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Chapter 202: 202
'My son? Is he Thaddeus' father?'

Realization dawned upon Noah after he heard those words .
He hastily performed another bow in excuse .
"I'm sorry Your Majesty for not recognizing you!"
Thaddeus' father just waved his hand and scoffed softly .
The space-ring in Noah's hands moved by itself and floated toward the cultivator in the air .
Noah stared at it with wide eyes, he had never seen a mental energy so powerful!
'His sea of consciousness must be in the heroic ranks!'
The man inspected the ring and nodded before turning to leave .
"Your Majesty, please wait . I wonder if you could solve some of my doubts about this mission . "
The cultivator stopped his tracks and turned to stare at the young man on the wasted mountain path .

"I guess you deserve some clarification to improve our future cooperation . Go ahead, ask me what you want . "
Noah had a lot of doubts in his mind, everything about that mission didn't feel right .
"Why the force of the Muwlos family was so weak? As a large-size noble family, they should have rank 3 cultivators to use . And why was our force so weak? I bet that there are stronger criminals in your prisons . "
Noah couldn't help but think that this mission was way less important than what Thaddeus made it seem .
'Sure, there were cultivators a with rank 4 bodies, yet those should still be simple pawns if I consider the powers where they came from . '
The cultivator in the air thought for a bit after hearing Noah's words and then answered in a calm tone .
"You can think of this mission as a probe . "
Noah listened attentively .
"Since the creation of our dynasty, the noble families have always tried to gain more power . Well, it's in the human nature to strive for greatness, if the chance presented itself, everyone would aim for the position of King . "
"However, the conditions for our rule were fair and the nation developed under our domain . That's why there have never been that many revolts in the last two thousand years . There weren't many willing to risk their positions for the Cause . "

"Yet, a cultivator of the light element appeared and many nobles loyal to the Cause felt that their time to rise had come . You might not know it but a rebellion is likely to happen in the next decades . "
'So, it's still about Daniel . The nobles are betting on him for dethroning the Elbas family . He still has to explain everything though . '
"As for your questions, you are right, both us and the Muwlos family have stronger soldiers . Yet, a cultivator in the third rank is extremely valuable, only one step away from becoming an entity in the heroic ranks, powerful families are unwilling to use them as disposable soldiers . Also, our system is quite strict so to obtain a rank 3 cultivation technique you must have shown loyalty toward your organization . Sending them in battle would raise the importance of the mission . "
Noah lowered his head .
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He understood that rank 3 cultivators were at the peak of the human ranks .
'Thaddeus told me that I had to join them if I wanted a rank 3 cultivation technique too, I guess they really value those soldiers .
Nevertheless, that still didn't completely explain the situation .
"Your Majesty, are you saying that an heir of a large-size noble family is less valuable than a soldier with a rank 3 dantian?"

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Thaddeus' father sighed and shook his head .
"Young man, you must understand that the bigger one organization is, the more there will be internal fights . The Muwlos family didn't completely trust the Cause so their patriarch had limited resources . The same goes for my branch of the Royal family . There is a tacit agreement between the powerful forces not to use strong cultivators for these missions because, the moment rank 3 cultivators fight, even those in the heroic ranks would be dragged in the battle . The last thing we want is a war through all the country . "
"So, the Muwlos family sent their heir as a representative for the nobles while our family's branch was appointed to handle the situation . I and my son work at close contact with peculiar individuals and want to create a hidden army with them, yet we can't hire every single criminal . "
There was silence for an instant .
"We need to test them . We need to skim them . We need to be sure that, once that army is created, they won't turn against us . "
Noah finally understood the meaning of his words .
"Your Majesty, are you saying that the noble families were just probing your reaction while you were just testing your new force?"
The man nodded and replied calmly .
"Exactly . The Muwlos family attempted to gain some advantage out of their Cause and failed . The Royal family was testing its new army and obtained some results . In any case, the nobles can still create a new academy, even without our techniques, they were just unsure of our reaction . "
'Basically, it was just a casual matter in his eyes . '

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"Do we have that little value in your eyes?"
Noah couldn't help but ask .
He felt like his actions didn't matter at all, as if he had fought for a small political game between the Royals and the nobles .
"Well, there is a genius in every generation . Your situation is peculiar because of your element but, until you reach the heroic ranks, you will always be just one human . "
The cultivator in the air turned to leave but then stopped as if remembering something .
"Oh, you might be happy to know that we are willing to make you the captain of our new force . Keep working for us like you did till now and your future will be ensured . "
Noah showed a bright smile and bowed, excitedly thanking him for his words .
Yet, Noah's eyes under the hood were dark and cold, the position of the captain didn't appeal to him in the slightest .
He raised his head and saw that the man had disappeared, leaving him alone on the battlefield .
Anger filled him as he went back to the cave on the side of the mountain .