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Chapter 224: 224
The rank 3 Excavating worm struggled to escape Noah's grip but to no avail .

The hand was sturdy, its fingers strong, the flesh of the beast could not withstand the pressure that they applied on it .
The worm screeched as blood began to flow from its oral cavity but there was nothing it could do, it was against a rank 4 body after all!
Noah silently watched as his hands closed into a fist, turning the beast's head in meat paste .
A rank 3 beast was killed by a single move without the use of spells or techniques!
A cold smile appeared on Noah's face as he evaluated the power that his body held .
However, his thoughts were interrupted since two more worms came out of the terrain and jumped at him .
Noah activated the Shadow steps spell and dashed toward one of the beasts .
A small black circle appeared under his sole but it was shattered by the raw power behind Noah's movement, it didn't give any further acceleration .
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A rank 0 spell could not increase his speed now that he had a rank 4 body!

Yet, Noah had never sprinted faster in his life!
He reached the worm while it was still mid-air and directly threw a punch to its mouth .
Noah's fist clashed with the rows of teeth of the beast, shattering them and piercing its body from the inside, the teeth were only able to lightly cut his skin .
Then, the other beast reached him but Noah simply gave it a strong blow with the elbow of his free arm .
The elbow smashed on the worm's head and tore everything in its path, teeth and blood flew out in every direction as the beast was sent flying toward one end of the underground room .
Noah then turned toward the beast stuck on his arm and punched it, smashing its head and killing it with that blow .
Three rank 3 magical beasts killed in four moves using only the sheer power of his body!
'This is what I worked so hard for . '
He thought, looking at the corpse on the ground .
The remaining five worms came out of the ground and warily encircled Noah .
Their intelligence was low but they still understood when an opponent was too strong for them .

Sadly, their hunger was unbearable .
They had to feed on the terrain to sustain themselves, the only other living beings that they could eat were the specimens in their same pack, a human being was an irreplaceable prey in their sights .
However, Noah wouldn't just wait for them to attack .
He directly jumped toward one of them, his speed was incredible, he arrived in front of one of the worms in an instant and delivered a strong kick in the middle of its body .
The worm screeched as his skin was pierced, yet it survived .
It had to be said though that Noah did that on purpose .
He knew that the weak point of those types of magical beasts was their head, where their mouths were, yet he wanted to test the amount of damage he could inflict if he focused a non-vital part .

The outcome made him quite satisfied: he couldn't instantly kill the beast but its body had been almost severed in half by a casual kick .
The other worms took his assault as a signal to begin their attack, they jumped at Noah from four different directions with their mouths drooling saliva that traced transparent lines in the air .
Noah stomped with his foot over the head of the beast under him and moved .

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His fists shot toward two beasts while his knee crashed with another one, as for the last worm, he had better plans for it so he dodged its attack .
Four more rank 3 magical beasts had died in just a few instants .
'Finally, I have some power . '
He couldn't stop smiling seeing the dead beasts on the ground .
Those were rank 3 magical beast!
'I went from killing my first one thanks to the element of surprise created by the Kesier rune, to being able to kill them without any technique . This power is what I've desired for so long, the power of the heroic ranks . '
Noah turned toward the remaining beast .
The worm was scared stiff and tried to dig an escape route on the terrain but Noah focused his mental energy on it .
The beast could not move anymore, Noah's pressure was too heavy for it to resist .
'I've still some use for you, I should probably try that . A few drops of "Breath" should be enough to give me an idea of its power . '
The membrane around his heart tightened and a few drops of the "Breath" contained in it were inserted in his circulatory system .

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Noah immediately felt a violent energy surging from within himself and watched as his blood vessels turned black, becoming visible from under his skin .
Noah seemed to have pulsing black worms all over his skin as his circulatory system was shown to the beast .
The few scratches that he had just received from his clashes with the worms' teeth healed immediately but Noah hadn't used the ability of the Yin body to mend his wounds .
Noah charged at the immobilized beast and delivered his strongest fist to its body, making the whole creature explode due to the might of the impact .
Blood flew in every part of the room, leaving only Noah and his excited smile in it .
Eight magical beasts in the third rank had been physically overwhelmed by a human, that left him particularly happy about his recent breakthrough .
'I guess they are just ants in my eyes now . '
Noah concluded in his mind as he watched his veins return to their normal state .
'Those drops of "Breath" were a bit overkill, one would have been enough . At least, it seems that the ability of my body is not that hard to control, I just need to use the energy before my blood vessels explode . '
Noah had seen a rank 4 body when he fought on Twilboia Cliff .
Yet, Kevin's transformation seemed harder to control and needed a casting time while Noah's empowerment was almost immediate and the only danger was the buildup of internal pressure his body .
'If I had met the wind mage with my current strength, maybe I wouldn't have needed for the representative of the Royal family to inflict such a heavy injury to defeat him . I guess I'm quite strong now . '