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Chapter 151
Noah walked toward the inventory of the academy .

'Win-win he says… He just wants to use me to get the Royal inheritance, I don't know if I'll have any value after that . '
He was thinking about his conversation with Thaddeus .
'It might be fine till I'm discovered but what will happen at that point? I don't believe that they will simply clear my name, nor that I will allow them to do so . My future clash with the Balvan family is set in stone . '
He would never make a deal to pacify with the Balvan family, there was no chance that he would just forget about the events in the mansion .
'What's most likely to happen is that I will be blamed for all my crimes and the Royal family will trade my life to pacify the situation . If word gets out that the Royals hire criminals, I bet that their reputation would take a heavy blow . '
He was a criminal, there was no other way to see it .
The Royal family was in charge of the county but they had to maintain a peaceful relationship with their subjects .
Noah sighed after realizing that his only option was the usual one .
'I need power . '
He reached the inventory and showed his token to the guards that let him pass almost immediately .
"What can I do for you this time?"
Professor Lynn spoke to him with a trace of interest .
Noah arrived in front of his desk and lightly bowed before making his request .
"I would like to inspect all the spells having the darkness element as a requirement . "

Lynn's brow arched in suspicion .
"All of them?"
"Yes, please . "
Noah's reply was fast and polite .
Lynn stared at the youth for a bit before picking the usual white crystal and focusing on it .
When he handed it to Noah, a list of about thirty spells was shown at his probing .
'So few of them . '
A big part of the list was composed of the rank 0 spells that he had already inspected the first time that he went there .
The others were mostly rank 1 or rank 2 spells and their prices were exorbitant .
Noah carefully evaluated each one of them before sighing inwardly .
'To think that I believed to be rich just a few minutes ago . '
"Professor, I want the rank 0 spell Blind, the rank 2 spell Blood drain, and the spell Warp . "
Lynn's eyes widened hearing Noah's speaking .
He stuttered as he answered to him .

"B-but that's will cost you more than half a million Credits!"
Noah calmly replied to his words by handing him a space-ring .
"Five hundred ninety thousand Credits to be precise . You can check my storage device if you don't believe that I possess that sum . "
Lynn accepted the ring and was amazed to see its contents, all of Noah's Credits were inside of it .
He gulped and gave the ring back to Noah as he stood up from his chair .
"Come with me, you will deposit the money and then receive your spells . "
Noah followed the Professor in the deepest part of the room through the inscribed floor .
Lynn pressed on some runes on the wall and a passage opened .

"Come . "
Noah didn't hesitate and continued to walk .
They walked through a dark corridor for a bit before Lynn stopped and pressed on a rune on the floor .
A large pit appeared where a sea of Credits was stored .
'These should be the finances of the whole academy!'

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"Drop the required Credits here, we couldn't make that kind of transaction in the open . "
Noah waved his hand and emptied most of the contents of his space-ring in the underground vault .
Lynn nodded and gestured to Noah to return to the previous room, the gap closed automatically as they stepped away from the area .
As they exited the corridor, Lynn picked the white crystal from his desk and placed it on the same cavity of the other time .
The inscriptions lit up and three scrolls materialized .
"I don't know where you obtained all that money but I advise you to train carefully in the Warp spell . You wouldn't be the first cultivator to die because of an error in its execution . "
Noah stored the scroll and bowed to the Professor, then he hastily left the inventory to return to his accommodation .
He didn't even look at Ivor as he sat on his bed and took out the three scrolls .
'Blind is a simple rank 0 spell that covers a small area with black fog, it can be useful to surprise enemies with weak mental energy . '
In less than two hours he memorized the diagram and pointed toward a corner of the room .
His mental energy was slightly expended and a small black cloud of about thirty centimeters appeared in that area .
It lasted only for one second though and then dispersed in the air .
'A bit weak but I can't expect much from a supportive spell . If used wisely, it can be useful . '
He took the second scroll, storing the first one .

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'Blood drain, up to rank 2, limited to darkness element cultivator . Morphs one hand in a demonic claw that drains blood to heal injuries . It can slightly strengthen the body if enough energy is absorbed but there is the need to refine that power to do so . '
The spell was meant for those that relied mostly on the body to fight, which didn't really fit Noah's fighting style .
However, he was deeply interested in the strengthening part .
'Magical beasts can freely absorb the "Breath" of other creatures and cultivators . I feel that this spell tried to imitate that ability and reached some satisfying results . '
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His main goal in buying this spell was to study the mechanism behind it .
If one day he managed to create his own spells, he would surely experiment in that same field .
'Well, I also need to rely less on my Demonic form, that spell simply consumes too much mental energy . '
It took him an entire day to understand the diagram and memorize it .
At dawn, Noah was happily staring at his right hand that had successfully turned into a black fiendish claw .
'The expenditure on mental energy is not high at all! Even if I don't use the spell to heal my injuries, it will still weaken my enemies! I will try its effect on my next mission . '
He dispelled the spell and the claws evaporated, revealing his normal hand under them .
Noah turned toward the last scroll and his eyes shined due to his excitement .