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Published at 5th of September 2019 09:47:07 PM

Chapter 148

Chapter 148: 148 . Unfilial disciple

Noah used the first week of the trip back to the academy to rest, he had to stabilize his condition again .

Increasing one's strength so rapidly was quite dangerous .

The dantian was an organ after all, too much stress on it could ultimately lead to an injury .

The same went for the sea of consciousness, the mental sphere had to be enlarged gradually or there would be the risk of breaking it .

Noah sat on one couch inside the carriage escorting him back to the academy, he was calmly analyzing the condition of his body .

'My dantian has completely recovered, there is no danger in resuming my previous training rhythm . My accumulated stress also has disappeared, it seems that the constant battles that we underwent in the inheritance ground helped my mental sphere quite a bit . '

Overall, they had been away from the academy for four months while his actual time spent training his dantian and body was equal to six months in his accommodation .

'Two months gained while my mind has still slightly enlarged due to the "Breath" in my sea of consciousness . I almost don't feel any pressure at all from Echo these days, I wonder if I can create another blood companion . '

He thought for a while before tossing that idea away .

'Right now, I should just focus on increasing the level of all my centers of power . I should also start to absorb again "Breath" in my sea of consciousness, I'm quite eager to test some of the forgings of my inscription method . '

He slowly opened his eyes, confirming his plans for the near future .

'With the rewards for this mission I will finally be able to buy some spells that don't have a limitation in their rank and I will be also able to use the facilities of the academy for a while . The first to break through should be my mind, followed by my dantian and body . I just need to quietly cultivate . '

"Have you recovered enough to give me your version of the events in the inheritance ground?"

Lisa spoke to him wearing a slight smile .

She couldn't be in the open since she would be too eye-catching so she had stayed in the carriage with the other three students the whole time .

Noah nodded, putting a stern expression .

"I believe that my companions have already covered every detail of our mission . "

Lisa laid her back on the carriage while putting a hand below her chin .

"Vance, right? My brother has spoken to me about you . Did you reach the solid stage already?"

Noah didn't dare to lie to her as Thaddeus had made clear that the intelligence of the Royal family surpassed the common sense .

"Yes, I did a few months ago . "

"And how old are you exactly?"

"Sixteen years and six months . "

Errol and June's eyes widened but they remained silent .

According to the standards of the cultivation world, a human would acquire his dantian at the age of fifteen .

However, in the academy, there were only talents, virtually each of its students had obtained a dantian before that age .

Even so, the usual age in which cultivators reached the solid stage was when they were seventeen or more .

It wasn't a matter that concerned talent, they simply didn't have enough time to cultivate till that level .

June, for example, was seventeen and she had broken through the solid stage during the month that they spent cultivating in the sixth layer .

She had actually spent less time than Noah to reach that stage but he had obtained his dantian at an incredible age .

After all, how many people in the world could obtain a rank 3 body and a rank 1 mental sphere before the age of fourteen?

"That is indeed a great achievement . If you and Daniel were of the same age, you would have surpassed him . "

Errol joined the conversation, intrigued by Lisa's words .

"Is it possible to know Daniel's level?"

Lisa waved her hand and answered as if it was a small matter .

"He broke through the first rank and successfully became a rank 2 cultivator . His status as a student was removed and he joined Professor Wanda Hamman in the alchemy division of the academy . This all happened in this years' tests, it should have caused quite a commotion in the academy . "

'Oh right, the tests for my courses . '

Noah remembered that detail about his enrollment .

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Lisa seemed to understand his thoughts and reassured the students .

"Don't worry about those . You all did an excellent job in the Royal inheritance so you are exempted from them, not that I believe that any of you would have failed . "

The students relaxed and continued to look at Lisa, there was still another question that required her explanation .

"You will get your rewards from Thaddeus after the total value of what you retrieved is estimated . He will contact you himself so you can just go back to your normal lifestyles . "

Having cleared their last doubt, silence occupied the carriage .

Lisa didn't seem like she wanted to speak anymore so the students began to spend their remaining time in the carriage as they wanted .

Noah resumed his usual training schedule, causing June to imitate him .

Errol simply laid on his couch, Lisa's presence didn't allow him to reach the relaxed state needed to train .

Lisa slept most of the time, she was so silent that it almost seemed that she was only closing her eyes .

In the end, another week passed and the carriage reached Arolyac forest .

Lisa left the students at the borders of the forest and continued toward the Royal city while they went on their way back to the academy ground .

They arrived at the small mountain and Errol pressed his token on the terrain, opening a passage .

After so much time, they had finally returned!

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"I think I will rest for a few days and then resume my courses . See you around, friends . "

Errol was eager to return to his lodging and separated from the group .

June and Noah slowly walked on the right side of the river .

They reached June's accommodation first and she silently opened its door .

Before entering though, she turned to look at Noah and spoke with a plain voice .

"You look older than your age . "

After that, she entered her place and closed the door behind her .

Noah shook his head and resumed his walk toward his lodging .

Considering her character, the meaning behind her words was something battle-related, he didn't bother to think too much about them .

'I feel like I'm forgetting something though . '

As he opened the door of his accommodation, an awful smell assaulted him, accompanied by a loud lament .

"You unfilial disciple, you actually left me to suffer all this time!"