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Chapter 156: 156
The crowd was silenced by Noah's statement but was then revived by Manuel's words .

"The best house in the academy belongs to the strongest student . If you want it, you have to defeat me . "
The crowd exploded in cheers, Manuel's demeanor seemed to be more appreciated than Noah's one .
One was prideful and confident while the other was cold and indifferent, there was no doubt about who would attract the favor of the students .
Noah shook his head and wielded his sabers .
"Let's just start, I have things to do . "
A wave of coldness enveloped the stage as Noah focused on his opponent .
Manuel's expression changed instantly, his smiling face transformed into a stern one .
Noah's stare seemed to pierce him physically and the pressure it caused was suffocating .
'His battle intent sure is worth of praise . '
Manuel thought, mistaking the pressure of Noah's sea of consciousness for his battle might .
It wasn't to blame though, the possibility that the youth in front of him was a rank 2 mage was unthinkable .
'He is not bad, he is able to withstand my focus . Well, I stayed in the forest for one week to learn how to hold back after all . '
That wasn't the full extent of the mental pressure he was capable of, he was restraining himself .

Manuel decided to take the battle seriously and pointed his sword at Noah .
Sparks gathered on the metal of the blade and the handle lighted up to accelerate the process .
In less than a second, a thunderbolt shot out from the tip of the sword toward Noah .
Echo appeared in the air in front of him with its wings spread wide .
The thunder hit its body and pierced it, continuing on its way to hit the wall behind the blood companion .
Noah had already moved, the moment he understood that Manuel was a cultivator of the thunder element, he knew that Echo could not completely block the blow .
He had a vast experience regarding thunder spells due to his two years of weekly sparring with June, he knew that the bat's body was not enough as a form of protection .
Echo disappeared in his body as Noah ran, he wanted to get closer to Manuel in order to force a melee battle .
However, another bolt of lightning arrived in his direction and he was forced to stop his advance and hide behind Echo .
Manuel didn't stop though, he launched two more thunderbolts in his direction, making Noah retreat .
'It's his weapon!'
Noah was confused .
Generally speaking, it would be impossible to use such a powerful spell that many times in a row and without a certain delay .

Yet, Manuel did exactly that and Noah pointed the reason for that unusual ability to his weapon .
'That sword shortens the casting time of the spell and it seems to lower the mental energy required for its activation . Its definitely a rank 1 item at the peak of the tier . '
As Noah retreated, Manuel stopped using his spell and took out a bottle from his space-ring in order to restore some of his mental energy .

Pills and items were allowed in those kinds of battle, wealth was a form of power after all .
The only rule was to not attempt on the life of your opponent .
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'This is getting annoying, I should try that thing . '
Echo's wings came out of his back and Noah shot in a straight line toward Manuel .
His opponent didn't hesitate and pointed his blade back at him .
Another thunderbolt shot in his direction but Noah didn't change his pace .
As he and the spell were at less than a meter from each other, a black ring appeared under his feet and he immediately shot in the air .
He flew over the spell!

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Manuel, however, knew about his wings and promptly moved his blade to aim in his position mid-air .
Little did he expect that, as soon as the spell shot out from his weapon, Noah kicked the air over him and diagonally changed his direction .
Normally, when someone jumped during a battle, he was unable to dodge .
Noah had his wings but they weren't enough to change his course so drastically .
Even when he used the Shadow steps spell, the concentration required to make those kinds of cuts in the air was high and the results were not always reliable .
However, since he became a rank 2 mage, he finally managed to perfect that combat style .
Noah's cut speed scared Manuel that hastily released another spell .
Noah didn't even look at it and changed direction again, relentlessly moving closer to his opponent .
That was proper flight, not simply floating in the air!
As for how he could manage to understand the trajectory of the spells, that was also due to his rank 2 mental sphere .
Each one of Manuel's actions was under the strict control of his personal scan ability which had surpassed Echo's one in precision when it concerned a short distance .
When he was in the air, Noah was untouchable .
Manuel gave up on trying to hit him and prepared to drink another potion but Noah launched thirty wind slashes toward his position .

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The slashes came from different directions as if there were more persons attacking him at the same time .
Manuel gave up on refilling his mental sphere too and unleashed the might of his rank 4 martial art to block all the attacks .
His sword moved slowly in the air in front of him, releasing small sparks .
As the black slashes arrived in his position, the sparks exploded and instantly destroyed Noah's attacks .
However, that action gave Noah enough time to arrive in his opponent's position .
'First form of the Ashura!'
He didn't hesitate and unleashed his strongest technique .
More than fifteen sabers appeared around Manuel and attacked him at the same time!
Manuel resorted again to the shield made of sparks to defend himself .
Another explosion occurred which distanced the two students from each other .
"You are indeed strong . "
Manuel spoke with a slight smile on his face .
"But my reserves of "Breath" are deeper than yours, this match is mine . "
Noah didn't answer and simply pointed at his right cheek .
Manuel didn't understand the meaning of that gesture until he felt a warm sensation on the left side of his face .
He swiped his cheek with his hand and found out that a small cut had appeared on it .