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Chapter 182: 182
"We are not supposed to spoil other hunters' work! You just disrupted my pace of killing!"

Doris angrily shouted at Noah .
Water continued to pour from the sky, Noah watched coldly as the middle-aged woman rebuked him .
"So what?"
Noah answered, he wouldn't really care if his actions endangered other people .
From his point of view, if you weren't strong enough to face situations with rank 4 beasts than you shouldn't have come there in the first place .
"You have to compensate me for my losses! I'd say that one monthly quota is enough to pacify the situation . "
She smiled saying those words .
'Does she want me to pay her? I thought that only nobles could be so naïve . '
His appearance was one of a young man but he clearly exuded the aura of a strong cultivator, asking for compensation in that way suggested that he was clearly being underestimated .
"Have fun with your remaining time here, I'm going in that direction . "
Noah didn't deign her of an answer and unfolded his wings again to continue in his hunt .
"Wait, the rules describe this situation perfectly! If a hunter is to spoil the hunting zone of other cultivators of the guild, he has to recompense them with his own wealth!"
Noah stopped, he didn't really read the rules of the guild, he didn't believe that they were so strict so he didn't bother inspecting them .
After a few seconds deep in thought, he raised his head to face the woman .

"I don't care . "
The rain poured nonstop and created large puddles on the terrain where they were standing .
One of those puddles linked itself to the water of the swamp and Doris stepped her foot in it to chase behind Noah that had turned to leave again .
"You newbie! You must follow the rules otherwise-"
A loud cry interrupted her words and they both turned where the sound came from .
The two rank 4 Swamp lizards in the distance were viciously staring at them with their tongues still immersed in the swamp .
Noah knew that they had been discovered and shot in the air in order to leave the area .
"Hey, wait for me!"
Doris chose to retreat too and followed Noah in his escape .
She stopped using the branches of the trees to move and directly ran through the water, uncaring of the muddy terrain .
Mud could not hinder a rank 3 body .

Another cry resounded from their side, the other rank 4 lizard that Noah had passed previously was attracted by the earlier roar and hastily ran for their position .
Swamp lizards weren't extremely fast in their movements but they could swim skillfully if the situation needed it .
The other two lizards chased them, immersing half of their bodies in the swamp to pick up speed, they were clearly faster than the two hunters .
However, Noah was at ease .
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He was in the sky flying freely, those magical beasts had no long-distance attacks so he could run away whenever he wanted .

Doris, on the other hand, began to panic .
She had approached the pack of beasts carefully, being extra cautious not to be discovered .
Since she had no way to escape the stronger creatures, she had to take things slowly or it would have meant her demise .
That was one of the reasons why she was so angry at Noah's behavior, she had planned things meticulously only to be ruined by his appearance .
"Wait, help me!"
She yelled at the youth over her .
Yet, no response came from Noah as he continued to fly, distancing himself from her .

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Doris knew that she was being abandoned .
Her eyes became resolute and she gathered strength in her lower body .
She then jumped, leaving a long trail of mud and murky water in the air as she rose to a height of ten meters with her action .
One of her arms stretched and reached for the right foot of the hunter that spoiled her preparations .
'The fuck?'
Noah turned to see Doris hanging from his leg with a smug smile on her face .
He couldn't fly carrying another person with him and his altitude diminished rapidly as both of them began to fall in the swamp .
Noah's expression became dark and two sabers appeared in his hands .
"Wait, we can escape togeth-"
Doris felt the incoming danger and tried to pacify the situation .
However, Noah had already decided .
The first form of the Ashura was executed, coupled with his partial Demonic form that covered with toxic smoke all his material and ethereal attacks .
Twelve fuming sabers clashed on her, leaving deep marks on her body and consuming her flesh .
Her arms were severed, her waist pierced, her throat cut, she stared with wide eyes as the distance with Noah increased due to her fall in the swamp .

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Noah hastily grabbed the two arms that were about to fall and stood in the air, coldly watching the scene progress .
Doris fell on the water and the rank 4 lizards immediately reached for her body, biting and eating every piece of flesh that they managed to tear .
Of Doris' figure, only a red spot remained that was quickly carried away by the waters of the swamp .
She was dead!
The lizards then raised their heads to look at the human in the air .
Noah felt three pairs of eyes applying pressure on his mental sphere but incapable of doing any damage to it .
'Not yet . '
Noah thought, replying to the stare of the beasts with one of his own .
'I still can't face you . '
Rank 4 creatures generally had a higher intelligence compared to their weaker versions .
Once they saw that Noah could fly, they decided not to waste time in his pursuit and simply looked at him .
Noah felt that they were threatening him not to come again in their lair .
He continued to stare at the creatures for quite some time, enjoying the sensation of looking down on stronger beings .
'Is this what Thomas felt when he exchanged gazes with that dragon?' .
He shook his head and put that thought in the back of his mind as he turned to exit the swamp .
Two arms were in his hands, unceasingly dripping blood in the waters below .