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Chapter 206: 206
'It's a pity that I can't really test it, it would be such a waste . '

Noah thought, placing the shard on the floor .
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As soon as he did that though, the inscriptions on the wall of the room began to flicker in a similar way to when the explosion occurred .
Noah was confused and inspected his creation .
A faint corrosion was happening on the wooden floor where the shard was placed, it seemed that just by being in contact with the inscribed item the effects of the toxic smoke would activate .
Yet, the shard was losing its black color and some gray tones began to appear .
Noah hastily took the shard back in his hands and heaved a sigh of relief seeing that the room returned to its normal state .
'That's a bit more powerful than I expected . '
Noah thought, noticing the faint mark on the floor .

'I guess I can't completely judge the amount of danger it exudes since the spell from which it was created is harmless to me . I believe this is my strongest attack now . '
In his Demonic form, he could match the attacks of a rank 2 cultivator in the liquid stage .
However, that was quite common .
Spells were stronger than martial arts, it was no wonder that he could fight on even ground with Abel .
Yet, the shard had the power of the liquid stage without being powered by "Breath", Noah was rather optimistic about its strength .
'If I manage to make two sabers with the same process and use my martial art while wielding them, my normal attacks will hold the same power of a spell! Right, I should test that thing first . '
His mental energy was expended and the hand holding the shard began to emit black smoke .
The inscriptions in the room flickered again to withstand the partial Demonic form but there was no reaction coming from the shard, it stood among the smoke without undergoing the slight corrosion .
'I knew it! If I create my weapons in this way, I would solve the issue with the Demonic form! I would have normal attacks that match spells in power and that can be further empowered with the spells themselves, I'm getting excited just by thinking about that . '
His current sabers were inscribed items in the second rank but they were focused on durability .

However, the Demonic sword was completely offensive, just a little shard could create a reaction in the reinforced room, Noah found it impossible to imagine the full power of the complete weapon .
Like Manuel could cast way more spells that he was capable of due to his weapon, Noah would eventually wield weapons able to mimic his strongest spell in power!
'Wait, can I keep it in the space-ring? I'm technically wearing it so the corrosion should not apply . '
Noah put the shard in his first ring and carefully inspected its interiors .
The shard laid in the separate space without causing any reaction from it .
Noah looked at it for a while before heaving another sigh of relief .

'If I was to create a sword that could not be kept in a space-ring, then I would have to create a sheath capable of holding it . '
Noah didn't even want to think about that, just having some initial success in creating something with his toxic smoke had proven itself quite a challenge .
If he had to further forge something where to put it, he couldn't imagine the amount of experimentation that he had to go through .

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'I guess that all I can do now is hasten the breakthrough of my body as much as I can, yet there aren't many methods available for that . '
He had become tolerant to the Beast's quintessence and the other drugs in that same field were either weaker or of a similar principle, simply cultivating would profit him more .
'Maybe if I was to use the Blood drain spell with the "Breath" blessing in my possession, I might be able to reduce the time needed to reach the peak of the third rank . '
The Forging of the Seven Hells had left him with seven acupoints capable of absorbing "Breath", his fast improvements were mostly due to that .
Yet, even with such training speed, reaching the limits of the human ranks was not easy .
The body required a lot of time to accumulate the "Breath" needed for the breakthrough and, since Noah's nourishment method had special abilities attached to it, it required even more time .
'Cultivation requires time, there's nothing I can do about that . I'll just use my remaining time in this habitation to cultivate and then resort to the Blood drain to further speed my improvements . '
He set his schedule and immediately acted .
Noah had still more than one month of paid rent which he exploited as much as he could .
His growth in that place was stable due to the increased density of "Breath" and the "Breath" blessing .

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However, that came at the price of four thousand Credits per month, he didn't have enough money to stay for two years in that place .
Also, he had understood by then that purely relying on the high density of "Breath" was not the smartest choice .
The centers of power of the humans needed time to adapt to their new strength and stressing them too much would ultimately lead to injuries .
That's why he didn't focus only on the Yin body but diligently trained all his centers of power .
In the end, his four months of rent expired and he was forced to leave the habitation .
Of his centers of power, his sea of consciousness was the one that had improved the most .
It couldn't be helped though, he didn't have limits linked to his age and his many vicissitudes had only reinforced his mental sphere .
Also, he had two blood companions that constantly pressured the expansion of the sphere as well as the "Breath" that he had refilled since his last forging .
His dantian had also enlarged but it was clear that a lot of time was needed for it to reach the liquid stage .
His body was the same: its power had increased but there was still a long time before it could not be nourished anymore .
Nevertheless, Noah still left the habitation and went toward the Hunter's guild .