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Chapter 208
"But you can join the hunts for rank 4 creatures only after you obtain a rank 4 body . Otherwise, you will just die to one of their casual strikes . "

Another hunter argued .
A rank 4 body was the minimum requirement to face a rank 4 creature .
It couldn't be helped, humans had far weaker bodies compared to magical beasts, trying to hunt them with a rank 3 body would mean seeking death .
"I'm not saying that he has to hunt them but that he must join the hunting group for them! He can just be appointed to gathering intel while the others will fight the beasts . "
The cultivators on that table fell in thought after those words .
What the hunter said made sense, Noah would just be accompanying the hunting group while getting the increased pay without the need to fight .
No one would refuse free Credits, especially if they came from rank 4 beasts since their value was far higher than any rank 3 creature .
The hunters didn't know that Noah was killing that much because he wanted to exploit the strengthening of the Blood drain spell as much as he could .
Then, one of the hunters broke the silence and spoke in a soft voice .
"This can be done, but we must ask for Kurt's permission first . "
Meanwhile, Noah was cultivating in a cave on Silent Mountain .
It was still day so he couldn't train in the Yin body, yet the energy accumulated by his spell was still slightly boosting his strength .

After a few minutes, he opened his eyes and exhaled a disappointed sigh .
'Even with all my killing, my improvements are not so noticeable, rank 3 beasts are simply too weak . '
In those five months, he had tried to speed the advancements of his body as much as he could but he only managed to gain a few weeks of training .
'At this pace, I will reach the peak of the third rank in a bit less than a year and a half, that's too slow . '
If normal cultivators were to hear his thought, they would feel the urge to slap him .
He was only eighteen and a half but his centers of power were at an unbelievable level!
His sea of consciousness was in the second rank and was enlarging at a way faster pace than normal cultivators .
With the Kesier rune, the "Breath" inside it, and his two blood companions, the training speed of that center of power was incredible!
His dantian was enlarging but still remained in the gaseous stage of the second rank, as it improved, the restriction that his body imposed became more obvious .
His body was in the third rank in the upper tier but it still needed some time to reach the peak of the rank .
Normal cultivators could barely match the rank of his body at that age while the rank of his dantian was an incredible feat reserved for geniuses .
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As for his sea of consciousness, no one in the history of that world had ever achieved the second rank in such a short time .
Noah knew that his mental sphere was his biggest advantage compared to the other cultivators of that world, even if just for what concerned cultivators in the human rank .

As his rank increased, he would face more cultivators in the heroic rank that had had all the time they needed to train the sea of consciousness .
After all, balance was needed for a smooth increase in power .
The lifespan of cultivators depended on their bodies and dantian .
Once the body reached the fourth rank, living for a couple of centuries was not a problem .
Of course, reaching the fourth rank of the dantian gave much more vitality and power, yet that was an extremely hard feat .
Not only was its training slower, but the cultivators also had to overcome the Heaven Tribulation which was considered the hardest of the three .
However, that was still far in the future so Noah didn't worry about it .
All his thoughts were focused on increasing the strength of his body as fast as he could so to finally take a peek at the power in the heroic ranks .
'Sadly, there isn't much more that I can do . I should just go back to the guild and empty my space-rings . At least my Credits are increasing with all these hunts . '

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He had killed more than five hundred rank 3 magical beasts in those five months .
Since the average price of each of those creatures was around thirty Credits, he had accumulated more than fifteen thousand Credits!
Also, he wasn't spending much in rents since he was most of the time outside the capital .
'At least the rules concerning low-danger areas are laxer, I can do whatever I want and no one can complain . '
He thought, standing up to return to the Royal city, after Doris' matter, he had carefully memorized the rules .
Nevertheless, as he returned to the guild a few days later, he discovered that he was quite wrong .
Noah went through the main door of the guild uncaringly, he had become used to the stares in his direction in the last months .
Yet, that time, Kurt stood up from one of the tables and blocked his path .
'Does he want to test me again?'
Noah though with a bit of uncertainty .
"We need to talk . "
Kurt said, indicating a free seat on a table crowded with hunters .

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'What did I do this time?'
"Can I sell the corpses of the magical beasts first? I don't want their value to diminish, some of them are already rotting . "
Noah said in an honest tone .
The weaker hunters on the table next to him gnashed with their teeth after hearing those words, some of them directly gulped their entire jugs to suppress the irritation that they felt .
It was impossible for Noah to not notice those reactions and he looked with a confused gaze toward Kurt as if asking for some explanation .
Kurt sighed and massaged his temples before answering to that gaze .
"Go and sell the beasts but come here right after . There is something that we need to discuss . "
"Did I do something wrong?"
Noah asked .
Kurt scratched the back of his head before giving a short answer .
"No, you simply hunt too much . "