the test, we don't have a time limit anymore . The sooner we advance, the sooner we would have to give this precious object to the Royal family . I say that we can cultivate here for a month or so before going in the seventh layer, we are advancing rather quickly anyway . "

He then moved his gaze back on the mineral and sat near it .

There was no need to think if it was day or night on the outside world, the limitation in his technique existed only because it was required a higher concentration of "Breath" of the darkness element to make it work .

However, near the mineral, the "Breath" of each element was so abundant that any restriction was pointless .

Noah hastily used his Yin body and his Dark vortex cultivation technique at the same time and began to cultivate .

June was doing the same in the opposite corner of the stone .

Nigel and Errol looked at each other and smiled happily before occupying the other two corners and starting their meditation .

Like that, a month slowly passed in the sixth layer .