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Published at 23rd of September 2019 08:25:06 AM

Chapter 190
Noah had never forgotten how the soldiers from the Muwlos family had tried to prevent his arrival at the entrance test of the academy .

'I wonder if that wind mage will be there to protect him . That one should be an interesting fight . '
The sheets described how Samuel was about to leave the academy after his purchase in the inventory but was instead held back by various means .
'That was probably a plot from the Royals, they needed time to put together a group for the mission . '
As for the objective of the mission, it was clearly stated on the sheets .
'Retrieve the copies of the techniques and kill the student that dared to join a scheme against the Royal dynasty . '
'They must be really mad about this . I almost feel pity for Samuel, I bet he doesn't really know in what mess he ended up . '
Noah shook his head thinking about the idiocy of that young man, he couldn't really understand how most nobles were so stupid .
'One month from now, town of Vonduhr, Three-jugs tavern . That's the gathering point for my team . '
There was a detailed map pointing out the best route to reach the appointed town .
'One month… It might be enough to forge something . '

The bones of the Undead chameleon were being refined in his own blood .
Before he had to leave to reach Vonduhr, he had about two weeks in which he could continue to experiment .
However, that time could be used to increase his power as much as he could .
'Betting on the Elemental forging is quite risky, at least for my current ability in that method . I should just leave the bones to refine and focus on my training, that can only benefit me . '
Of course, the more the bones were left in his own blood, the more they would mimic its proprieties .
Noah needed for them to be recognized as part of his own body by the Demonic form spell otherwise the black smoke would just consume them .
Instead of risking a rank 4 material, he would gladly leave it to refine for some more time to focus on a more reliable power .
After all, even if the materials were refined correctly, he wasn't sure he could forge something stable in just two weeks .
Having made his decision, Noah didn't waste time and gave Ivor a list of items to buy together with the Credits needed .
He needed to refill his stash of potions and food, he had to buy new sets of clothes, he couldn't be left shirtless in an undercover mission .

After he set everything, he took out the Kesier rune and began to train, every little improvement could be essential for his survival .
A few weeks later, in a small village near Vonduhr .
Samuel sat in a poor wooden house with his two hands clenched on a cup of tea .
He was trembling and drops of cold sweat ran down his forehead .
"Young Master, it was the decision of the family . You must bear the responsibilities of the Cause . "
Abel stood right in front of him, trying to reinvigorate his spirit .
Samuel shook his head and threw the cup on the wall, spilling all its contents on the old wood .

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"And what do you even know? I saw the monsters in the academy and I saw the power of the Royal dynasty! They have flying ships dammit! They could wipe out an entire large-size noble family overnight if they wanted and my family wisely agreed to make me the scapegoat for this fucking Cause! Did my father know about all of this? Did he know that his sole heir would be the target of the Royals' hatred?"
Abel lowered his head at the man's complains .
He had been a guard of the Muwlos family for his entire life, he had seen Samuel grow and knew how attached his father was to him .
However, the Cause was too important and the benefits related to it were incredible .
He spoke in an apologetic tone with his head still lowered .
"Young Master, the benefits that our family will receive if this mission succeeds would be enormous . We would forever have a privileged position in the noble academy and we were exempted from paying our share to reach ten million Credits . Your father emphasized your worth greatly for you to be assigned to this role . "
Abel's words didn't manage to calm Samuel down who continued in his protests .
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"What worth!? I'm basically stealing from the Royal academy! If they catch me, not only me but the entire family will pay the price for the insubordination!"

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Abel raised his head and put a hand on the young man's shoulder .
"You've never stolen anything, that's one of our advantages . Since you have rightly purchased those techniques and spells, the Royal family can't personally intervene in the matter, they can just send cultivators unrelated to them . However, all the strongest cultivators are under their rule or loyal to the Cause, even the other large-size families that are neutral have confirmed that they won't interfere with this matter . With me here, the odds are on our side . "
Samuel was slightly reassured by his words and heaved a long sigh .
"What is our actual battle prowess?"
Abel sat next to him and took out a map from his sleeve, unfolding it on the table in front of them .
"We have sixty soldiers, thirty-five of them are rank 1 cultivators in the solid stage while the other twenty-five are in the second rank . I know that you are still in the first rank but don't worry, I will personally guard you . "
Samuel nodded seeing such manpower and then turned to look at Abel .
"You have a rank 4 body, right?"
Abel made a wide smile and patted his chest in confidence .
"Yes, I am a rank 2 cultivator in the liquid stage, rank 2 mage, and have a rank 4 body . I know that my body-nourishment method is among the weakest rank 4 methods but its power must not be underestimated! Also, it sacrifices most of the physical strengthening to focus on healing abilities! I can be your meat-shield for the whole journey back in the mansion . "
Samuel finally became completely calm and gestured toward the map .
"What's our route?"
"We move to Vonduhr in a few weeks and then we take the mountain path to return in the Muwlos domain . "