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Chapter 225
Noah gathered all the corpses in his space-ring .

He had used only his body to fight them so he was in his peak form, only a few drops of "Breath" in the membrane around his heart were lost .
'The liquid "Breath" in my body should be refilled autonomously by my dantian over time, there is no need to stop just yet . '
He resumed his exploration toward the lower layers with his head full of thoughts about his recent fight .
'The Shadow steps spell is useless in battle now that my body is in the heroic ranks, it can help me only during my flight . Also, my running speed is now higher than my flying one, my blood companions are falling behind my improvements . '
Echo and Shadow were created from rank 3 magical beasts, their power was fixed, they could not overcome the limits of the human ranks no matter how much Noah's centers of power increased in power .
'Should I attempt creating a companion from a rank 4 creature? Can I even do that?'
Noah evaluated that idea but then he shook his head .
'I'm not even sure if I can kill one of them, let alone subduing it in my sea of consciousness . I should wait for my mental sphere to reach the third rank to be safe, one mistake in the taming process and I might end up like Ivor . If things really become too dangerous, Echo and Shadow should still provide some help while I'm in the Demonic form . '
When he reached the end of the passage that he was crossing, he found twenty Excavating worms waiting for him at the entrance of the layer .

'I guess I should see how much power of my martial art I can express now . '
Noah though, smiling coldly as two white sabers appeared in his hands and jumping straight in the center of the group of beasts .
Meanwhile, a luxurious carriage stopped right in front of the entrance of the Bare Dungeon .
It had a rank 2 Mountain bull tied to its reins and a series of inscriptions on all its sides .
The door of the carriage opened and four young men and a young woman calmly exited it and inspected the environment around them .
"This should be the place, it's quite hard to be mistaken with such a low density of "Breath" in the air . "
One of the men spoke and then turned toward the man at the back of their group .
He was wearing a white robe adorned with golden inscriptions that seemed to have defensive proprieties .
He had short silver hair and a slight but warm smile on his face .

"Yes, Milo, this is definitely the place . "
That man was Daniel who had just arrived at the Bare Dungeon with his party .
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Milo lowered his head in sign of respect and hid a smile behind that gesture .
Daniel then continued to speak .
"I want to use this moment before we enter the mountain to thank you all again for joining my mission . I know that you are busy with your lives and that the task from the alchemy division was quite sudden so I want to be sure that you understand how much I appreciate your company . Thank you, friends . "

Daniel's words were warm and well-spoken, it was clear that he was used to conversing with other nobles .
"We aren't worthy, my Lord . I chose to follow you the moment my eyes first saw your figure . I don't care if my family is against the Cause, once I become patriarch, I will offer you the full support of my family . "

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The woman spoke in a stern tone but she could not hide some traces of blushing from appearing on her face .
"I and the Udye family will never forget your vow, Phoebe . "
Daniel answered her words and lightly caressed her face, making her blush even more .
"Phoebe is right, we are all with you . My Orgoo family and your Udye family has been allies for centuries, the Royals can't divide such long-lasting friendship . "
If Noah was there, he would recognize the man that had just spoken .
He was Troy Orgoo, one of the youths that had passed the entrance test in Ebonrest city with him .
"Mh . Our force is not weak, three of us have a rank 4 body and we are all equipped with inscribed robes in the second rank . Even if we met with the rank 4 specimen, I have full confidence that we can escape . Who knows, we might even attempt to kill it!"
Daniel cheered everyone's morale with his words and moved toward the entrance of the dungeon, followed by the other four cultivators .
"Lord Daniel, ehm, what do you know about this place? Why is the "Breath" so scarce here?"

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The man that had been silent till that moment was Manuel, the student that Noah had defeated to obtain his last accommodation in the academy .
"I requested some reports from my family . Apparently, this whole mountain will become a mine of Obsidian Credits one day so the Elbas family has emptied its contents to accelerate the creation of the mine . They come here every few decades to prevent the creation of a threatening pack of magical beasts though, so it's not completely abandoned . "
Daniel explained in a plain tone but the other in his group shot dissatisfied gazes to Manuel .
They all knew what had happened in the academy .
He lost in a fight against someone without a noble background, making the nobles lose face in front of the other students and also injuring himself .
The injury slowed his cultivation speed and left a trauma on his personality, ultimately leading him to still have a rank 3 body .
It was obvious that his name was usually mocked among the circle of nobles due to that event .
"And, when was the last time that the Royals cleaned up this place?"
Manuel was unmoved by those stares and continued to ask questions .
"It should have been almost fifteen years ago, there should be a large number of rank 3 worms in there . "