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Chapter 193
After explaining the final dispositions, the representative from the Royal family ordered everyone to move .

Thirty hooded figures exited the tavern together and ran toward the mountain path, outside of Vonduhr .
Meanwhile, right outside the city, on the opposite side from where the group from the Royal family went .
Sixty men wearing the emblem of the Muwlos family marched at a steady pace inside the town .
Samuel was in the center of the group, he was wearing an anxious expression and his eyes darted every time he heard a loud sound .
"Young master, please calm down . The Royals would never attack inside the borders of a city . The danger will come on the mountain path . "
Abel was right at his side, whispering with a soft voice to his ear .
The soldiers around them were simple guards, unaware of the political struggles that the Muwlos family was creating .
If they knew that they were against the schemes of the Royal dynasty, their determination might crumble and they might even refuse to continue in their mission .
"I know but I can't help it . It's the first time that I'm in such a dangerous situation . "
Samuel whispered .
As the heir of a large-size noble family, he had never faced a deadly danger .
Jumping from his lofty position to being an enemy of the overlords of the nation was a heavy blow on his mind .
"Don't worry . With me here, there are a few things that can hurt you . "

However, Samuel wasn't satisfied with that same answer when the danger was about to crash on them .
"What makes you so sure that they won't send someone on your same level or stronger?"
Abel heard Samuel's complaint and organized his thoughts to give him his best answer .
Yet, when he opened his mouth to speak, what came out was a question .
"Why do you think the Royals didn't stop you from buying those techniques?"
Samuel thought for a bit before answering .
"Because I followed the rules . "
"Exactly . To create the current peaceful situation between the nobles and the Royals, the Elbas family had to always stick to their own rules . You must understand that if all the noble families were to fight together against the Royals, they would ultimately win . "
"What are you implying?"
"I'm saying that the moment they break their own rules, the other noble families will feel authorized to act . Two thousand years ago there was no one that could match the Elbas family but now our nation is flourishing and every noble family has increased their power by a lot . They indeed have many large-size families as allies but the situation will change if they personally interfere with matters that happened according to their rules . Tell me, would you trust an ally that doesn't respect his own agreements?"
"Of course not!"
Samuel's answer was immediate, he was beginning to understand Abel's reasoning .
"This is exactly what is happening . If they were to kill you directly, their allies will lose their trust toward the Royals and shift their support to the Cause . That's why they will probably use cultivators unrelated to them to make it look like an accident . I bet they have emptied their cells for this mission . "

Abel concluded, releasing a small laugh to relax his young master .
"So, you are sure that you will be enough?"
"Obviously, my body is specialized in protracted fights . Even if someone on my level appeared, I will just hold him back to give you enough time to escape . Also, these soldiers are the best that the family could give you, each of them has a rank 3 martial art!"
Samuel nodded and finally showed a smile .
For simple guards of a noble family, having a rank 3 martial art meant that they had performed many valuable services, which also meant that they weren't inexperienced .
"Then we should hurry up . Let's refill our stashes of food in the city and move toward the Muwlos domain . "
Noah and the others in his group reached for the mountain path and waited for further instructions .
The representative stood with his eyes closed inspecting a rune in his hand .
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That rune was the inscribed item through which the spies of the Royal family sent information to him .
The other hooded figures were around him, waiting in silence .
After a few minutes, he opened his eyes and pointed toward an area .
"They will cross that area . Hurry, prepare the trap with Jean's poison . "
The cultivators hastily dug the terrain where the representative indicated and Jean carefully lowered her barrel inside it .
Then, the hole was covered and they went on their respective positions in hidden parts of the mountain over that point .
A group of ten cultivators stood in a newly created cave, hidden with roots and branches .
Noah was among them, they had to attack as soon as the effects of the poison vanished, they were basically the vanguard of the mission .
"Do you want to make a quick warm-up?"
Jean's almost-naked figure was behind him, speaking with a tempting voice .
Noah still didn't know how she could exude such a peculiar aura .
"Why do you bother me? There are others that would gladly take my place . "
He answered her, keeping his focus on the road below .

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She tried to lean on him but was stopped by the appearance of a saber pointing at her chest, Noah had wielded it as soon as she became too close .
"See, that's why . "
She said, pointing at the blade .
"Because you are the only one that refuses me . "
"I'm just focused on the mission . "
Jean chuckled and shook her head .
"I believe that you are saying the truth but I also believe that you simply don't care about my body . "
Noah turned and looked at her figure from head to toe .
"You have a nice body, so what? Should I drool over you?"
If that was a normal situation, he would just ignore her .
However, since it was during a mission where he wasn't clear about the strength of the enemies, he would prefer to end the conversation as soon as he could .
"No, I just thought that since you don't care about my body, you might not mind my face . "