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Chapter 165: 165
'What the fuck is that?'

The girls had an excited smile when they looked at him .
One of them gathered her courage and stepped toward him .
"Ehm, dar-, Lord Vance, would you like to accompany me on a trip to Arolyac forest? I'm willing to give all my merit-"
She couldn't finish her phrase since Noah interrupted her with a cold answer .
"No . "
Silence enveloped the area .
Noah uncaringly passed the girl and moved through the crowd to reach his habitation .
Yet, he couldn't help but hear the whispers of the girls as he walked through them .
"Kyaa, have you seen how cool he is! It's the complete opposite of Lord Daniel!"
"Yes, but Daniel was unreachable for us . Lord Vance doesn't care about noble status . "
"I want him to scold me so badly but I can't even face him, I feel like fainting every time I look into his eyes . "
'These girls are crazy!'
Noah thought as the unlocked the door of his house .
"Dark prince! Would you mind if I came inside and served you some tea? My family is famous for-"
Noah didn't wait for the girl to finish her speech and closed the door behind him .

His irritation grew as he heard the girls screaming again in excitement and commenting on his last rejection .
"Ah, you youths are so lucky to be able to savor these moments . "
Ivor looked at him with a complacent smile and nodded proudly .
"My disciple took everything from his Master . Your charm is irresistible to such naïve girls . "
"Old man, if you don't stop, I will throw you outside with them . "
Ivor paled a shut his mouth while turning to leave the room .
"Wait, I want you to see something . "
Noah stopped him and took out a diary from his space-ring .
It was Uriah's diary, the one describing the Body-inscription spell .
"I applied the theories behind the Elemental forging method on this spell . Can I have your opinion about it?"
Ivor's interest was immediately piqued .
Not only it was the first time that Noah explicitly asked for his help, but he was also interested in the experiments of his student .
Ivor sat on a couch and began to read the diary with interest .
Meanwhile, Noah sat in a corner of the room and focused on the energy accumulated by his Blood drain spell .
He manipulated that energy to near his dantian according to the Yin body technique .

His dantian refined the energy and redirected part of it on his bones .
When the process was over, he analyzed his body to understand his advancements .
'The "Breath" absorbed this way equals to less than an hour of actual meditation . The spell is really not fit to strengthen my body . '
He was quite disappointed by the results but he expected much, if there was really a spell that could use magical beasts to increase the rank of the body of a cultivator, the magical beasts would be already extinct .
"This is really interesting . "
Ivor finished reading through the diary and handed it back to Noah .
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"What do you think?"
Ivor pondered for a while before giving his honest opinion .
"It definitely resembles an inscription method but it is used as a spell with heavy requirements to be activated . Can I see the companion that you created?"
Shadow came out of Noah's body and Ivor inspected it with interest .
"What changes did you notice?"
"Faster refinement of its blood, easier to tame in the sea of consciousness, and some of my will remained in the companion . "
Ivor nodded hearing Noah's words before turning to his student .

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"I think that there is a lot of room for improvement . Once you become more skilled in inserting your will in the "Breath", you should be able to empower their innate abilities . "
'He had my same thought . '
"Have you tried forging its center of power?"
Noah's eyes widened hearing Ivor's words .
"Should I?"
Ivor nodded, moving his gaze back on the panther .
"If you can obtain these results just by refining its blood, what would happen if you directly refine its core? You should obtain more evident results . "
'That makes sense . However, I don't think I have the ability to handle the center of power of a beast yet, I should go back to forge . '
Noah stood up and retracted Shadow .
At that moment though, a loud knock sounded from the entrance door .
'Don't tell me that it's still those girls . '
Noah went to open the door and was surprised to find June looking at him with her brows furrowed .
"Can you put a leash on those girls before I end up killing them?"
Noah moved his gaze behind her and found the same crowd of girls staring at him in silence .
He then noticed that he was shirtless due to the exposure of Shadow to Ivor .

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"Dammit, come inside before I do that . "
He dragged June inside his accommodation and hastily closed the door .
He wasn't fast enough though and an excited scream reached his hears .
"When did you became so famous?"
June asked after sitting on one of the couches .
"How should I know, it's not that I enjoy the situation . What happened to you?"
June had never come to his accommodation before which made Noah curious .
June snorted and moved her gaze away from him .
"Apparently, since we have been sparring partners for over two years, they thought that we were in a relationship . Once they knew that, they harassed me to no end, it didn't matter how much I denied that . I even asked Master for advice but she just said that it was normal for the strongest student to have followers . "
Noah sighed and massaged his temples .
He didn't really care about the crowd in front of his door but he didn't think that the people that he knew would be involved .
He sighed again before coming up with a solution .
"You can take the first floor . The scrounger usually sleeps on the ground one while I'm always in the basement . Just don't disturb me during my training . "
He then turned toward the stairs that led underground .
"Wait, what do you mean by that?"
Noah shrugged his shoulders as he replied to her .
"I can't really kick them away and they don't have concerns when bothering you . So, you can just live here . "