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Chapter 173: 173
Rank 3 body in the high tier .

Rank 2 sea of consciousness .
And, at last, rank 2 dantian in the gaseous stage .
All Noah's centers of power had greatly benefitted from his enrollment in the academy .
In the two years and a half in which he had been a student, he had grown in all the fields where he was lacking .
His knowledge about cultivation had vastly increased after receiving the instructions of his professors .
All his techniques and spells had been upgraded according to his element and battle style, he wasn't the kid that had to accept anything that had a better rank that his current methods anymore .
He had also found a way to become an inscription master, paving the way to his future improvements .
'I don't have enough money to buy techniques of higher ranks and I'm not even sure that they would sell them to me without roping me in some deal . I've exhausted everything that the academy could have given me . '
Realization dawned upon him, he knew that it was time to leave .
A token appeared in his hand .
It was green and it depicted the image of a lion-type magical beast with its head severed, it was the token of the Hunters' guild that Thaddeus had sent to him a while ago .
Then, he uncovered part of his chest area and looked at the orange rune that was slowly making its way toward his dantian .
'I need to stabilize my breakthrough before moving to the Royal city . Also, I need to take care of the matter about Eccentric Thunder…'
Noah cultivated for two more weeks in his accommodation .
His dantian only enlarged slightly, it seemed that it would take a long time before he could reach the liquid stage .

He had sent Ivor to prepare a carriage for their trip toward Elbas city, their coachman was already waiting in an area inside Arolyac forest .
"Go first, I have to take care of something . "
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Noah said to Ivor in a soft voice .
"I still don't understand all your hurry, what's better than a peaceful life accompanied by a beautiful girl?"
Ivor complained, shaking his head .
Noah moved his gaze on the stairs for the first floor and replied with a low voice .
"There is no peace for me . "
He climbed the stairs slowly .
He had to admit that a part of him was reluctant to leave but his first focus had to always be his personal strength .
'The faculties here are no longer useful for my rank and I believe that the Royal city will offer me many different possibilities to increase my strength . '
He arrived in front of June's room .
She had piqued up the clues about Noah's departure and became colder toward him in the last period .
'She must feel as if what happened in her childhood is reoccurring . '
Noah had probably become the only person she trusted after her family turned on her and hearing of his departure raised again her mental barriers .

"June, I'm leaving . "

June was sitting cross-legged on the floor and she opened her eyes hearing Noah speak .
She snorted and spoke in an irritated voice .
"Then leave, what are you doing here?"
Noah sighed .
'It seems like our relationship regressed to when I first met her . '
"I need to give you something first . "
"I don't need it!"
'Why is this so hard…'
Noah sighed again .
"Will you abandon the thought of surpassing me?"
She finally turned her head .
"Why would I do that? You know my plan! I will use-"
"Your family and your relationship with the Royals to gather resources in order to improve your personal power . I know, I can ensure you that it won't be enough . "

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Noah finished her phrase .
June stood up and shouted angrily at him .
"How can you be so sure? Tell me the truth, why did you become interested in me all of sudden? What were your intentions?"
'She has a point, I indeed approached her out of necessity . '
He sighed for the third time before staring June in her eyes .
"One day, they will find me, I need to move in order to obtain as many benefits as I can before I'm forced to run away again . "
June was silenced as soon as Noah began to reveal information about himself .
Noah continued .
"Look, I needed to be sure of your character and I have to admit that among all those that wanted to exploit me, your frankness is a breath of fresh air . "
June opened her mouth to speak but Noah raised one hand to stop her .
"I can't have more enemies and I have to be careful of my every move . I lie a lot to cover my tracks and I don't care much about anything except for cultivating, yet you didn't mind it and have accepted me anyway . I thank you for that, I have to say that I honestly like your company . "
That was the truth .
After losing his mother and abandoning William, the only people with whom he could stop pretending were Ivor and June . However, Ivor was mainly interested in keeping the Elemental forging method alive while June had no hidden meaning behind her actions .
June blushed lightly and lowered her head, Noah's words resembled a confession of some sort which made her embarrassed .
Noah though had other intentions and stretched his right arm toward her .

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"I trust you . If you feel the same, take my hand . You will understand part of my actions like this . "
June raised her head and stared at the hand pointed toward her .
She hesitated for a few seconds before resolving her will and stretching her hand to reach Noah's one .
As the two hands touched each other, Noah tightened his grip and spoke in a solemn voice .
"I declare you Eccentric Thunder's heir . "
The conditions of his deal were met and the orange rune moved from his torso toward his fingers before entering June's body .
A torrent of information flowed into her sea of consciousness and she released the handshake as she kneeled on the floor to support herself .
"This, this…"
She was speechless as the specifics of the inheritance ground became clear in her mind .
Attached to them, there where the memories of Noah's trial from when he entered the second stage to when he exited after making the deal .
Eccentric Thunder had secretly passed them down to warn his future heir about Noah's personality, he didn't know that those memories had the opposite effect to June .
Noah's strenuous battle that ultimately led to a failure in obtaining the inheritance due to his aptitude only increased her admiration toward the mysterious man in front of her .
"One last thing . If you ever try to use that power to harm me, I will forsake all the good moments that we had together and kill you without hesitation . "
Noah gave her one last warning before smiling lightly and leaving the room .
From that moment on, he was no longer a student of the academy!