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Chapter 179
Noah came out of the Hunters' guild and found Ivor quietly waiting for him .

He didn't enter the second floor .
Since he still had to deliver his first monthly quote, he had no discounts on the materials so he decided to complete a hunt before entering there .
Ivor asked seeing him come out .
"I've registered for a hunt, let's find an accommodation now . "
He had signed for a danger zone mainly populated by Swamp lizards and, as their name suggested, their location was inside a wide swamp in Mellow forest .
It was about fifty kilometers away from the Royal city, not too far away, and there was only another hunter signed for that same area .
Rank 3 Swamp lizards' bodies were valued thirty-five Credits if they were intact, quite a good price for a rank 3 beast, yet most of the hunters were scared by the presence of rank 4 specimens in the swamp to go there .
If an area had rank 4 magical beasts in its environment, it would be branded as a danger zone so to warn those that wanted to cross it .
However, Noah wasn't scared of their presence .
'Even if I'm not able to kill them, that doesn't mean that I have to fear them!'
Those were his thoughts when he signed for the hunting area .
The reason was simple: none of the dangerous beasts in that environment could fly .

Also, his power had greatly increased since the last time he faced a rank 4 beast, if there was the chance, he would gladly test the limits of his new strength .
"Where to?"
"Somewhere near the West gate, the rents should be more affordable there . "
Since the gates were the farthest places from the center of the capital, the concentration of "Breath" was on a normal level .
Nevertheless, Noah had to simply drop Ivor there while he did his mission, there was no reason to spend more for something that he didn't use .
They requested for a carriage in one of the gathering spots and traveled for one day to reach the West gate area .
The situation was the same as the other gate, with transport businesses crowding the main street .
They found a plain-looking building, renting rooms for five hundred Credits per month .
The room was simple, twenty square meters wide with only a bed in it but it was more than enough for Ivor .
"Here, I want you to sell these while I'm away . "
Noah handed the casket containing the seven Moon needles together with two thousand Credits to Ivor .
"Why don't you simply take the test and become accepted as a beginner inscription master?"
Noah shook his head .

"My element must remain hidden, if you don't want me to disappear, take care of this . "
Ivor saw the stern expression of his student and nodded, taking the casket and the Credits in his hands .
"Try to gain something from that, I don't want to come back and find out that you spent everything in wine . "
He reminded him before stepping out of the room and exiting the city .
'Finally alone . '
As he exited through the West gate and the vast prairie appeared in his line of sight, he felt like an enormous burden had been lifted off his shoulders .

Most of the time, Ivor was a weight and, in the area of the academy, he always felt like he was under strict observation .
Now that he was off for a long mission, he felt like he regained some of the freedom that he had obtained when he escaped from Eccentric Thunder's dimension .
'She must have decided to go there by now, I don't believe she can resist the temptation of a complete inheritance with her character . '
He smiled a little thinking about Eccentric Thunder and June .
He knew that if it wasn't for that fortuitous encounter, most of his current achievements would have been impossible .
'I can't slack off either . I wonder if I'll meet Doris once I reach the swamp . '

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Doris was the other hunter signed for Mellow forest .
'I hope she won't cause trouble for me . Well, I'm not in the academy anymore . '
As he thought of that, his eyes focused on a spot in the distance and his aura intensified, some of the magical beasts nearby cried due to the fear that Noah's coldness caused them .
Then he jumped ahead, shooting at high speed in the distance .
Fifty kilometers weren't a big distance for a cultivator with a rank 3 body but Noah still took eight days to cross them .
He followed the general directions of the map on the first floor and, in the end, he reached Mellow forest .
It could have taken less but he still decided to take many breaks to continue to train .
Even if the concentration of "Breath" was nowhere near the one of the academy, he still didn't want to completely stop his improvements .
Also, the training with the third Kesier rune didn't depend on the density of "Breath", so the enlargement of his mental sphere continued at a normal pace .
'Now, the swamp should be in the northern area of the forest . '
Noah didn't waste time and wielded his sabers as he entered the wood .
The daylight illuminated the uncovered spots below the trees and the environment was wet, that area seemed subject to frequent rains .
A black figure jumped from branch to branch toward the more humid part of the forest .

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Noah had resumed his habit to move using the branches of the trees and he used his mental energy to scan his surroundings .
From time to time, a sound inaudible by humans was released from his back, Echo scanned the area around him looking for magical beasts .
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Yet, with the exception of a few rank 1 creatures, Noah didn't find anything valuable .
'So much for a danger zone, even a kid could survive here . '
He didn't meet any danger in his few hours of exploration and the swamp area was getting closer .
'Maybe the other beasts were eaten for the birth of rank 4 specimens . '
Noah ran for half a day before finding the first rank 3 creature .
It was a Poisonous toad, one meter tall and with yellow eyes .
However, it was deeply injured with cuts all over its body and missing a leg .
It was frantically trying to run away from the direction where Noah was going to but its pitiful state made its movements extremely slow and clumsy .
Noah jumped on it and directly severed its head before inspecting its body .