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Chapter 191
Vonduhr was a small city situated at the beginning of a mountain path .

It was mostly inhabited by non-cultivators, the people there lived off simple professions like hunting or farming .
However, in the last month, many peculiar people were seen crossing its streets to enter the Three-jugs tavern .
What was also peculiar was that the tavern, which was one of the few recreative businesses in the city, had closed its entrance to the normal citizen .
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The common people of that world knew that when something unexpected or strange happened, it was likely related to the world of cultivation .
Therefore, they began to avoid the tavern and continue with their own business, if those peculiar people were really cultivators, they would rather stay away from them .
Noah arrived in Vonduhr exactly one month after he had received the "Breath" blessing .
He was wearing tight black clothes as usual but his head was covered with a large hood and half of his face was hidden behind a tight scarf .
Only his cold eyes were uncovered and they carefully examined the streets of the city .
'Should be that way . '
Noah moved toward a small building with a banner featuring three jugs .
He had trained for the whole month, steadily improving his strength and making the best use of his new cultivation resource .

Sadly, he didn't manage to have any breakthrough of the sort, he simply had not enough time for that .
'I wonder what type of cultivators did the Royal family gathered . '
Noah arrived in front of the tavern and knocked three times before opening his mouth to speak through the scarf .
"The golden eagle eats the red mouse . "
The door released a metallic sound after those words were spoken and Noah pushed it to enter the building .
He was immediately assaulted by a tense atmosphere as twenty or so cultivators turned to look at him .
They were mostly dressed like him, with their faces covered and wary gazes, yet there were a few exceptions .
"My, my, another valiant warrior . Would you like a cup of wine?"
A female voice sounded as soon as the door closed .
Noah turned to see a figure walking toward him holding a jug that exuded an intoxicating smell .
The figure belonged clearly to a female cultivator and that wasn't only obvious from her voice .
She was almost naked, with only a few strands of clothes wrapped around her bosom and buttocks .

Her face was almost completely covered by yellow bandages, revealing only her shiny green eyes .
Her sensual forms coupled with her gaze would test the self-restraint of any man .
Noah felt that the odor coming from the jug was attempting to affect his mental sphere so he immediately reacted .
A saber appeared in his hand and he swung it toward the wine .
The woman dodged the attack but a few drops of the liquid contained in the jug fell on the ground and began to consume the wood of the floor .

In a few seconds, a small fuming hole was created in the tavern .
An awkward silence was created in the room as all the cultivators stared at the hole .
"Oh my! I must have switched the liquid, I'm sorry! Take this refreshing beverage as a sign of excuse . "
The woman took out another cup and tried to hand it to Noah .
"Jean, stop it . We all know of your title 'Enchanting poison', do you really think that the Royals would recruit someone that stupid to fall for your traps?"

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A fat man spoke to her from the back of the room .
"Shut up, fatty! Let me have some fun . Those fucking Elbas have kept me in a cage till now!"
The man snorted at her rebuke .
"Didn't you expect that much after you killed almost everyone in your mansion?"
"Hmph! They were just blind idiots, they didn't recognize my talent so they had to die . "
Jean said, sitting in a corner of the room with her legs spread wide, revealing the covered parts of her lower body .
The gazes of the male cultivators turned to stare at her with eager eyes and many gulps could be heard in the room .
'Why must I always be surrounded by idiots?'
Noah internally shook his head and turned to sit near a wall of the tavern .
"Hey, new one, what's your story?"
The fat cultivator asked Noah .
"I don't have a story . "

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Noah casually answered and closed his eyes, he had understood by then that the people in there were just like him: criminals .
"But you must have one, I'd even bet an interesting one for you to be here . I'm fatty Joe, I did some stuff on the western side of the country and now I'm a dog of the Royal dynasty . "
Jean snorted and looked at Noah .
"Don't listen to him, he is a fatty addicted to human flesh . I advise you to never turn your back on him if you don't want to be bitten . "
"Come on, don't be that mean, my cultivation technique works like that . I believe that everyone in this room has done its fair share of crimes to cultivate in this world ruled by nobles . "
"He is right, Jean . We are the demons that the Royals use when they don't want to get their hands dirty . "
Another man spoke, joining the conversation .
Jean snorted and spoke in an angry voice .
"Those fucking nobles think that they can set rules that only benefit them and label as a 'Demon' everyone that manages to break them . I could have been the genius of my generation in the alchemy field, instead I was relegated to be the maidservant of spoiled brats for half my life . No wonder the Elbas family ruled for such a long time, they don't care much about your origins and just accept everyone that has talent . "
"Haha, that's true . But it's also true that they only use us as disposable slaves . "
"Well, we don't have much choice . If we want to continue to cultivate, we need their support . "
Many other people joined the conversation and Noah listened attentively to their words .
In the end, realization dawned upon him .
'They are just like me, talented people that had to break the rules to embark on the cultivation journey . I guess it's true that the Royal family has gathered enough dangerous individuals through their rule, I'm just the last one to join their hidden forces . '