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Chapter 212: 212
Six cultivators encircled the huge beast .

The sound attack that the elephant had unleashed was only able to push them back and could not cause any injury .
From his position at a few hundreds of meters away from the battle, Noah could guess the might of that attack .
'My eardrums would have exploded if I was there and the specialty of the Shrinking elephants is their strong body, the sound attacks are just a casual move . A rank 4 body is the minimum requirement to walk on this world . '
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After that realization, his eagerness to increase his strength was even more powerful .
'I wonder how will they deal with it . Exhaustion?'
Since the hunters were only rank 2 cultivators, they didn't have attacks powerful enough to kill the beast in a few blows, a prolonged fight was obvious .
Once he had those thoughts though, the battle began .
Kurt jumped at the elephant and slammed his hammer on the head of the beast .
He was fast and the frame of the creature didn't allow it to avoid the blow, the hammer landed on its head and created a loud shockwave that resounded through the plain .
The elephant seemed to slightly suffer from the attack since it lowered its head due to the force of the impact, yet its eyes never closed, they remained fixed on the burly man that dared to challenge it in a physical fight .

It trumpeted again and forcefully swung its trunk toward Kurt .
The trunk was fast and heavy, the skin over it was as hard as steel, that body part was one of the best materials to create inscribed whips!
Kurt could not avoid the attack from his mid-air position and was hit on his ribs .
The power behind the blow was immense, it flung Kurt at tens of meters of distance, slamming him on the ground where he created a pit with the impact .
Kurt's attack could only make the beast bulge a little while the elephant could thrash away the cultivator with just one strike!
The difference in strength was incredible!
As soon as Kurt was sent flying, attacks rained on the elephant, the other hunters weren't there just for show .
Two fire snakes coiled around the front legs of the beast, scorching the skin on them and hindering its movements .
Newton took Kurt's position and dealt with the head of the beast, repeatedly slamming his stick on it to prevent it from attacking .
Hazel and Vic managed the rear side, furiously attacking the junctures of the elephant with piercing blows that cut its skin and made it bleed .
Under the full offensive of five cultivators, the rank 4 creature was forced to stay still and deal with the attackers .

It swung its head madly, using its tusks and trunk to pressure Newton .
However, Newton was experienced and showed an incredible dexterity when he swung his weapon .
His stick seemed to release explosions every time it clashed with the beast's body, slowing the elephant in its struggles to escape the encirclement .

Yet, he alone wasn't enough to hold the beast still, he was slowly being pushed back after each clash .
At that moment, Kurt rose from the pit that he had created .
There was a big bruise on his torso and traces of blood were present on the sides of his mouth, yet his eyes shone with the fire of passion, he seemed really excited to fight such a strong beast .
'Don't tell me that he is also a maniac?'
That detail couldn't escape Noah's observation, he was carefully inspecting everything that was happening in front of him after all .
Kurt shot toward the creature, forty meters were crossed in an instant and he jumped again when he was close enough with the elephant .
His hammer found again the head of the beast but there was no retaliation from its side at that time .

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Under the joint assault of all six of them, the rank 4 beast could no longer attack and was forced in a passive state, continuously suffering injuries over time .
It couldn't be helped, the hunters were using their stronger methods and a good teamwork to deal with each side of the elephant .
Kurt and Newton managed the front side, unleashing strong blows empowered with their respective spells .
The two sisters, Ada and Ella, were restricting its movements, using their spells to continuously burn the legs of the beast .
Hazel and Vic were weaker than the others, but Hazel could easily pierce its skin with her weapons and her spells allowed her attacks to stab deeply in the beast's flesh .
Vic struggled to inflict some serious damage but he never slowed his offensive, even if he could not be as incisive as his companions, he did his best to hinder the beast's retreat .
Little by little, wounds accumulated on the body of the elephant, it seemed that it wouldn't take long for the battle to end .
Nevertheless, all living beings had an innate survival instinct .
The Shrinking elephant knew that if it remained in that situation, it would ultimately die .
It decided that it had to escape .
"It's going to charge!"

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Ada shouted seeing that the elephant was gathering its strength on its legs .
An even stronger cry sounded in the plain, signaling the will to survive of the beast .
The ground trembled and the hunters had to momentarily stop their offensive to endure the sound attack .
In that moment of silence, the elephant charged ahead, its heavy steps shook the terrain and created deep holes in the ground .
Yet, Newton and Kurt were still in front of it, they had to be removed if the beast wanted to escape .
Newton and Kurt were in that position not only because their abilities were suited for close combat but also because they were the strongest of the six!
Newton slammed on the terrain as the beast became closer
The ground morphed and small golems rose from the ground to slow down the charge of the elephant .
As the elephant destroyed them in its advance, the golems exploded and released a torrent of sharp rocks on the beast, further injuring its flesh .
Kurt jumped again and his hammer shone as it slammed for the third time on the beast's head .
That last strike finally stopped the charge, the beast could not withstand that blow and crashed on the ground, kneeling in front of the hunters!