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Published at 7th of September 2019 09:25:07 AM

Chapter 154
Noah first went to the inventory .

Professor Lynn seemed to be particularly interested in his growth and showed an interested expression every time he entered that building .
His face though turned to one of disbelief as soon as he heard of Noah's request .
"You are joking, right?"
Lynn stood up from behind his desk and shouted, he was a bit angry since he thought that the student was making fun of him .
Noah sighed and took out the second Kesier rune from his space-ring .
He showed the contents of the sheet to the Professor and then he began to look at it with a calm expression .
Lynn wasn't convinced just by that and carefully stared at Noah's face waiting for any sign of struggle to appear .
However, as the hours passed, Lynn's mouth slowly opened in disbelief .
"Professor, it's been half a day already, I have other errands to attend to . "
Noah had grown bored of that useless process and decided to move his gaze back on the cultivator .
"How is this possible? Are you sure you don't have Kesier blood in your veins?"
Noah just shrugged his shoulders to answer .

Lynn sat back on his chair and muttered with himself, he really couldn't accept what he was witnessing .
"Do you know that you probably are the first cultivator to ever achieve something like that? I have to inform the Royals, this is something worthy of the official records of the history of cultivators!"
Noah's eyes widened and he wore a shameless smile .
"Isn't it possible to keep this event private? You know, I'm quite shy . "
Lynn stared at Noah, his expression said that he didn't believe one of the student's words .
"Even if I wanted to, I couldn't do it . Everything inside the academy belongs to the Royal dynasty so every transaction has to be recorded and copied . You can be assured that the news of someone requesting for the third Kesier rune won't go unnoticed . "
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'It seems that it won't be known immediately, I should have enough time to take my new accommodation and isolate myself in there to train . '
Lynn continued to stare at Noah, there was still some disbelief in his eyes .
"Ehm, Professor, I still need the rune . "
Lynn came back to reality and hastily picked the white crystal on his desk .
In a few minutes, Noah went out of the building with the third rune in his space-ring .

'Now the tests . '
Noah went to look for the three Professors of his courses in their different buildings in order to ask to do his tests privately .
The excuse that he used was that he had to complete a mission in the following days in order to meet his bimestrial duty .
The three weren't particularly opposed to it and accepted to examine him .
Professor Roy, of the magical beasts' course, was an old cultivator completely addicted to the study of those creatures, he gladly accepted to speak more of them .

Noah underwent a long interrogation at which he answered perfectly, gaining the favor of the Professor .
He didn't really know why he liked to learn about magical beasts so much, maybe the events with the King of the valley had left a deep impression on him .
Yet, he felt incredibly interested in the variety of those creatures and in their habits so he simply studied them .
Bruce Nairti didn't even test him, as soon as Noah made his request, he immediately said two words .
"You pass . "
That left even Noah surprised .

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Bruce saw his expression and explained his reasons in a simple way .
"You are the strongest in your class and that position was never questioned even after June became Megan's student . You tell me what's the point in testing you . "
June became stronger under the teachings of her Master but still couldn't match Noah's hardworking personality .
Her character though matured quite a bit, she had become less impulsive in the last year .
Megan Iccek was the last Professor that he visited .
She asked him many questions about the inventions of famous cultivators but Noah only remembered the contents of their discoveries, being almost completely ignorant about the names of those mighty individuals .
He couldn't help it, he simply didn't care about their names, he was only interested in their experiments with the various techniques .
"You are really similar to my disciple, you listen only when it concerns something that you are interested in . I had to say that she could have beaten you if she managed to think more about her actions instead of always doing what she wanted . In a week, her combat style improved drastically . "
Megan said, shaking her head .
"I think that she has taken you as her goal . For such a young girl to be so focused on battles, her life mustn't have been easy . "
She sighed and Noah remembered a scene in the fourth layer of the Royal inheritance .
June sitting on her knees with her head lowered, the blood from her bitten lips continuously tainting the ground .

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'To have such a reverence toward strength, one must have withstood harshness in his life . Well, those that don't do it are simply blind . '
In a world where the threat of magical beasts was constant, the search for power was a survival instinct of the human species .
"You pass, just do me a favor . "
Noah waited for her to continue .
"My disciple still didn't realize it but she considers you as a friend so try not to hurt her with your actions . I know that your situation isn't simple but that doesn't mean that you have to involve her in your messes . "
'Is she asking me to not drag her in my personal fights?'
"I will surely try to avoid that . "
Noah said .
He really meant those words .
His character was apathetic but that didn't prevent him from caring about other persons .
June was definitely far away from his definition of "caring" but he appreciated her character, he wouldn't like to hurt her for no reason .
After the issue concerning the tests was over, it was time to pick a mission and becoming used to his new strength .
Noah spent a week in Arolyac forest and was extremely satisfied with the results of his breakthrough .
'Now I just have to beat that guy and take his accommodation . After that, I can start forging!"
Noah thought and his eyes shined due to his excitement as he moved toward the management building .