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Chapter 170
To create an inscribed item with the Elemental forging method, there were many hurdles to surpass .

The cultivator had to endure the absorption of the "Breath" with his sea of consciousness that comported a big risk for that center of power .
Then, he had to set his will on a specific meaning and imbue the "Breath" with that, otherwise there would be no effect attached to the finished product .
After that, it was time for the choice of the materials .
The compound had to be something that didn't conflict with the element of the cultivator and that could sustain the activity that it was meant for .
For example, you couldn't use a hard material to create a whip, it would simply conflict with the purpose of the item .
At the same time, you couldn't use something too soft either, a whip forged that way would just fail to inflict any damage when wielded .
The last hurdle was its form .
The item had to be shaped according to its future usage: you could forge a sword but, if you didn't manage to shape it with sharp edges, then it couldn't be used properly .
In Noah's case, with his last creation, the first three requirements were met: his mental sphere could store the "Breath", he managed to imprint it with a strong will, and the material used coincided with his element .
However, simply the beak of a Moon owl could not sustain many impacts and its form made it unusable as a throwing weapon .
'I can't sell it directly or the world will be informed that I'm training to be an inscription master . I'll just store it for now and maybe sell it in another place . '
He had no shortage of money, keeping that item wasn't a burden .

"I will focus more on shaping it right . Only one of these items can't last much in battle but, if I make many of them, they might be useful . "
Ivor nodded .
"Yes, once the form is in its place, your creation will only lack the proper components . Don't worry though, it takes a lot of time to find the right mixture for your specific needs, your progress so far is already above average . "
More days passed .
Noah became focused on the form of the item and he slowly improved in the process .
First, he managed to make the beaks even thinner in order to increase their durability .
Then, he forced them to bend .
When two weeks had passed, he stared at three thick needles laid in front of him .
'It's already the third day in which I can't improve the quality of this item . It's probably the limit of the compound . '
Noah took one of the needles and injected "Breath" in it before throwing it on the wall .
The inscriptions lit up and flickered but they still couldn't completely block the needle .
It stuck in the wall for less than a tenth of its body before being stopped by the sturdiness of the basement .

Noah was surprised .
Generally speaking, the students of the academy were all rank 1 cultivators .
It made sense for the inscriptions of that room to be tuned to block that level of power .

One of his sabers appeared in his hand and he slashed the air .
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A wind slash ran across the room and smashed on the wall next to where the needle was, making the inscriptions flicker again .
Noah stood up and neared the area of the impact .
His attack left only a light mark on the wall but there was no damage at all .
However, the needle managed to create a small hole in it, which meant that its piercing ability had surpassed Noah's normal attack .
'To think that this small item could contain such power . It's not even at the peak of the first rank but it's able to pierce the defenses of the basement . The Elemental forging is amazing!'
Noah took out the item from the wall and inspected it carefully .

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Small cracks had appeared on its body, it seemed like it could be used only another time .
'So, it's a two-use inscribed item, the material can't sustain the power injected in it . I don't know if it will be useful to me but its value should be higher than my previous creations . '
He still had about five unused beaks, if he didn't count the needle that he had just used, he could forge a set of seven needles to sell .
'Seven needles mean fourteen attacks with the power of the solid stage . I don't know if a cultivator with a weak dantian can use their full power but there shouldn't be much difference . Oh right, I should ask Ivor's opinion . '
He hastily went for the ground floor and asked Ivor to follow him in the basement .
He then showed the needle that he had tested .
Ivor became captivated by its sight and began to inspect it with interest .
"Can you use it?"
Ivor raised his head to make that request .
Noah nodded and took the item from his hands to throw it on the wall .
It happened the same thing as before, the needle lightly pierced the surface of the wall .
However, since it was its second usage, its cracks expanded, ultimately causing its breaking in many pieces .

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Ivor didn't mind that and went to inspect the little hole that had been created .
"You made it reach the high tier! Good job!"
He was happy that his disciple had managed to create something worthy of being called an inscribed weapon .
Noah shrugged his shoulders .
He was proud of his creation but, since it didn't increase his battle prowess, he didn't care much about it .
It was just the result of his experiments after all, not something that had to be added to his arsenal .
"Do you understand that you are officially an inscription master now? You might be at the beginning but you have successfully completed your first stable inscription!"
Noah was silenced, he really didn't consider that detail .
"Since it didn't increase your power you didn't put much thought on it, am I right?"
Ivor rebuked him while shaking his head .
"Give it a name at least!"
Noah thought for a while before finding a simple name .
"Moon needle . "