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Chapter 201
'It's over . '

Noah heaved a sigh and looked around him .
The signs of the battle were clearly shown on the terrain .
Large red puddles covered the ground and corpses filled the environment .
The mountain path had been ruined, holes and marks were everywhere on the terrain, normal carriages could not cross that road anymore .
'I should first gather all the valuable things and then rest . Even with a rank 2 dantian, I'm almost out of "Breath" . '
Noah went to every corpse on the ground and searched for storage devices or valuable items .
The soldiers of the Muwlos family had no space-rings and their weapons could only be sold for pieces of gold so he simply ignored them .
By selling one Obsidian Credit, one could obtain a large amount of gold, that currency had completely lost any value in Noah's eyes .
The only exceptions in that group were Abel and Samuel from whom Noah obtained three space-rings .
As for the cultivators recruited by the Royal family, their situations were poor .
Most of them had been detained till they were needed for that mission while the others lived a simple life, spending every Credit they managed to gain as soon as it entered their pockets .
After all, their situation was different from Noah's .
He was enrolled in the academy and his strength was needed in the Royal inheritance, most of his wealth came from those two factors .
"Hey, could you see my face before I die?"

A voice sounded from an area on the battlefield .
Noah turned in its direction only to see Jean with a large bloody hole on her waist .
The bandages on her face had turned from yellow to red due to the blood that came out of her mouth .
Yet, she was still able to speak .
Noah neared her and inspected her body .
The wound was too deep, she was still losing blood from it and the internal injury seemed impossible to repair .
"Show me . "
He said .
One of the reasons why he could fight against Abel while maintaining most of his strength was due to her poison, he wouldn't mind wasting a few seconds to fulfill her last wish .
Also, if she had seen his battle, he had to make sure that she died .
Jean slowly raised her hands and removed the bandages from her face .
Little by little, the scorched flesh behind them was revealed .
She had almost no flesh left on her face, her facial muscles were clearly visible but they were green and they constantly released some yellow pus .
That image was the complete opposite of her sensual body .

"Do you like it?"
She asked, trying to perform a smile with her ruined mouth .
"It's just a face . "
Noah answered calmly, inspecting her heartbeat with his mental energy .
"I see . "
She said closing her eyes and exhaling her last breath .
Noah sighed, that encounter left a bitter taste in his mouth .
'I could have ended in the same situation if things were just a bit different . '
In the end, Noah managed to retrieve a total of thirty thousand Credits from all the corpses, even though most of that sum came from the space-ring of the representative of the Royal family .

Also, some of them had inscribed weapons that he could sell which Noah gladly took with him .
Only Abel and Samuel's devices had still to be completely sorted out .
Noah sat in on the ground and began to inspect them .
Abel's ring only had a few thousand Credits in it and some potions of good quality which Noah took without hesitation .

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The interiors of Samuel's personal storage device, instead, were quite surprising .
Not only its width was of one hundred cubic meters, but it was also filled with all sorts of potions and cultivation resources .
Most importantly though, it contained fifty thousand Credits!
'Most of these items are useless to me, my cultivation level is too high . It seems that I will have a lot of things to sell once I go back to the Royal city . '
He had way more situational potions that he needed and a majority of them were of poor quality .
He would rather gain some extra Credit to purchase rank 4 materials rather that keeping items that he would never use .
In the end, he sorted everything out except for the ring containing spells and techniques .
'Eighty-three thousand Credits, nineteen inscribed weapons in the first rank, and more than one hundred situational potions . There is also this reagent to sell with all the storage devices that I found . '
He had taken Samuel's ring for himself but decided to sell his smaller one .
'Two hundred and fifty cubic meters of space is more than enough for my needs, I should just transform the other rings in Credits . '
According to his calculations, his total gains from that mission would surpass one hundred thousand Credits!
'Another inscribed weapon that I can't sell, I feel like I'm keeping trophies of my crimes . '
Noah thought, putting Samuel's weapon together with those of the heirs of the Balvan family .

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'Now, it's time for the last ring . '
His eyes shone in excitement as he held the device containing the techniques and spells of the academy .
"Young man, I believe that one belongs to me . "
A voice interrupted his line of thought and Noah raised his head to look in the direction where it came from .
A middle-aged man stood in the air with his hands behind his back .
He had short golden hair and wore a loose golden robe .
Even if Noah was staring right at him, he couldn't sense his presence with his mental energy .
'How strong is he?'
Noah guessed that the man came from the Royal family, who could arrive as soon as the battle was over after all?
He immediately put a shameful smile on his face and stood up, performing a deep bow to the cultivator hoovering in the air .
"My lord, do you mind if I take a look at the scrolls inside this ring? You know, the battle has been extremely hard and most of my resources have been expended…"
The man snorted and opened his mouth to speak .
"Why do you think I've let you plunder the battlefield? Also, my son had already given you quite a sum for your services . If that big boulder of "Breath" blessing hadn't been personally retrieved by you, I would have have never allowed for it to be divided . "