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Chapter 185
Noah was in a wide room, staring at a few items in front of him .

He was deep in thought, sorting the events of the last day .
'Selling the magical beasts' corpses earned me a bit more than two thousand Credits, their value was a bit higher than the Moon needles . '
As soon as he had left his previous accommodation with Ivor, he had directly taken a carriage for the Hunters' guild in order to sell the bodies in his space-ring .
He had sixty rank 3 magical beasts, that amount filled four monthly quotas and awarded him with a ten percent discount on the items deriving from magical beasts .
No one asked him anything about Doris, hunters would ofter disappear for a long time after all .
The items in front of him were exactly what he had bought on the second floor of the guild, yet, with just that discount, their prices were still high .
'Bones of a rank 4 Undead chameleon and two Beast's quintessence for a total of twenty thousand Credits . If I'm not able to join hunts for rank 4 creatures, I will go broke soon . '
There were about twenty gray bones eighty centimeters long and two bottles with a dark red liquid in front of him .
The Undead chameleon was a magical beast of the darkness element with peculiar qualities .
It could enter a state of apparent death when the environment lacked enough nourishment, only to revive as soon as a prey arrived or the density of "Breath" increased .
Its skeleton and internal organs were highly suitable for stressful procedures due to that quality and were easy to manipulate, which made them the perfect material for Noah's current level .

They were body parts of a rank 4 creature after all, weaker cultivators couldn't process them so easily .
Just the price for those bones amounted to ten thousand Credits which meant that the value of a complete rank 4 beast would be much higher!
As for the two bottles, their price was about five thousand Credits each, Noah had decided to buy them after testing the effects of the quintessence in Mellow forest .
'This place is expensive too . Well, the density of "Breath" is high at least . '
The chamber where he was at that moment was one of the two rooms of his new habitation .
It was near the Hunters' guild and featured an area reinforced with inscriptions that met Noah's needs .
The concentration of "Breath" was also higher compared to the one on the streets of the capital .
However, the price was four thousand Credits per month .
'Sixteen thousand Credits for four months of rent, added to twenty thousand for these items and deducting my gains, I have more than seventy thousand Credits left . '
They were still a lot of money but Noah was worried anyway .
Twenty bones were enough only for twenty experiments after all, Noah wasn't so delusional to think that he could succeed just with that .

'I'll think about it later, now I should focus, it's finally time to become serious . '
He closed his eyes and a small strand of the gaseous "Breath" in his dantian rose from his waist and moved toward his head .

Noah's ethereal figure appeared on the walls of his mental sphere and hastily took the strand of "Breath", using its body to connect the outside world with the interiors of Noah's sea of consciousness .
As soon as the "Breath" entered the sphere, it began to quiver madly, threatening to detonate right at the bottom of the sea of mental energy .
Nevertheless, Noah expected that much and acted promptly .
Mental energy was continuously expended as Noah forced away the will of Heaven and Earth from that minute amount of "Breath" .
The process took one hour and exhausted almost all of Noah's mental energy but, in the end, the "Breath" was rendered harmless .
'This will take a while . '
Noah thought as he laid on the floor to sleep .
The "Breath" in his dantian was in the second rank, the difficulty in refining it had increased by a lot .

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Noah could only absorb a small piece of it before he was forced to rest .
Yet, just that quantity wasn't his limit .
His sea of consciousness had improved at a faster pace than his dantian and was also the first to break through between the two, it could withstand the gaseous "Breath" of a rank 2 cultivator .
Noah rested and repeated that procedure as soon as he woke up before being forced to rest again .
When the third absorption ended, Noah felt that his headache had reached the point where it could hinder Noah's concentration during the forging, so he decided to stop accumulating "Breath" .
After another day of rest, it was time to inject his will .
The black gas in his sea of consciousness was immersed in the sea and Noah stood for three days imagining a saber cleaving the sky in two .
He had become better at imbuing his will on the "Breath", when the process was over, a small black blade stood in his mental sphere emitting a strong sharpness .
'It's time . '
He waited for his form to return to its peak and laid the bone of the Undead chameleon in front of him .
'This will be the body of my creation . It will give it a sturdy composition and it will easily allow for the main material to fuse with it . '

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The bone of the magical beast was not the main ingredient in Noah's design .
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There was one material that he knew was far stronger and destructive than anything he had seen in his life .
A substance that made possible his escape from the Balvan family .
Mental energy was expended, as well as the "Breath" that he had just refined .
On his two Kesier runes, the black roots lit up and black smoke was emitted in Noah's hand .
Noah focused like never before, trying to control the smoke of the Demonic form spell to stay still in his palm .
He knew that the toxic gas was wild, almost impossible to restrain .
However, if he used his own personal "Breath" to produce it and then use the reinforced connection to manipulate it, will that be enough to make it his main material?
Noah's eyes shone as his concentration reached its peak .
The smoke on his palm stopped its expansion and gathered in the form of a small black sphere .