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Chapter 187: 187
Noah filled more buckets with his own blood in the following days and proceeded to sink the remaining eighteen chameleon bones in them .

After sealing them carefully, he stored the buckets in his space-ring .
According to Noah's calculations, those containers had to be sealed at least for a month in order for the bones to change their nature .
The Undead chameleon was a rare creature, its adaptability was widely known between the experts in the magical beasts' field, that was partly the reason behind its high price .
'I guess, I'm eighteen now . '
Noah thought, looking at the light coming from a window in his habitation .
Since he had to wait for the treatment of the materials to be over, he had returned to focus on his training, especially his Yin body .
One bottle of Beast's quintessence was already used and the other one was almost empty, he had enough liquid for only one more night of training .
Noah wielded his sabers and practiced in his martial art, the ethereal additional arms became more real every time his power increased or his mastery of the art neared perfection .
Once he became able to use the Third form of the Ashura, his martial art would lose most of its ties with the Nails of the Kamaitachi and transform in something different .
It was already at the level of the fourth rank after all, his fighting style was mostly set, the time when he would have to create higher tier arts by himself was approaching .
'Generally speaking, martial arts are a weaker version of spells, cultivators perform diagrams with their movements and manipulate the "Breath" accordingly to obtain a similar effect . I wonder if it's too early to think about it, I still have to master my current art . '

His knowledge of the cultivation topic was vast .
Most noble families would just rely on their accumulated techniques and spells to nurture their descendants, they had no clue on the theories behind their creation .
Noah didn't realize it but his foundation was really solid, if one didn't consider the specialized fields like alchemy and similar, there were really a few aspects of cultivation where he had doubts about .
That was one of the advantages of being instructed in the academy, each of its students would have a smooth cultivation journey and avoid harmful practices .
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Night arrived again and Noah emptied the contents of his potion to hasten the improvements of his body .
However, halfway through the night, the effects of the quintessence vanished .
Noah focused on his back and noticed that some remains of the substance were still there but his body seemed to be immune to it .
'I've developed a tolerance, I can't use it anymore . '
Drugs couldn't be used endlessly otherwise there would be cultivators in the divine ranks everywhere .
The bodies of the cultivators were already particularly strong, it was no wonder that as their power rose, they would become used to a treatment faster .

The solution to that was to either undergo a stronger treatment or to stop altogether .
In time, the body would purify itself and allow weaker drugs to affect it .
Noah had already used the Beast's essence in his youth but his body had greatly improved in the time that had passed, that's why he could almost use three full bottles before becoming tolerant .
Since his dantian wouldn't be stressed anymore, Noah spent the rest of the night cultivating both the Yin body and the Dark vortex technique .
When the daylight shone and he was about to wield his sabers, a loud knock resounded from the entrance door .
Noah was quite surprised and focused to be ready for every situation .
He didn't know many people after all, and those that knew where he lived were even less .
When he opened the door, he was met by a familiar smiling face full of golden hair .
"Professor, how come I'm not surprised that you know where I'm staying?"
Thaddeus laughed lightly before pointing toward the interiors of the accommodation .

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"Can I come in?"
Noah shrugged his shoulders and turned, moving toward one of the couches of the room and picking one of Ivor's jars along the way .
As he sat, he poured two glasses of wine and drank a bit before speaking in a sarcastic tone .
"So, in which other shady business can I be of help?"
Noah was quite relaxed in Thaddeus' presence .
He knew about the Royal inheritance and he also knew that Thaddeus wanted to use him before some complication appeared .
Since Noah didn't believe that he had come there for the inheritance ground, he supposed that it was about another activity in which the Royal family could not interfere personally .
"Oh, I guess we left a bad impression on you after the last time . That was my bad, I apologize . "
He was referring to the match against Manuel .
"Why didn't you use the token?"
Noah didn't care much about that matter, it's not like he would have trusted the Royal family anyway .

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"This matter is a bit personal, I wanted to speak in a safe environment . "
Thaddeus said while slowly sipping the wine in his glass .
Noah became slightly interested in the matter .
"There is a problem with one of the students . You know, the strong point of the academy is the number of techniques and spells available at a low price, this is what attracts most of the youths and gives us the time to recruit them in our ranks . However, we also know that we can't keep all of them, some students will still decide to return to their families and aim for the position of the patriarch . "
'That's obvious, you can't expect heirs from large-size noble families to just join the rulers of the country . They know that they will never be trusted in the ranks of the Royals . '
"Most of the techniques that we sell are copies made by the inscription masters in the Royal Mansion but there are few exceptions like yours and Daniel's one . Yet, the value of these copies depends on how many replicas are around, if all those scrolls were to end in the hands of the noble families, our appeal over the new generations would fade . "
Noah said, he understood what he was saying but he couldn't see the problem about it .
Thaddeus' expression became complex and he spoke with a soft voice .
"So, one student spent ten million Credits and bought more than one hundred techniques and spells . "