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Chapter 181
Noah had flown for about half a day over the swamp .

He had met with five more groups of Swamp lizards containing rank 3 creatures and he had easily cleared them, storing the corpses of the rank 3 beasts in his space-ring .
'Twenty-five lizards and one Poisonous toad, I'm nearing the required quota for two months . '
He didn't pick up the other bodies of the Poisonous toads because their value was lower than the Swamp lizard ones, the space of his storage devices was limited after all .
He could already go back to Elbas city and obtain the discounts on the materials but, since he was already in a hunting area, he decided to gather more bodies so to not be forced to hunt frequently .
His experiments with the Elemental forging method required a long time so he would rather focus completely on them instead of being interrupted due to his duties as a hunter .
'I should rest now, I'm starting to feel some fatigue . '
He had used Echo's wings, the Shadow steps spell, the Blood drain spell, and the partial Demonic form for the whole time .
Even if he still had a lot of mental energy remaining, he chose to take a break in order to return to his peak form .
The swamp occupied a vast area and there were many small pieces of terrain not covered by the muddy waters .
Noah randomly chose one of those spots and landed on the branch of a tree .
'The situation doesn't seem too out of control . Just with the damage that I've caused today, the advancement of the swamp should have been greatly slowed . '
Noah thought as he ate some of his stash of food .
'I should buy another space-ring, eighty cubic meters are too few for my current needs . '

Noah trained shortly his centers of power before going to sleep .
He woke up as the first light of the day shined over the environment .
Yet, gray clouds immediately covered the sky, it seemed like it was going to rain soon .
'The rain should force more lizards out, today I should be able to find enough of them to return to the city . '
Noah flew again in the air and resumed his search for magical beasts .
It began to rain soon and the number of groups containing rank 3 beasts increased .
Noah vanquished each one of those groups with no hesitation, the number of corpses in his space-ring rapidly increased to thirty-three .
'I'm almost reaching the maximum capacity of what I can carry . I don't think that I can fit much more of them . '
However, at that point, Noah met the first hindrance in his hunt .
It was a green lizard, three and a half meters tall, with a scaled body and a long tail .
Its head was triangular and its four legs were thick and brawny, it seemed a small boulder placed in the middle of the swamp .
'Here is the rank 4 . '
The giant lizard had its black forked tongue immersed in the water of the swamp and its dark eyes moved continuously, inspecting everything in the area around it .

'Is it looking for me?'
Noah had unleashed quite a slaughter in the previous day, uncaringly killing a few hundred lizards in the perimetric parts of the swamp .

Those magical beasts used their tongues as an investigative method, capable of extending the surface perceived if they used the water as a channel .
'They must have sensed their numbers decreasing and they sent out this creature to explore, they are quite wary of external dangers . '
He knew that his actions couldn't go unnoticed, the whole swamp could be considered the lair of those beasts after all .
'Should I stop?'
Noah thought .
The lizard hadn't found him and, if he remained outside the water, it would be difficult to be discovered .
'I will just go around it . '
Noah changed the direction he was flying to and went looking for other rank 3 beasts, instead of moving toward the center of the swamp, he was exploring its external area .
He found more rank 3 beasts and the number of corpses stored became forty .
Nevertheless, he was forced to stop his hunt due to an unexpected encounter .

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On one of the trees in an area not covered by water, a middle-aged woman stood staring in the distance .
Following her line of sight, Noah saw two rank 4 Swamp lizards in the distance .
'That makes three already . '
Noah thought, moving his gaze back on the woman .
The woman sensed something and turned in his way, she and Noah stared at each other for a while .
Noah then took out the token from the Hunters' guild, making her relax .
She showed a token identical to Noah's one and pointed toward another area away from the rank 4 beasts .
'Does she want to talk?'
Noah nodded and flew where she indicated .
The hunter followed him closely, making big leaps to jump on the sparse trees present in the swamp .
'She doesn't seem to be using spells but that doesn't seem like a rank 4 body . '
Noah analyzed her strength as he flew, he wouldn't trust somebody just because they belonged to the same organization .
"Doris, right?"

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He asked to the nearing figure as he landed on the muddy ground .
The woman jumped off a tree and landed right in front of him .
"Yes, you must be new . "
She spoke in a friendly manner to Noah .
"Vance . "
Noah said, moving his gaze on the big creatures in the distance .
"How many rank 4 lizards did you meet?"
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He asked in a plain voice .
"These are the first that I've met in a week that I explore the swamp . "
"I've met another one, there has to be more of them . "
Doris nodded .
"They were in the center of the pack till now, something must have happened in order to have rank 4 beasts patrolling . Wait, was that your fault?"
She realized that the only thing that changed since she had been there was Noah's presence so there had to be a connection between his arrival and the new behavior of the beasts .
Noah shrugged his shoulders before answering in a plain voice .
"If by fault you mean hunting them, then yes . I thought that the whole point of being a hunter was about collecting beasts' corpses . "